Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Matric frens ramai nk kawin...:(

Oh..being apart from Malaysia..
doesn't mean that i cant even update my friends activities
and yaaa..most of them are getting married this year...
omg...when is my turn?
emmm....all my close friends when i was in Matric will tie the knot with their *true love*
and im so happy for them..MIMI@Hamizah Aimi is getting married this june...Kireen..Naz.....my lovely roomate .....ouhh ramainyee.... end of this year!!!but ya..definitely not the MATRIC bf as the husband..LOL!im hoping that i can attend all of the kenduri because i want u guys to attend to my kenduri as well...*sigh*
tp mcm wonder so sudden..time is running so fast...we were so stupid and lame in matric...talking craps!!!walking at the balcony form each level......pegi konsert ruff edge...(sangat tak boleh blah)..and yaa...having u guys by my side is the best thing in my life..we shared our joy and sad together.....and so meaningful to me...im so happy ...korang nk kawin....dang!im still a student......have to finish my blaja 1st...but im preparing myself for it though :D soon soon...
pray for me and him =)


Dakjaat™ said...

sabar sayang .. tak lama lagi kite kahwin ek ..

wakakaka! :p

mimi the extraordinaire said...

Thank you for the such sweet post. :)

I still remember, all the gossiping until late nights, 'outing to mid valley', being caught by the guard for the improper dress code...

And all the mistakes and hates that we had in the past makes us stronger and shape who we are today. I will not regret for meeting you and befriended with you. :)

Btw, I have sent the card too your address last Monday. Let me know if you have received it.

I'm praying for your happiness and hopefully your time will come soon. :) Can't wait for that!!

bicyclecrazy said...

tak lama lagi turn ko la tue


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