Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cooking for Sunday

introducing Grilled Salmon with Honey Garlic =P

wohooo......i feel proud of my self..of creating my own recipe for Mothers day!yeah its mothers day today but..Mama is in Malaysia..but will always be in my heart...and my yayang is in Dungun just to celebrate Mothers day with her Mom..sooo cuteee =) well,this is what i did..i grilled Salmon with myhomemade sause jai hoo!!!cooking is fun ...once u create ur own recipe..omg..happy siot..i just dont know when can i start thinking to bake something for mcm malas ..sbb im so detail in doing thing..nnti sure x siap my research....cupcakes quite glamarouuss.....because i ve seen my friend..Nani Idayu..she is now open her own cupcakes business..omg..she was my studiomate when we are in IIUM...same studio..and definitely she is so creative....
These cakes made by lawa rite..kagum!!kawan sudah ada bisnes sendiri..saya masih terkapai2 menguna duit pama

Man u sucks!
go go Chelsea...*sigh*


shafiq laiho said...

of cos man u sucks. :p

zubaidah said...

hello!!!!!!! m.u di mana n chelsea di mana ya skngggg?? sp yg suck yer di sini,pergh klau dpt cupcakes cmni,sumpah tk mkn..simpan jah!! glory m.u!!


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