Sunday, May 10, 2009


2 singers excited to sing

the very old skool seat where u can find in Geelong station
hmmm..yeah...we spent our weekend without doing anything..congrats untuk kamu!
well.hanis is looking fabulous...thats so PCD babeh!we were waiting train to Melbourne..
y??to karaoke...sorry im so into i need to relief!

bak kata rais Dato Siti sedang menyanyi..gituw...
Dato Siti ye uols..suara sangat hampeh!!
tp ya sekali sekala membudget siti agak best!
i didnt know that i can sing Malay songs in Melbourne Karaoke..
sangatla bagus....goyang inul pun ade please!


anne.zaqwan said...

tya! u r looking great in these pics! hot babe!! hot!!

Tyazizul said...

Thanks anne....auchh hot mama comes from u la sayang!

misz_A said...

nice outfit..

Yuyu said...

waah..nmpk dari tepi cm azharina la..elegi sepiii..hehehe


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