Friday, May 8, 2009

Stop Facebooking!!

These are the books which are compulsory to read by this weekend to be alert!!...since,i got a date tomorrow how am i supposed to read all of these??
....glupsss....mak aii...
and i hate myself of being so addicted to FACEBOOK!!!!i cant even start doing anything if i onlining...because...i ll visit Facebook often rather than *google*!!
change Tya change!!!

...remember...Design like you give a damn!..
im kindly do a research on housing for poor...
if anyone can help me find any journals or articles please please please buzz me....!!


For those who are currently looking for a job...sila lawati PWTC,Kuala Lumpur..
i got this from my e-mail
Good Luck!!

Dear Sir / Madam

The Ministry of Higher Education is pleased to inform you that we are organizing a grand Career Carnival on 15-17 May, 2009 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. The carnival will provide a platform for all visitors to
understand the latest trends in the job market. More than 500 companies will be participating and there will be on-site job interviews. More than 5000 jobs are awaiting to be filled by graduates. For more
information please visit

P/s:my yayang is coming back soon...i cant even concentrate please....!!its been 2 months :D
i need to scream....but i couldnt....just to remind myself to finish as much as i can before he arrived :)

143..i Love You!!

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