Friday, July 17, 2009


Dear Tya anak Uncle Sam and Cikgu Mimi,

Please remind urself to work hard..i know master is hard...but remember how your senior managed to grad in architecture??think BIG tya!think BIG!Architect needs to explore and has confident to deliberate an idea........dont depress....i knew THESIS while designing such a nightmare but not only u face this situation...maybe looking at ur old pics making u GAILY!

saya mencuba memujuk diri sendiri supaya bersemangat mista loba loba.....saya sedang tensi sbb saya rasa saya kehilangan informasi thesis saya..!adoi!

kesian tgk ticha..die nak jmpe auntie die..ngeh2
i MISS tisya..tisya is sooo cute with her ARIANI tudung!
below,is her auntie ..

im a photogedik since childhood
omaigod..i miss this moment..ever since my dad went back from his tennis...everyone is waiting for him and salam him and await for 100 plus!before my dad keen into golfing he was a good badminton and tennis player..we love u dad!!the boy who is wearing PURPLE's shirt is now working as a DR in HKL ,the pretty girl who is wearing red skirt is now confusing of being architecture's student,the boy wearing stripe's shirt is the guardian angel who will always stay close with parents and taking care of the business at home..and the little baby who is showing his cute is not that cute now pursuing his studies at IIUM...and last but not least is my little sister..during this time..adik wasnt exist yet...and my sayang sister is no form 3 and gonna take PMR this year....and i hope all of us will always making our parents they labour hard and sacrifice a lot of things ..soul and body..just to make sure their kids comfortable and happy...there s no words can decribe how lucky i am to be their daughter...i have to remind myself as one of the method to give me courage to STUDY HARD!BECAUSE I KNEW MASTER IN ARCHITECTURE IS NOT THE EASY COURSE !!!NOW I COMMENCED MY 2ND SEM....I CANT SAY ANYTHING......!LOTS OF WORKKK..THERE S SO MANY THINGS LINGER IN MY MIND..!!!


nur nabil said...

hye there tya
i do love to see my childhood photos too
it reminds everything
no words could explain it

good luck for your master!
go girl =)

::zAsyikein:: said...

yana-bukan ariani la yg..rasanyer de-zahra..mcm k.ekin nyer...beli same time same design with k.shu..ehehhe

Tyazizul said...

hye nabil..thanks a lot darling.. really reminds me of something worth!

hye kak syikin...oh yea?i think its ariani sbb tu tudung opahnye..ate teman le meneman opahnye beli di situ..

po+yaty said...

jgn rs down sgt..

chiayo tya!!!


tya..dun stress...mari chatting same saye..haha

Anonymous said...

wa comellnyerr....


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