Friday, July 17, 2009

evolution as master's student

MELBOURNE MUSIM decided to cancel my trip to snow..we gonna visit snow after my sem has ended....not now...lots of work!

now i realised my blog is being abandon for sometime..
i, tya ..confess that being a master student is so hard and lots of work..
and i dunno how the seniors and the phd managed to grad with flying colors..
so,i reckon ...who ever wanted to pursue their studies in architecture..plz forget it!
unless u have a strong enthusiasm like @azizulawang ...
i admit im not that strong mentally ..whenever i had difficulties ..the best thing to cure crying!
i dont know..maybe crying can release u from pressure and depression perhaps!
i already finished my 1st week of studies...WELL,thanks a lot DEAKIN UNIVERSITY for providing us a bunch of works plus a dramatic subject ..THESIS!!
the THESIS's topic that i have picked so far is about vintage or vernacular architecture...why im choosing this topic?for me,the heritage is something to regard trying for not being relic and updating with all the issues that came out across my hoping the refrences and the books are available for me..because u know being architecture student across the sea is so hard to get a vital book!the title :COMPARISON BETWEEN MALAY CARVING AND BALINESE CARVING....i dont want to pick a broad topic...or maybe i ll try to simplify it into WOOD CARVING ...!because we know...MALAYSIA is a country with a bombastic handcraft design.....and definitely its related to my trying my best to compare the MALAY CARVING AT TERENGGANU and BALINESE ARCHITECTURE,indonesia!!!wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....sounds great!but im afraid i couldnt obtained enough literature...and i need to read more english books..because i knew my english sucks!!!

at 1st,i was wondering to pick VELODROME ARCHITECTURE as my topic...then i changed !how ever the TERENGGANU STILL related to him though...the spirit is needed to boost my energy to stay still being a good and naive ARCHITECTURE'S STUDENT...thanks!

master CHESS @azizulawang........

ok now u can such a selebet...because my mind wasnt so cool at this time..thinking of work and thinking to date at the same as a conclusion,time must be planned efficeintly ..=D the winter baju making me looks so momox..dem!

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