Saturday, July 4, 2009


my 1st conference after 4 years being an architecture's student....ha ha ha...thanks!lets be zaha hadid...or HUD ABU BAKAR...auchhh!they spell my name wrongly...isk!!saman kang!

i felt honored to join DATUM KL...all the prestigious architects were here to discuss and share their projects to the audiences ..(from top range of architects to students)..Malaysia students all over the globe were here to listen to the conference too..i saw many IIUM students were there..bravo!!and Deakin Uni..not to forget..basically all the architects were discussed about their idea and interpretation of Basic Design and Intelligence..the famous architects all over the world were here to participate ...the new materials and new construction were introduced develop the young generations especially reinvent the place to be sustainable and more GREEN!!
even some of the speakers..really made me sleepy in the hall..*sigh*

the architect from China really made the audiences in the hall laughing out loud..he is the young architect who just started practicing and he has lots of bombastic projects...i really like his school design..the red colour...which he encompasses with only one element which is WALL...he used WALL as the roof..and can i be like them haa??need to work hard....The superb house design from young architects from US

The EMCEE is a student from BARTLETT SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE..the best architecture school !!!guess sister in law was from that school for her Master..pheeww..hebat sioott!(jgn nk kembang)i wish to further my phd part there too..since everyone is hunting for BARTLETT school!!
ok ok ok...let put into this gonna update more about archidex soon....

DEAKIN??sow-sow jahh....sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
a week more to start school...thanks!4 days more to flyyyyyyy

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