Monday, July 6, 2009


Aigner..i loike!

there s no words can describe how lucky i am to be Mama's daughter..Mommy bought me those BELTS....and i just got my new GUCCI's belt...thanks!thanks!...but i still love the Aigner one!
The Aigner is a present for my Convocation ..and the GUCCI is for my beaut!
sighhhhhhhhhh..i love u Ma!..i ll study hard..!!love u love u love u love u..

p/s: mom wants a bag for my 1st gaji..sighhhh
i think Burberry or Mulberry looking sooooooooo stunning!

im a GUCCI maniac!

1 comment:

Dolly Rose said...

ohhh, i love aigner!


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