Monday, July 13, 2009

Gee to LONG

i miss u sayang..!( ayat bodekkk)
class started
this stupid lady lost her memory card..
and found her car's key already..
it was terselit in my supercilious bag..
had a great dinner yesterday with a perfect view of Melbourne..
and a superb spaghetti!!
my house gonna be full next week
Nana is coming..
WELCOME TO GEELONG wahai saudari cantekkkkkkkkkkkkkk sangat! !
im freezing and sleepy....
wanna buy some groceries .....
i miss home..and miss everyone who related to me..
ha ha ha..
i miss someone who just called me on the phone
GOOD LUCK...yayunkk!!
im persuading him to play SNOW this week...
i hope my sayang will accept it...
because his awek gonna be busy next next week..
its better to go earlier mate!

yayang...i nak maen snow!
even u n me pnah maen kt tmpt yg cek nak main gak!
cek nak gak!
cek nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!
cek nk p ngn yayang!

gamba laki cek..tgh berangan apontah di padang salju..
satu bende mengenai si pemuda berbaju itang dia sangat pandai pose..

gamba cek ngan adik2 cek...siapa paling cun?tentulah salji2 tu....

jadinya...sekarang..i need me and u in a picture with snow!hahah..pleashhhhh..say pleaseee...

im not your not the kind of girl that u can let down..but im only human-Karyn White

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