Monday, August 3, 2009

Cyclist berjuang

Last Saturday,I went to watch his race again and this time, i bring Nana to accompany i have someone to talk while watching hubby..Nana was asking me this and i tried my best to imply anything that i understand..even not that much..All the cyclists were practicing as best as they could for the next ACC competitions in Kalimantan,Jakarta....

I hope Malaysia will again win all the competitions..especially dedicated to my hubby,Azizulhasni...even he got lots of assignment but I knew he can do best..but yaa i have class..if not im willing to buy flying ticket to scream his name out loud...

Well,Good Luck to all of you...All the Best in ACC!!!GOLD for Malaysia again and again!

Edrus at the back and hubby,Azizul were waiting for John..i think its Keirin..!correct me if im wrong..
Malaysian tigers with their competitors
Nana.Me and Teha

the smart cyclist..ever!woot woot
konon2 memberi semangat!
My love and me...he was damn exhausted ..but yaa....the exhausted gone after holding the mic!
our duet together..blessed!jgn pisahkan gitu

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