Thursday, August 6, 2009


Design for this semester quite interesting..
its eco-tourism architecture..and really need a lot of references to understand it..
i still haven't got anything in my mind right now..just a rough sketch of something..but i promised my self to boost the effort this week since i been so lazy last week..the whole week!
this is a good example of sustainability architecture..
an amazing house cantilevering over a house by Portugal architect

or maybe this one?
i dunno just need a branch of precedent studies!!
Well this image quite nice..
Wonderful house by Tommie Wilhelmsen and Todd Saunders
a woodland house....
maybe too much influence of harry porter,errogan,narnia,lordsofthering!

so my blog readers..plz help me..
do u have anything on mind..?
because i dont have anything on mind..
do u think cultural center will increase tourism in a country?

I LIKE what im doing right now...

mari berdesign!and ive presented my thesis happy!!
need to work hard this sem..
tak mo jadi malas dah cam last sem..
last sem sucks!

1 comment:

Dakjaat™ said...

canteknya ... kalau ada jual rumah camni .. mmg dakjaat beli ..


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