Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shoot shot shoot

*sila jadi vain*

where to begin!ok now...i oledi submitted all my assignments..just to refresh myself to use this gadget back...and im thinking of join any photo communities soon ..once i get back..i fall in love with the mural drawing in this niceee right..i feel in water now...sighhhhhhhh..
well,holiday is soon..and sumpah!i have no mood to stay here for tour..i feel like going back home asap!!i miss my parents .my nephews.oh yaa FRIENDS..toing toing!
everyone is getting married sooner...and i dont even know what to wear...especially for my BFF's wedding ..congrats to all my dear sayangss yang sudah mahu kawin..bagus sekali!aku ni x tau bilaaa...dang!but honestly for me,,when im thinking of my carrier i dont feel like kawin ASAP..but yaa Allah knows better...we just rely on HIM ..kalau ada jodoh tu..ada laa...
seriously,architecture making me gila!serius heck,please dont involve in architecture..!
better u pegi bukak kedai ..tolong mama dkat TYAAZ!! :(
and i have no mood to do my last assingment tho!
what happen to meeee??
"Ya Allah please give some spirit to face this" ...

slum je rem gam..buk nk ber dul ..menyam!

p/s: untuk tatapan jojo ku syg," jojo rohmad"..tunggu tya pulang!saya mahu kerja di tempat kamuuuu....


ZARA 札拉 said...


good luck!

good luck!

tabah tau? u can do it~

haniekunie said...

tya moncong


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