Thursday, February 11, 2010


So for today,i would like to share with you guys about my make up during my akad nikah ceremony.Well,the make up done by RED GLOW ..the make up artists come all the way from Shah Alam to reach Ipoh..Thanks a lot to Kak lina,Kak Najwa,Nurul,Fifi,Ita (am i rite) spelling all your name?
Im truly satisfied with their touch..komen2 mengenai make up ni is normal for me..ade yang bagi a good feedback and instead..but for me,i really likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee their touch!!seriousss gorjes....Introducing flawless
Kak Najwa
,make up artist yang style..actually,my nikah ini terasa seperti sudah resepsi pula..1st of all sebab our colour..takan nk remain white je kan?we need to we have gold and red as the theme colour....thanks a lot once again to RED GLOW for sponsoring the make up to wajah isteri Azizulhasni.Terima Kasih sbb menyemponserkan make up yang sgt vass dkat muke tya on behalf of my husband too...
Both side,dkat Perak & Terengganu ,i had the same make up company..i really loike laa their touch...hmm ape yang pentingggggggggg????????
Finally, this is my face after a long touch up...kene touch up lame skek sebab byk ehem ehem..
Enjoy dear kalau u ols nk kawin,tunang,nikah..i suggest u try la make up dgn RED GLOW okehh!? do visit their web site ..and via FACEBOOK


p/s: im hoping my husband could drag me to night market at st kilda tonight!!!

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