Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maher Zain Live In KL

Maher started his career as a member of Swedish music producer RedOne and worked with Swedish artists. Later on he moved to New York where he worked with top stars of music in USA. After his journey with music Maher said “I loved music but I hated everything that surrounded it.” Back in Stockholm, he changed his life and started to attend his local mosque and became an active member within the Islamic community. He believes he can spread a positive message among the youth of today through Islamic Nasheeds.

The long awaited and much anticipated live performance of Maher Zain in Malaysia.
See Maher Zain LIVE in Shah Alam October 15th 8:00 - 11:00 pm at the MBSA Auditorium.
Leading to the major event, Maher Zain will also be meeting his fans in several locations. These locations, dates and times will be announced soon.
Malay: Maher Zain LIVE di Malaysia!

OMG!i really like his song....terasa diri ini sangat kerdil terhadap Allah S.W.T
Do listen to all his songs..Masya Allah.......!!


Red Clutch said...

REALLY!!! heard rumors he's coming...kena cari tiket nie... really LOVES all his song...

Red Clutch said...

tiket dah SOLD OUT...tinggal seating x best jer...itupun x byk...;(


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