Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sea Salt -Melbourne Fish and Sushi Bar-

At Sea Salt, an extensive selection of fresh fish and seafood is available on a daily basis. Our sushi chef prepares fresh sushi on the premises daily and offers a creative selection of sashimi, fotomaki sushi, nigiri sushi, California rolls, burgers, meal packs and a variety of salads. Sea Salt can provide a large selection of platters for any corporate private function.
This is one of the awesome place if you wanna try to eat SEAFOOD!!so to those who really love seafood..i think SEASALT is a place for you to come!!!
With the range and affordable price for variety types of should try this!!!
sedap ok...boleh cuba try nak makan Salad ikan,burger ikan,makanan laut dalam bakul,
sushi ikan.......dan segala-galanya ialah seafood!!!

Other than that,if you feel like eating should try this too!!
SALAD!!!its good though!For your health!Tya has tried ...y dont you?hehehe...
I think all the food in this restaurant is quite good and please visit this restaurant if you have free time and if you feel like eating SEAFOOD!
Here is an awesome burger ..ordered by husband.....its a salmon burger with chips !
Husband said "so crispy and nice burger i ever had"

Well,this is mine!!!hehehe......i had this grilled fish with chips...quite nice also!!

So ,what do u think guys?Should try if you come to Melbourne ....:)

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