Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nature Park Victoria,Mornington Peninsular

My family was here last week..
and im absolutely happy and excited to welcome them to bring them everywhere that i feel like going.
So ,we have covered quarter of Victoria and honestly said,Victoria is really nice and beautiful place to go!Lots of place should be discovered !
The journey took arond 2 hours...and my hubby told me the place that we are heading to is his training area."road training"...well,its pretty far from the house!
The place is surrounded by beautiful beach and beautiful scenery..
sumpah lawa gila!!!
dengan bunyi ombak yang menghempas pantai...
terasa kebesaran tuhan!
So after,we looked around at the place,we went for picnic!Makan Seafood di tepi pantai sambil burung datang menghampiri.....ohhhh sungguhh indah dan mempersona!

This is awesome!!!burung curi makanan from her hand!LOL
The burungs approached her...budget dia ada makanan...huhuhu

Nominated Models : My little sister and my mom !!IMYN!

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