Monday, January 10, 2011

San churro

Yesterday,me and hubby seriously dont have anything to do ..we were lepaking to watch dvd and were really boring!so,hubby was asking me to have our coffee talk outside..So we have choosen this cafe to lepak..This week gonna be my last weekend with hubby ,because i ll fly back soon to Malaysia!Yet,hubby will be busy for his competition time to here ..some of the marvellous spanish donuts to share...

The spanish donut is really awesome!u should try when u stepped in here..

The sedaps hot choc!Hubby said this is the best hot choc everr!!!

The choc menu!!!

Please seee!!drooling chocolate

And of course,u can tapau some chocolate to bring back home!sdap gila pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!so kalau dtg Melbourne make sure u guys try to have this ok!! :) - Tyazizul Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone-

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