Thursday, August 22, 2013

Part time hobby

Did i tell you that we finally find a hobby? The hobby that we can do together as husband and wife.
Taraaaa..decorating our lil princess room.Even she didnt sleep in her room at all but we did our best as her parents to fullfill her needs.

Abbi took place to stick all the stickers accordingly ..hmmmmmm
Then next day,ummi take off everything back and move them to different wall.
Because we have new little tree for Amna.

She loves the tree so much..

Can u see?


Macam orang dah besar saje

End of product:
Taraaaaaaaa.Cantik tak?cantik tak?jenuh jugak nak nampak macm sepohon kayu daunnya rimbun.
Amna ingat Solat tiang Agama.Kalau tak semayang apa gunanya..

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