Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moving Out

Hye there, Yes yes yes indeed we are moving out to our new crib.Preparing for better future! Me needs work! Hubby needs concerntration ..so yeay Alhamdulillah after 2 weeks struggling to find a house. We made it yesterday...woot woot

Darling hubby is so excited.He eventually find boxes around our suburb and pack the things!Just imagine we signed the aggrement yesterday and can move in tomorrow #gilabest!Once we have our own internet connection in our new house .so then easily for me to update my daily routine to all my beloved followers...

As a housewife (now), im happy to serve my hubby.To cook best dishes for ramadhan..

Happy us!!so happy indeed because we are aiming to move out before Ramadhan.Alhamdulillah...syukur ya Alllah!!I love u my hubby for your effort to find a cute villa for us .
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Location:Cade Way,Parkville,Australia

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angkasa said...

waah bestnyaa.nanti upload gambar rumah skali ye.


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