Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn is a must watch movie

OMG!!! As one of the fanatic fans of Twilight!I must say,the final episode of Twilight is kinda tricky!I believe all the cullens out there already finished reading the amazing plot by Stephanie Meyer.Well,today is the 1st preview of Breaking Dawn at Melbourne,Australia.I must say,the cinema wasnt full because the movie is repeating every 15 minutes in different cinemas. How cool is that?
So,my dearest husband is the one who is so excited to watch the movie.Since he left to the track,until he reached home,he asked the same question whether i already booked the tickets or not...After we performed Asar,we went to watch My cullens!Oh no oh no oh no oh no!

Ok,to tell the truth,if u watch the movie with a man,u definitely cant scream like what i did when i watched the 1st episode of Twilight with my sister.My sister and i went mad everytime when Edward appears.LOL..So,bila dah kawin,memang la agak excited jugak bila Edward keluar..tapi nk scream over2 tu..hanyalah didalam kerongkong...Do u know how?u should try...

So the best plot is when Bella n Edward,declare their marriage and kissssssssssssssssssssssssss!OMG!Seriously romantic,and i was smiling through out the journey...kah kah kah...Memang romantic2 sangat...and i really like both of them...!(excited sangat) (excited sangat)
Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie Release Date
Well here is the 2nd Breaking Dawn if u r eager to know:-! I cnt wait to watch ..and to see how happily ever after the Cullens family will be..

too excited?LOL


Aisyah Munirah said...

Malaysia keluar next week :D

AiniNoraini said...

Sis. Kat sini 24 baru kua. Huuu.. Tak sabar ok. nnt review kt blog ok. :)


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