Friday, November 18, 2011

im a graduate architect eventually

I still remember,i got the offer when i finished my degree at IIUM or UIA. Here is the link to remember.
Alhamdulillah,bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi,setelah 2 tahun struggle untuk belajar .Akhirnya pada 19 Oct yang lalu,segulung sarjana seni bina telahpun aku perolehi.Alhamdulillah.Syukur tidak terkata betapa gembiranya aku.Seolah-olah tidak percaya yang aku dah habis Part 2 architect.!Syukur!!!
Walaupun tatkala Graduation Ceremony ini,tak kenal ramai sangat orang..namun,keluarga dan suami tercinta tetap bersama untuk menemani.!For your information,my graduation ceremony ni postponed sebab tarikh graduation sebenar terlalu dekat dengan tarikh bersanding pada bulan April yang lalu.
So nak di jadikan cerita,its nearly a year sudah,i ve graduated from School of Architecture and spending my free time as a professional housewife!Indeed,all my friends are now working happily at Malaysia .However,im happily gaining my weight from time to time.This is so stressful !T____T

Ok....Apart from that,is my rear posing!I just cant see my Convo's pictures ...All of them looking so bad because i looked horrible and fat!Oh no!But,thank you once again to my family from Malaysia and hubby!!Well,the Master that ive got belong to all of you!!

Well,here is one of the compulsory pose!Oh no..i cant believe i can grin so big like that o_O!Side elevation picture can depict that i looked small..muahahahahah
With my beloved univesity!Deakin University..oh i cant believe im a graduate architect eventually!Everybody loves the baju that im wearing.Anyway,the batik is actually from Terengganu!We struggled ourselves to find the perfect batik during our visit to Terengganu tatkala my husband AMT Awards...
Well to my dear followers,i ll update the blog in more detail.Currently ..i have no labtop and kinda addicted to instagram.For those who love instagram u can add me okay! ..Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Dhiya Syazana said...

Congrats Tya... can't wait to c hasil binaan ;)


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