Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to everyone from three of us Abbi,Ummi and Amna Maryam.Hope this year will be better than last year.I wanna be a great mother and wife to my husband and kids .Of course strive hard to work at Melbourne!I will struggle as much as i can to find the place to work..so kalau x dpt gak keje Malaysia je la labu!

2012-to many ups and downs .But the best memory that will remain forever of coz ..Giving Birth to my little Maryam..its been 2 months already i cope my responsiblity as a mom..Yes!Mom will love her kids to the fullest..and take care kaw kaw if anything happen..Endevour the great life!But still through out my 2 months journey being a MOM..my weight is just the same..OMG how kewl is that?I used to run and incline on treadmill but after finished doing it,sakit kat tempat operation masih terasa ok!Tapi will try slow slow lah..since during my confinement ,Jamu and Barut are prohibitted pffffft! Happy 2 months Amna Maryam ,Ummi will do the best for you sayang! Eheks

My sayang lil M is 6kilos oledi :D

However my 2013 azam just two-
Kurus and Jadi Arkidek!!!! ya Allah makbulkanlah permintaanku ini..

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