Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday YEOP!!!!

salam to u my brother,,
im so sorry i couldnt find or post special greeting for u..maybe after my final exam..i try to find something for u then yeop...anyway...
Happy Birthday OLDMAN...ur 25 this year...i think ur birhday gonna be the best birthday ever...when Batrisya Saffiyah appears in ur so called gonna graduate soon after 5 years of calamity..
im so happy for u serious i am..

anyway,,these are the pieces of art that i found in my computer,,,it reminds me of my childhood time with u..even i was so benggang to ingat because we often begado..and all the adik2 heard ur bias!thanks for being a great abang to me..who did remind me always..

plz pray for me u r now in the end of the road of the first anak who gonna continue master first...:)ok u bro....happy birthday...awat tisyia makin gemok??jgn ckp ikut ateh...ateh dah kurus kot..hihiihih..

FRIENDS getting married this year..

Nadira.......yes she is pretty sister ever in my studio..with her US ascent..really makes me melt..ya...she is getting married on 26 of April i guess..her future husband..a doctor..from Ireland...same place with yeop..ntah2 yeop kenal..

Zafan..or more lovely n beautiful sister in my studio..will kawin to an architect...her becoming husband an ceremony around november..somewhere in damansara..have to attend!!

Manja@riana...a golfer friend of mine back in ipoh..knew her since MSSM in Kucing she s getting married also...8 08 08 will be the date...she is so cute...x seswai kot nak kawin skrg..hihihi

Husnita..last but not lovely friend....mmg x saba no nak kawin....Her becoming hubby now staying in sabah...Ustaz..was her teacher during school...cant wait to attend her wed ...Kelantanese girl...of coz with kelantanese!

so...i make sure i ll attend all my friends weds..thats a vow babe!

few weeks more..soaring to the sky..

Quite sad...and happy when final sem appears..
at first,i was too excited to finish my semester in uia...but after spending time doing the drawing in the studio so sober and sad...a lots of memories we did spend together since our childhood time in Centre in Foundation Studies iium,pj...
till real campus..iium,gombak...
i dunno whether i can feel the same environment or not when i pursue my studies...
i love everything in iium....even the pak guard n mak guard i love them !!hahaha..dlu bapak benci bile dah nak grad..sume bende kat uia rase soooooo precious and valuable....
iium...a place where i met many ppl..from AIKOL to KULIYYAH OF ENGINEERING...i have sad to leave all of them...and i experieced to attend some classes away from KAED...gonna leave KAED...

the exam will begin on 24th untill 8th April..
then i fly to SYRIA for my Heritage STUDIES....8th April- 23th April
2 months of -research n preparation of drawings-
.......convo will be somewhere aroung august ...

preliminary CRIT

Last monday was my preliminary crit.. was so suck and horrible..
maybe the way i respond about the construction and materials quite blur.. so obsecure!!!need to read moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
plus,,i dont follow RENZO PIANO....
maybe the way i draw the louvers look like his one..but no!!
i took guandong theatre as the presedence studies...
waa...plz help me..
i want to grad with flying colours....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things a Man Should Never Do in the Company of a Woman

Reveal how much your car cost.

Clean your gun.

Polish high school trophies (which you still have displayed).

Refer to your mother as your best friend.


Check out our assistant/roommate/the baby-sitter.

Question our footwear.

Blow-dry your hair.

Tip less than 20 percent.

Celebrity impressions.

Impressions of us.

Forget to carry cash.

Flip it, flop it, swing it around, tug on it, adjust it, scratch it, or do anything that will remind us that it's just a goofy appendage and not a mystical source of pleasure and satisfaction.


Boot and rally.

Scream—at the dog, at the guy who just stole your parking spot, at Bill Belichick. Because, no matter how much Belichick deserves it (cheater!), when we hear you raise your voice, we have an idea of what we're in for.

Talk about former exploits. Ever.

Use the words bitch, slut, tramp, or whore, unless referring to another man.

Tell us you're going to kiss us. (Just get on with it!)

Friday, February 22, 2008


my first very precious roses..

i think my blog is no longer ..architectures blog..
its all bout the sparkling and shimmering of my heart ...
regardless of others so drool..
im so in love with him..i love him so much..
thanks for loving me too..
miss u so much...come back to malaysia..
i cant even do my design at this time..
often think n think bout him..
hi hi hi..
he must be really mad at me..
ok2..will focus after i publish this..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

sayang..come back quick!

again and again,,
meet him for shot while..
but ok la this time around..i can spend my time longer than previous..
he really did well in his competition..congratulations to him..
even i don't know well about the cycling thingny..but still on my way to learn n know a lil bit bout it..
emm.....he will be back again this coming april ..during my hectic days..exam!but i try my best to reschedule back my time table..ha ha ha...anyway,i love him so much...

this is my special someone....i miss him so much..sangat2..

the pic of so yecky!

miss him....waaa

cyclistwives and the hubbies

malaysian cyslists..i heart the yellow one

Saturday, February 16, 2008

tisyia nape comel sgt!!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

partner in crime

dear jojo,,

i hope u like this space...
i dunno how should i express my tell the so sober to leave a nice friend like u..we did a lot of things together...which are rare n odd!!
some ppl might not brave enough to do...but we did..rite jantan jojo?
hahha......the first and foremost,,langkawi trip.....
i dunno..when i mention langkawi..the 1st thing that i must remember..bus tragedy..
hahaha...funny gell..and disgusting either....our eyes have the evidence..!!
byk la kenangan2..kat langkawi...we skip the activities...we naik gajah...damn!we jalan2 tepi pantai smpai pukul 3 pagi...we main pasir and lukis2 objek2 kotor...we pegi massage..banyak gile kenangan ngan minah ni...senang ckp...SLANG!
u r my slang..hehehehhe..naik kapal terbang....OMG...paling best will be...kite skip ape ntah..kite sewa skut..round langkawi..and that time...aku yang bawak ko..bleh tak?ko x reti bawak moto beb..apentah..tak macho langsung...dgn was a great experience la..aku bawak moto lalu tepi pantai..perghhh bapak romantik asal la kite tak bawak kamera ek??isk2.....ape2 pun kite mmg luar biase la.....

i dunno..susah nak dpt kawan yang segila n sekepale ni.....time kat genting..sama jah..perangai nye..cari2 tmpt2 bersuke rie..kenal dgn adik ko name anas..sembang2 ngan budak kecik ntah pape..naik jeep!dem!!slumber gell naik kete org...yang paling best will be melontarkan suara dlm bus...depan sume org...nyanyi..isk2...suara ko memang best la jo...serius aaa ak ckp...huh...sedey doww..sedey gell..nak abis dah sem ni...tatau la cmne aku nak buat keje gilee kalo dah fly..mintak2 ko pun fly gak la...kite work for it ok...!!

kenangan2 tatkala aku dok awal masuk fitness dlu...isk2...kenangan2 time ko ehem2..kuar ngan wawa,,hyda,,filipino girl?wut ever....kenangan chicken little kat lotus...byk no!!!its fun to have friend like u babe...aku sayang gile kat ko..n gonna miss u .....sedey dow...sorry la if pape aku buat ko tak suke..i miss ur "taik ko"..
n ur perut...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hectic holidays

a very happy chinese new year to all my chinese friends..

still,now is my term break holiday..
not a long holiday ...short one..
a lot of events i have to attend..
fist and foremost,my cousin is getting married this weekend..
"KAK ZAZA"...and i dunno her becoming husbands name..
well,,i pray for u guys..will be eternally ever after..
the second event..will be " FINISHING ALL THE ASSINGMENTS"!!
i have to skecth..2 sketches needed..
A natural elements..plan,elevation,sections..huh!!
then...i need to REPAIR my the second crit is coming sooner..
really need to work out in my computer...sketch up..cad..atlantis or 3d trying!!!im trying my best to make the boards nicer than before..(u wish)..
do u think mario botta's design is amazing??

i so blank!i took his elements in my design..he loves light..penetrating the source of light in the building..huh..he loves round shape ...i love round shape make the building looking so unity and AXIS!! blank!!
i need someone to consult my design..plz appear..angel??prestigous architect?anyone?

ok wut,,gonna be my MID TERM EXAM!!
lots of examination coming up after the short break..that means..athiah ..u have to struggle..hard..get the better carry marks..yes yes..i wanna get BEAUTIFUL POINTER for my upcoming results..gonna be my second last SEM...

im gonna leave my beloved UIA is running so fast..
so pathetic..and sober..sedey gell..
wut ever it is..i need to make my mama n bapak proud of me ...i love them so much..cant wait to balik ipoh..wanna hugs them...

next EVENT...LEPAKING with my siblings..we often lepaking in kopitiam old town kopitiam ..was actually from IPOH...hahaha..ok so ipoh people..wait for me..hihihihi..wut ever...

anyway,,these are the things that i have to do in my HECTIC HOLIDAYS...damn cooll!

chilis o.u

Monday, February 4, 2008

CHELSEA ...come on chelsea!!

come on chelsea..
ayoyoyoy...come on la...!!Avram Grant something la..
isk!!even i dislike the manager..but have to like him from now...
i like jose more than him...!CHELSEA hav to be number one..not arsenal..not even mancherster united yang poyo!i hate all their fans..hahahahhahaa

Sunday, February 3, 2008


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