Wednesday, March 26, 2008

continue cucu tok sam

still no iz picture laa..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

aim for the gold

this week gonna be my hectic week..
i have like 3 papers to struggle ...
yeay...last papers ever in iium..
i have no intention to futher my studies in this univ..
the new regulations so in gonna make devastating to iiu student..wut out of the freedom!
indeed,i need to increase my pointer ..better than before..
easy for me to apply any abroad uni then..ha ha ha..
cant wait to further my studies ..cant wait to be a human..
cant wait to be an architect...prestigious architect..who actually understands about contract..turnkey?hahaha..i just read it..the role of an architect is not diminished in a turnkey contract architect is an essential component of the owner's team..
ma n pa.."i love u so much..thanks for ur love and care..i swear to God to be excellent..and make u proud of me.."

rileks...tonite CHELSEA vs ARSENAL waiting for this kind of match..
bravo chelsea..........i know chelsea can beat the stupid arsenal..
wut ever...go chelsea...i pray for the goal?..we shud beat aresenal..then we beat stupid manchester united...durh~~~~~~~~~~~~~

a great day with anis diyana

this girl is my saudara..i dont want to mention what type of saudara..but we are la kan..he he he...we have the same interest..and so many things same in command...especially when we are watching AWAKE...she is so i did disgusting to see the blood..i miss her so much...because she keep reminding me of our schooldays..which i dont like..ha ha ha..ANIS so alim...i heart her ....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

cucu tok sam

i dont have iz and tisyia pictures..will upload later okay..nak mengosongkan memory card..hi hi hi

Friday, March 21, 2008

cute lil heart..from awek paeng

1. Last person you chatted with on the
♥ solah.

2. The last thing eaten?
♥ grape.

3. Last person that went out shopping
with you?
♥ i went alone.

4. Last present(s) that you received?
♥ guess shirt from sayang .love it so much!

5. Last website?
♥ malaysia airlines.

6. Last Person(s) you saw?
♥ feeza

7. Last call you received?
♥ frm solah.

8. Last dream?
♥ no dream at all.

9. Last haircut?
♥ monthsssss ago.

10. Last time in love?
♥ i am in lav.

11. Last time you saw your grandma?
♥ last week during abg cik's wed.

12. Last sms received from..
♥ celcom.solah

13. Last fight?
♥ no...fighting at all

14. Last electronic device used?
♥ iron?.

15. Last tv show watched?
♥ tv?kunci kazanah astro ria!

16. What's on your mind right now?
♥ need sayang so much..

17.Where do you really2 wanna go to
♥ him all the way!

18. Which do u prefer, ym or msn?
♥ ym.

19. Do you love shopping?
♥ ohh yeah!

20. Where do you usually go shopping?
♥ klcc,pavilion,0.u.

21. Who cleans your room?
♥ me.

22. Last testimonial / comment
♥ girlicious.

23. What are you feeling right now?
♥ lazyyyy to pack.

24. Who/what makes u feel really
♥ watever it is dat interests me.

25. Who are your enemies?
♥ no one.ppl that backbiting bout me..who dislike bout everything..back off..

26. Do you love your friends?
♥ i do...i love them so much..all my bola tampar,futsal girls

27. Name 10 things you always take
out with you?
♥ paris hilton
♥ nokia
♥ ipod
♥ intimate pantiliner
♥ mac compc powder
♥ bobbie brown lipstick
♥ eye liner
♥ pen
♥ my diary ..reminder perhaps!
♥ sketch book/novel

29. Who do you think sucks in your
♥ org yg sebok2 bout my life n my figure...

30. Msn, who is the last who logged in?
♥ adri

32. What are your hobbies/hobby?
♥ being alone..berjiwang!.

33. Got any plans for tonight?
♥ gym..i wanna join body jam's class

34. Are you afraid of getting hurt?
♥ no. dis is life.

35. Are you afraid to hurt the one you
♥ sure..i love n need him so much..

36. Do you think 2007 is a good year
for you?
♥ sure..i met someone..that i really love n care so much

Thursday, March 20, 2008

finish portfolioing..

my portfolio days for internal and external are done successfully..
success ke?biasa je..
but i dunno..most of the students are not satisfied with the too..
i dunnoooo how they value our work....nvm..just pray to get better than before..
so..ended!im gonna miss all my life..all my upside down life in iium..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

aim....for a gold...

at least.....18 april..18 may
i have to loose my damn weight..
so..when in europe..
the pics will look more vibrant...
yes baby..thats the way i like it...

Monday, March 17, 2008

must get this week...sigh~

now..i have like 3 weeks preparation before fly to syria.. going back to kl..gonna setle some stuff in my uni..then..starting back my normal routine..yes!!
cant wait to shop....yeah..totally eager to observe n look around any cute stuff out looking for new top and pumps,,,yeay..
nine west..juicy couture ...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008


anyway...after all the journey i been through..
yesterday was the last day of my presentation day in iium..
i dunno whether to futher my fourth year in uia or else..
the presentation...was so well...
even the examiners also quite cool..
they didnt gve a bad outcomes to us..they gve a good comment and bla bla bla.. so sad...i dunno how to express my word...but somehow rather,this becoming tuesday n wednesday gonna be the portfolio days...yeay!!i like it but i dont like it..





Monday, March 10, 2008

credit to cik k

even the work is not done yet
but still mengade2 nak render gune atlantis..
he he he..the presentation will be on khamis..
please pray for me everyone..
im so cuak!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

my first time :pilihanraya:

fist time vote for election..
no one in my q..
omg...youngsters..u shud vote la..

Thursday, March 6, 2008


harini tak leh buat byk...sakit plak tetibe..tension tol!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update design

hari selasa :...plan.siteplan.ground floor.elevation.
tak siap cuak


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