Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ST KILDA .less than a week mate..!

Hmppp...i have less than a week for my interim crit next monday ..40 marks!and yeahhh ..im so scared!!and still..the next day...is the submition for my Research Methodology..to be honest..i cant even understand my text...!!!pray for me.....those pics were taken during my 3rd site visit to St.Kilda...I suppose my group already done pretty well...we have to work on URBANism which particullary cover up a MASSIVE area!!and yeaa its ST KILDA...im so sleepy!shooot..cant get enough sleep...

Monday, March 30, 2009


im so extremely happy for his outstanding achievement in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP..
Everyone around the world watching him yesterday..Thanks for everyone who keeps on updating about him to me...The streaming TV was a bit slow yesterday...but im assure he made MALAYSIANS PROUD!!Most of my friends from UK were giggly happy because they can watch EUROSPORT without any distractions ... Since then,CYCLING IN MALAYSIA gonna be the 1st Favourite SPORT...I hope Astro gonna provide a channel specifically for Cycling as they already did for Badminton...*sigh* By having the channel ...i think Malaysians can understand the game and gonna LOVE CYCLING!!!so proud.......................!!!

He is the man and the hero!!MALAYSIA BOLEH!!
im so exciteddddddddddd..too bad im in OZ..how i wish to meet him too !!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Azizul to SEMI for SPRINT

after had a bummer on keirin... ...last night,he managed to get himself into SEMI for Sprint,surprisingly...i knew him quite well..his enthusiasm on doing his thing is so strong..don't simply exaggerate something which u don't even know about..i hate the way media written up about him...come on..its not easy for Malaysians to qualify like them though..anyway,we have to be realistic and wise..and writting in a good manner in a way to appreciate their sacrificed ...well,
i hope he gonna do something tonight!!!yeaa....lets support and pray for MALAYSIA HERO,Azizulhasni Awang...lets see they conferred a medal on him!!!!
SEMI placing 1-4 im so nervous...indeed!

Congrats to RIZAL TISIN for bringing home a bronze medal !!

All of them....embracing MALAYSIA to the WORLD successfully

today is sunday....a chilly sunday...next week gonna be more chilly...haishh...how can i endeavor to get rid of freezing and coldness ...so ya..lazy sunday..what else to do other than cooking mate!i love to create my own recipe ...satisfaction maybe.....errrr......in the sense of shaping the Body???yeaa rite....april is coming ...=) 2 more months to go BACK...!!!

Aussie Vegetables and fruits are crunchy and sweet...
i love nectarine and seedless grapes

Shaping the city

nothing much to update...next week gonna be our hectic@feverish week..
"Have you read all the books in your list?
have to comply babeh!
before Easter break..such a calamity !!
when the Easter break ..probably im going to BRISBANE !!yahooo..but no so sure...!!
Jason Mraz..or PCD

p/s: I can hear FERARI's from St Kilda...The Grand Prix is just so near to our site..lol

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here's chance to see well you really know your husband/boyfriend/lover. Cut, paste and fill in the answers, then shoot, you know what to do. The real challenge is to send it to your husband/boyfriend/lover to see how right you really are.

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? Anything that on-air right that time.
Korean movie or cycling channel ..he often sit in front of computer rather than tv i guess..you tube is his bestfriend...

2. You're out to eat; What kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
erm..he dislike cheese so do i...hmmm x pnah makan salad together i guess...

3. What's one food he doesn't like?
He dislike tomyam and sea food especially udang

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Hot chocolate kot..

5. Where did he go to high school?
Bukit Jalil Sport School

6. What size shoes does he wear?
8/9 a size smaller than mine

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
money..for ehem ehem la...mebina istana gitu

8. What is his favourite type of sandwich?
Salmon ..i think so..or egg with sweet chili

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
Nasi dagang n laksam

10. What is his favourite cereal?
tak tauu.....conflakes ..

11. What would he never wear?
hmmmm...shooot...im not sure about this..probably female attire lol!

12. What is his favourite sports team?
what kind of sport?he dislike football...so in cycling..his team most probably

13. Who did he vote for?
same with me...undi anda rahsia

14. Who is his best friend?
i dunno..nvr heard of it..

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
Hiding anything from him...wearing tight !shooot

16. What is his heritage?

17. What is his favourite color?
not sure...i guess green and blue..because i like those colors except for pink

18. What is his habit?
asking about his hair..and face...jerawat bla bla...

19. What is he proud of?
having me?

20. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
yep...he is my 1 follower lol..i love u

21. Nak tag?

Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is our off day which means we dont even have a class on Thursday....so after being so distance from home..now as a gadis melayu..we take the opportunity to learn cooking !walaah..everyone in class is soo carving for a laksa!its a traditional laksa not the fake laksa..because we can get laksa in geelong..but it is actually a mee curry...ppl here called mee curry as "laksa"!hmm..so we decided to cook Laksa Penang..and now ...we changed to Laksa Geelong..Everyone is gathered in my house..since Jane already here to discuss about our studio's work..Nearly a month enrolling as a master student...Indeed,the time is sooo limited..a lot of works..especially when u experienced doing dissertation ..OMG!!i havent done anything yet..too bad...In a sense to support my bf at Poland,i learn new menu..so that he gonna feel excited to race tonight..Does it make sense??

pleasee it just a pose..i m so good in tasting the temptation yo!

jane and jaja..wut ever..can see our laundry room at the back there
everyone is busy with their works

please...jaja is the mother of the group..

jane and kuhaz..while tv is on because we are waiting for the biggest looser!!and we are eating laksa which contains caloriesss.........no worries
cucumber n egg...anyone?
and mazzola cookies...

tadaaaaaaaaaa this is the laksa at last..yummmy!!!superliciousssss

we hardly get bunga kantan...but we managed to make the laksa tastes goood..walllah!!
papa.......its a laksa..!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


the world cup leader for keirin ..awesome!!

Tomorrow,is the day that we are waiting for to watch our cyclists team embarking their wheels with enthusiasm to bring Malaysia to the WORLD! Their conspicuous riding, totally attracted everyone on the earth.Well,it is probably safe to conclude that Malaysian team is now well-established.Let s us pray for them!!They had sacrificed both outwardly and inwardly throughout the journey..Hoping the glorious and victory moment to see Malaysia’s Flag flipping again at National Velodrome Pruszkow which is designed by the German architect, W. Zablocki….yep!!He gonna do *something* I believe..Lets us pray…Amin! The Gold awaits u….The rainbow jersey no longer belong to them…Its ours..MALAYSIA!!!weeeeeeep…all the best to you sayangg…im struggling myself to find the online tv…gonna stay awake even I know the time constrains really make me crazy!its 10hours okkk!!all the bestttt yang…I knew it…amin amin amin..

the GOLD from him :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

art n stuff

its a market where u can get all the art stuff..i should bring my mom n dad here last time....

st.kilda analysis

me and janekazama....miss her now..her jokes is sooooo seng bryan lol
this is my group...the best teammates ever.....Kuhaz n Jane...!!
we r busy!!cant wait for easter hols...

"good luck for my hero sayang...all the bestttttt!!!love u.."
st kilda is the gr8 place to visit later :P

Thursday, March 19, 2009


People love pets like their soul...i wonder y?Malaysia cudnt do like this..animal needs love too rite...sila la jaga kucing2 dgn kasih sayang!
i miss my cat gila2 punya now...boleh tak??

Track Cycling World Championship in Pruskow, Poland (Live)@EUROSPORT

Track Cycling World Championship in Pruskow, Poland (Live)
26 Mar 0245 Day 1
27 Mar 0215 Day 2
28 Mar 0215 Day 3
29 Mar 0200 Day 4
29 Mar 2000 Day 5

how i wish to watch him live on astro in my house...screaming out loud...i hope i can watch him through foxtel ...good luck sayang!!!!DONT FORGET TO WATCH HIM..PRAY FOR HIM + JOSIAH NG +RIZAL TISIN.....


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spice up ur life

just wanna tell my syg that i can cook now..yippiee!! no worries~..
i cook this bihun soup with my own creativity.....new look before u arrived :P

Balinese house compound and Batak house compound

In general, Balinese house compound basically is more assemble compared to Batak house. ‘The requirements of correct spatial orientation determine the layouts of house and village and dominate life: there are auspicious places to eat,cook,sleep and even have sexual intercourse, and Balinese person must lie in a certain direction to sleep.’ This is because the layout of the house itself is following based on the natural and spiritual elements. For example, the horizontal axes are mainly the important directions to locate the layout because it’s depicted between the mountains and the sea. The direction of the mountains is holy and prestigious especially from the highest and holiest volcano, Gunung Agung.

The main characteristic of Balinese house often relates to its location. For instance, ‘Kaja means upstream, or towards the mountain, kelod downstream or towards the sea.Kangin(east) and kauh(west) are also vital for them. The direction of kaja and kelod varies according to a village’s location.Kaja is the south in north Bali,but to north in south Bali.’ Consequently,the design of Balinese house is done by architecst ‘ (undagi) who create and work following the old manual and manuscript called Asta Kosala Kosali.’ ‘With regard to the vertical dimension, the three-dimensional or the physical realization of any architectural building must follow the concept if tri annga,i.e. the structure must contain head( roof),body (walls and space), and feet(building foundation),representing the religious values of “high,pure” or utama, “middle” or madia and “low” or nista.’

The Balinese house is made up by space hierarchy. For example, ‘the place for the worship of the gods is located at the highest space hierarchy which is located at north-east.’ It is also known as the head (ulu). Furthermore, the adjacent south-east corner is considered to be the abode of evil and is always left empty.The entrance is facing to the auspicious south-west. Next, the granary(lumbung) and the kitchen( paon) are placed in the south-west corner also known as the feet (teben). ‘An important feature of compound house design is the communal outdoor space (natah) –a connection between the indoor and outdoor space-in the middle of the compound, the dweller’s centre of orientation.’

Besides, the open pavilion (bale) is one of the important spaces in Balinese house. It’s distinguished from one another by the number of pillars (sasaka). ‘There are three distinct sleeping quarters in Balinese house.For example, the bale duah (guest’s room),the menten bandung (the room for parents, grandparents and unmarried girls) and the bale danging (the adults quarters).The bale danging is used to celebrate such important rites of passage as wedding and tooth-filing.’ Moreover, the rice barn is the only building that rose on piles. Normally, the piles are topped with large wooden disc below the main body of the granary to prevent rats and mice. Indeed, the buildings used stone, unfired bricks,woods,bamboo and grasses for the materials.

However, the layout of the Batak Toba house is different compare to Balinese house. There are basically 3 types of building customarily in the layout which are the house (rumah), rice granaries (sopo) and assembly houses (bale). ‘The Batak house compound normally is originated in groups of ten or less which constitutes a small villages.’ It is located side by side with their front gables facing the village street. Other than that, the houses are erected close together as the detention from war .Since the house is located near to the lake, much of the area is wet. In regard, the Batak place their buildings on stilts to avoid flooding and dampness.

The main layout of the Batak house is prepared vertically into three distinct zones. The lower zone is the area beneath the house raised on piers is functioned as a work area and as an open-air pen for animals. The next zone is the floor of the house .It is a living area where as many as four different families crowded together. ‘Ladders were once used to access the living area from the ground, so that in times of war the ladder could be quickly retracted and the opening sealed.’ .Moreover, the highest of the house is the upper storey, which extends about 1/3 of the depth in from the front of the house which stored a family valuables and ancestral shrines.

Furthermore, the other important structure in Toba Batak is the rice granary called sopo bolon. ‘A typical village consists of a row of houses flanking a corresponding number of small rice granaries, one for each house.’ The rice granary belonging to each house would stand opposite it to create a sense o f complementary and harmonious. ‘The sopo bolon has a similar platform as a meeting place,and also a place where young unmarried men would sleep at night’ .The decorations are basically old and mellowed with the impressive proportions. On the other hands, ‘between the two rows of buildings run a street called an "alaman" to serve as a working area and also a place for drying out rice in the hot sun. Indeed, the Batak house also used natural materials like bamboo, sugar palm, coconut and wood to erect the building.

In conclusion, the interpretations from above therefore have rounded up with an explanation to show how Balinese house compound differentiate between the other house layouts for example, the Batak house. Indeed, those layouts really give the most remarkable and spectacular vernacular building to the world.

What gives?

Ive done with my 1st presentation...more to come....evolving to the new world.....

toad !

i need more reference by now...its the ritual !

wth . .

autumn 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tentang kamu


ouhhh sungguh sejuk..
still in Toba batak..
esok selasa..rabu is my presentation day..
haruslahhhhh bersemangat!
im listening to justin new album..
ok la..x busan!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

GOOD LUCK Malaysian Tigers

Today the Malaysian Cyclists gonna fly to Poland....
for the prestigious competition..UCI TRACK CYCLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS from 25 until 29 March 2009...a year ago,they didn't bring anything to us however they managed to qualified themselves in the World ranking ..well,a good reputation though..day by day..the boost of Malaysian tigers especially in cycling is so obvious..In regard of this matter,they managed to get Gold medals in previous worldcup ..Hence,an astounding accomplishment on many levels of competiton bring him to hold the 1st ranking in Keirin ..the 1st ever Malaysian got an outstanding title in the world is made by him ..my love of my life....

i hope he gonna do something boom in poland..he gonna wear a white jersey and yet,a rainbow jersey too.. =) all the best sayang...i invoke for u as always

p/s: continue reading about batak n balinese house ...-_-

Chris Hoy: Time Off For Olympic Knight

he last time I sat down and chatted with Chris Hoy, we were having breakfast at the GB team’s hotel in Copenhagen, where the last round of the 2008-9 World Cup was taking place. Chris was looking forward to a successful run-up to this year's Track Cycling World Championships. As we all now know, a big crash in the Keirin put paid to those plans. And so, it was an atypically inactive Chris I sat down with for a chat, whilst his Great Britain teammates were preparing in the track centre for another day's training for the World Championships.

Chris is now resigned to having to wait a year before he can again chase more rainbow jerseys:

“I realise I need to rest to overcome this injury because if I give the body time to recover, there shouldn’t be any problem. But if I keep training, even if it's not high intensity training, every time the injury starts to heal, it's torn apart again and long term, what comes from that could be bad, so that is why they told me I had to stop”.

“I may even need an operation to clean the area where the hip is damaged and have been told I may be off the bike for between three and eight weeks, which is longer than I anticipated and frustrating. But, again, it could have happened last year so it could have been a lot worse than it is. It is frustrating nonetheless and I am really disappointed to be missing out on riding the Worlds but in a long career, this is the first time I have missed anything major so I can’t really complain.”

20080815_Beijing_Olympics_TS_Hoy_Celebrate01Asked if he is able to do any sort of training, even if it's just on the upper body, Chris replied

“I don’t do any specific upper body weights because there is a risk of gaining muscle mass and I’d be less aerodynamic. All the strength work I do for the upper body is done on the bike so really any work involving flexing or stretching the muscles around the hip is out, so that pretty much rules out everything.”

“So really it’s about resting now. It’s the end of the season for me so there is no temptation to rush back into it, which there would be if I had races coming up -- I’d be counting the days. I do want to get back on the bike but it is more important I rest the injury properly, allow it to heal fully and then start to rebuild for next season.”

I put it to Chris that with the Commonwealth Games next year, the team will have two major competitions in the one year (with the worlds) and then the World Cups to follow, so perhaps having time out is going to be a good thing long term, both mentally and physically?

“It is amazing how quickly things come around and we’re already talking about the Commonwealth Games which is next season's big goal, alongside the World Championships. So you could be right, because there was such a big build up for Beijing, 18 months with pressure and expectation. People also talk about the come-down (post Olympics) if you haven’t performed well and not had a good event but to have had an exceptionally good event like I did is almost the same because you do have a period of readjustment.”

“I have been incredibly busy since the Olympics and my life has changed out of all recognition. Because of the success, and having to deal with those changes, I have had to put into place measures to make my life a bit more manageable, so hopefully I can get back to riding my bike, and nothing else, like it was before Beijing.”

“That is the important thing for me, being able to focus on my training and competition and still do things outside of that but only when it doesn’t impede on my performance.”

20090214_Chris_Hoy_Crash_01Chris assured me that this break from competition will only increase his hunger to do well.

“When something is taken away from you, that is when you appreciate how much you want it and how much you miss it. If I wasn’t missing it, and I wasn’t sitting here looking down on the boys and girls getting ready for another session with real genuine disappointment at not being involved, then it would be a sign that now is the time to be hanging up my wheels.”

“But I have the same feeling I had at the World Cup in Manchester – I just want to be involved and out there. You have such a short career as a sports person, so I want to make the very most out of the last few years I have got and I realise once it's gone, it's gone and you can’t come back to compete at the top level. So I am really keen to keep that same work ethic I have, that same desire, that same drive but I have to be patient and wait for myself to be ready. But once I am, I’ll hopefully come back on top.”

Chris is clearly not taking anything for granted, even within the GB Team which he has been such an integral part of for over a decade:

“There are so many young guys already performing at an exceptionally high level that it is not just a matter of turning up and getting your slot back in the team again – you have to earn it and fight for it. I know that and that fight will only give me more motivation.”

Having observed the GB team for many years, I have seen riders who get to a point in their career when they know they have had enough and other riders for whom being an athlete is their life and not something they want to give up. I asked Chris what is it about being a full time cyclist that is so addictive?

“My personal enjoyment comes from the competitive element of racing. I love the adrenalin and the excitement of race day. I love the challenge of setting myself a goal which people may not think is achievable, maybe an ambitious goal like the world record. You set yourself a target and then it becomes a problem solving situation, where you sit down and work out how you are going to get to that level and perform that well on a particular day. And that kind of thing inspires me and motivates me.”

“But it's also about just feeling physically fit. When you are training all the time and you have this level of fitness and condition, it’s a nice feeling. If our body is healthy, and you’re training and fit, it reflects in the rest of your life – it does with me anyway. Feeling like you’re part of a team is also a big part of the enjoyment of it as well.”


David Daniell a rider with something of the young Chris Hoy about him

Chris & the Year Ahead

There are two basic types of track cyclist – sprint and endurance. The endurance riders generally fill their year racing on the road after the track season has finished, but sprinters like Chris are free to do other things during the summer. So what will he do now that his season is finished?

“There is so much to do outside of cycling that there is no shortage of things to do! I have charity requests, sponsorship requests and fun stuff to keep me busy. For example, I’m getting to go to the Sardinia round of the World Rally Championships in May and I can’t wait for that – that is a huge thing I am excited about. I am really into my cars, love going to motor racing events and being involved in them. So it is not like I am sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I am still going to be busy -- it just doesn’t involve physical exercise.”

Looking further ahead, when Chris returns to the saddle, the 2012 Olympics may be three years away but 2010 will be a busy year with the Worlds and Commonwealth Games. Once they are out of the way, the pressure and expectation will rise once again as the long build-up and qualification period for the London Olympics begins.

Talking about London 2012, Chris knows that he and the rest of the team face a huge challenge:

“There will be high expectations of the cycling team, more than anybody else. Anything other than a repeat performance of what we did in Beijing is going to be seen as failure, which I actually think is unfair. But, I believe we’re up to it. We have a great support network, fantastic riders coming through and everybody is hugely motivated by a home Games. It's weird, but the Olympic Games have only just been held and already everybody is talking about the London 2012 Games.”


Early 2008 and Chris Hoy trains with Jason Kenny, who he would later face in the Olympic match sprint final

Chirs on the Future Stars in Team GB

Chris is now the sole remaining member of the Team Sprint squad which did so much to put the GB Team on the international map from the lete nineties onwards. His team-mates in so many past battles, Jason Queally and Craig MacLean, have moved on to ride tandem for the Paralympic team. And now there's some really exciting young talent coming through in the males sprint ranks: Matt Crampton and Jason Kenny have already made a mark at the highest level and David Daniell looks set to follow very soon, with others like Christian Lyte and Peter Mitchell in the wings.

I asked Chris if he could identify with what these young and talented riders are going through as they try to earn a place in team for the London 2012 Games?

“Absolutely! In my early years, I had Craig (MacLean) and Jason (Queally) performing at a far higher level than me and I was allowed to get on with my job of being the start man in the Team Sprint without any expectations. Sure, I put pressure on myself as I had my own goals but at that time there was little media pressure and it was all about Jason [who won that amazing gold in the Sydney Kilo]. It wasn’t until 2002 when I had a breakthrough year that I became World champion and Commonwealth champion as an individual. That was the first time I had really shone. So it was nice to have had that period of time to develop and move up to the next level.”

Interestingly, Chris singles out Jason Kenny's performances in 2008 as something significant:

“Jason Kenny has rewritten the rule book there though and shot to the top – that was a incredible performance in Beijing -- amazing. So he has already catapulted himself into the top echelons of the sport but for guys like Matt, he has already had some incredible performances which have not gone unnoticed, but have been overshadowed by other people. This is an opportunity for him to have a fantastic World Championships alongside Ross Edgar who has been around for a while, whilst guys like David Daniell are able to progress in the shadow of Jason’s performances.

“Guys like Christian Lyte and Dave Daniell have put in some amazing performances recently and hopefully they will have time to do their own thing, get up to the next level and then their time will come to shine and step into the spotlight. We know what they have got – it’s the rest of the world who don’t know yet!”


Chris with the rider he said broke the mould for younger riders breaking into the big time -- Jason Kenny (left)

Asked to compare himself to these young up and coming riders, the four time Olympic champion acknowledges some key similarities:

“Matt and David are both quite similar to me in that they are fast but they also have some distance to them, some length so they can hang on to their speed and don’t run out of gas after 200 metres. That is essential for the modern sprint where you have to be able to go for two laps full gas. There is certainly a wealth of talent here and it will be great to have that competition within the training sessions. The morale within the group is great too and we all get on really well. I think that is a key factor in our future success.”

And so as the next generation of young sprinters prepare to take the GB team's first significant step towards London 2012, they will be without their talisman and leading rider. But it's also a wonderful opportunity for them to make their own mark on the sport which Chris has come to dominate. Chris will undoubtedly be back before long and it will no doubt appeal to his competitive nature to fight for his place on the team and prove once again that he's the best in the business. It's an intriguing mini-plot which we'll all be following with interest.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

happy birthday TEHA

Happy birthday to TEHA...
so sorry cudnt reach u because i gve aussie no to u..
nway...hope ur dream come true..
as the fabulous female cyclist in the world.

ok..now i started back cooking!

Mee curry Hokkien....i love to create my own receipe because i believe that s what an architect does..
my 1st curry
chicken(halal) with marinated curry
Mee Curry Hokkien
...sounds yummy rite?huhu..yea...my mom asked me to learn cooking as much as i can while studying...because thats what she did when she s studying...not to forget my sis in law...Kak Shu...blaja cooking when she s away from family...ok..
so as the conclusion, i can cook =)

Mom and dad..dont worry i can cook now...can u remit some money to me so that i can buy a set of Jamie olivers...heheh..wud love to have that ....=)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They are leaving me..now

Junai and apis

me and teha...yeahh missing her now
those pics were taken during sid patterson race..we had our dinner at BISMI,Sydney ROAD..

im gonna miss all of them..they are leaving me alone..ceh..specifically he is leaving me so soon....and off to POLAND ..for world champ..even its kinda sorrow..ya i ll try my best !!works are increasing form day to day..now i realize how hard master is..even the class is so little...but the works...definitely sooooooooo manny!!!
i have so many works to do...and indeed....i do a lot of reading nowadays...!i really hope i can get a study table ASAP!..studying at my coffee table..really hurt my back mate!..well,after Analyzing the date n works..he gonna come back 2 months later..which is..mid of my semester...on the other hands...im gonna be the 1st presenter for my next class...and yeaa....i try to do my best to speak infront of the *public*..damn i hate presentation...and yaa presenting alone makes me suffer !!haishh!!...the topic kinda cool...CULTURAL MIGRATIONS AND MEANINGS...20%...so have to find more references..need to go to library.....go tya go!
i love my family..ma n pa..susahhhnye belajaaa.....!!tetibe pk nape laa x keje?
i love u sayang...thanks for ur understanding and u r the one who always support me..to stand still....good luck in ur world hun...we strive hard together...in a different ways ..God,help us.. AMIN

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Research Metodology

Methodology can properly refer to the theoretical analysis of the methods appropriate to a field of study or to the body of methods and principles particular to a branch of knowledge. In this sense, one may speak of objections to the methodology of a geographic survey (that is, objections dealing with the appropriateness of the methods used) or of the methodology of modern cognitive psychology (that is, the principles and practices that underlie research in the field). In recent years, however, methodology has been increasingly used as a pretentious substitute for method in scientific and technical contexts, as in The oil company has not yet decided on a methodology for restoring the beaches. People may have taken to this practice by influence of the adjective methodological to mean “pertaining to methods.” Methodological may have acquired this meaning because people had already been using the more ordinary adjective methodical to mean “orderly, systematic.” But the misuse of methodology obscures an important conceptual distinction between the tools of scientific investigation (properly methods) and the principles that determine how such tools are deployed and interpreted.

Happy walking from uni to home..it takes approximately 30 minutes...its kinda far ..but ya that's how i banished my fat...now its kinda cold...!!while walking ..hot chocolate is a must...hahaha...so no need to diet sgt!


Thinking is the ultimate human resource. Yet we can never be satisfied with our most
important skill. The main difficulty of thinking is confusion. We try to do too much at
once. Emotions, information, logic, hope and creativity all crowd in on us. It is like
juggling with too many balls.

(Edward de Bono, Six Thinking Hats, 1985)

St. Kilda

It is often very difficult to expand the horizons of ones experience and insight of a place if we are
constantly part of it, hence, a big advantage of studying at the Deakin School is our regional location.Our physical detachment from Melbourne provides us with an excellent vantage point from which to examine Victoria’s metropolitan and regional cities with clarity and objectivity, and affords us the freedom to develop independent and innovative lines of thought.
as the new brief came out yesterday...
St.Kilda is my site to study..
yesterday ..was my 1st studio...
its way different from what i have learned in Malaysia..
basically,in this studio.. a brainstorming session..each students have to deliberate any ideas..even i was so stuck because never been there..
but ya..i try to imagine as depict that i can...and yaa..my friend told me..its like *bukit bintang but near the beach* ...so we have to reinvent the planning..to make it more better and workable..
so..this week..we gonna spend out time all night long to that place..as the lecturers required us to observe the activities ....
this time,we need to form a group..me in a group with kuhaz my rumate =) and jane my soulmate..=P

• Analyse the existing fabric of specific precincts, which comprise the designated project area.
• Identify the artificial and natural boundaries, which shape or limit their genius loci.
• Develop a range of generic strategies, which resolve areas of discontinuity and open up
options for stimulating urban regeneration.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

World no 1 Keirin...yeaa i invoke..

if u r an architect dont be like this to ur parents!

Autumn shopping....*shrug.*

durh ..taken by apis..but yaa..i looked so fussy..sorry....
with his team mate...,Hafiz Suffian...beli brg byk nk mati utk gfnye sbb nk balik Msia!

dimarahi azizul sbb sume kedai nk masuk..hehehe....
i bumped into this shop..ok i cant detain myself..i bought that orange sandals..look so trendy heh..we got a same pair of shoes..so lovely and sloppy ...hi hi hi...in regard of his offer to pursue his studies....God Bless..Alhamdulilah..im so happy...so happy for him..hope he can get scholarship ..because ya...he upholds malaysia to the WORLD!!pray for him....in his becoming WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ...AND YAAA....RAINBOW JERSEY WILL BE YOURS ..SAYANG!

now i miss u hun...:(
gonna miss u soooooonnnnn...next week is soo sorrow!
cool tya cool..
focus belaja buat design!
*pussycatdolls are coming to MELBOURNE*

Sekolah Arkitek dan Bangunan

*my new spaces for 2 years..yeah wish me luck guys...*the studio is soooo huge..and yaa i like the interior so much...


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