Thursday, July 31, 2008

my cat died...(CAMIE)waaaaaa


i just got a msg from my abang ..telling me that my eldest cat already gone...she died..u know how pathetic i am..Her name is CAMIE..she just delivered 2 new kittens this year..and now she s so sad u know..i bought CAMIE when i was in matric..and i carried her away in the bus to ipoh...She has 6 so sad because i didnt have enough time to take care of her..maybe she is old..i dunno..8 years consider as the maximun age for cat?

im looking for my newhair cut..

i did these hair cut before...but without treatment..ur hair getting so worst and bad..!
jojo rohmad like my hair..kan kan jojo...sayang jojo..PC PC (PELUK CIUM) grab from faiza

now...thinking of this style..but not sure yet....what say u people?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

persatuan gemuk2 sedunia (meeting)


im in in love...with someone...........haha....sigh
after heart goes shimmering and splending..
cant wait to DATE!!its been ages.....

true blue for life! true blue die hard fan!

tot of buying the expensive one..but still 83 myr is worth enuff so satisfied watch my fav team!
i just cant believe my eyes..that im watching them infront of my eyes...
i see frank lampard..
i see joey cole..
i see a.cole..
i see everyone....
omg,i felt regret too...u know why??
because i didnt bring my SLR!!
i just brought my old bad in focusing!
however,the malaysian team also did a great job too..i think they are developing the skills time to time..i love to watch these 2 footballers from malaysia..zakuan and aidil..their performance quite bombastic also....
wut ever it is..
i want to study hard..then if my income is "massive"
im going to watch them live in STAMFORD BRIDGE!!!
to be so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....:D

im happy to grab this poster...haha...CHELSEA 2----MALAYSIA---0
my brother..wanna thnx him for sponsoring the ticket for her sister..he is man u sbb kesian kat kakak die..he accompnied u g..esok we are going to date..he wants to buy new shoes..despite..of buying on his own..
this is how it goes....go CHELSEA!
thanks god i bought this in heathrow...hihi

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

shopping with tisya

tisya n tah...tah belikan baju utk tisyaa.baju tisya kat ireland sume tebal2..tisya kene beli baju standart malaysia jah!
tisya new hat..comel english
today we went to buy some cute stuff for our comel niece..
nak beli sliper roxy 4 tisya tp x de size..quicksilver je cancel..

Monday, July 28, 2008


how i miss all of them in the photo...deera,feeza,hyda..and me..i lost all my gmba2 with my friends..because my stupid hard disk is corrupted...all my gmba that i was kumpul2 since my old days with my friends...hilang begitu sahaja...sangatlah keciwa....

sila upload semua gmbar berharga die photoblog..atau cuci gmbar itu atau diburnkan di cd..
sekian..renung-renungkan..selamat beramal..

cant wait for tomorrow

i m going to some place....
which im so desire to be there before..
.......................................jeng jeng jeng
will upload the pictures when i have the feeling to do so..
now,,so lazy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


now im so gila to hear new song by Colby O donnis..."what you got"
soo nice to hear...
thats all folks!
terima kasih...
David cook?
"always be my baby"??
not in me..
i dislike that song..

cut the crap...
now im looking forward to have new phone..
new htc looks awesome..
nokia is so lame..!
nth la...slalu gell stuck..

shoes shoes

i skip my diet...
now im so worried..
if i put on weight back..
....i browsing nine west page..................
i shud say im so regret...!
kenapa x beli kasut tu??
now....feel like to shop..
o.u just nearby..
but..yeay....i have no plan.....
kalau beli kasut im jobless...
so wearing without purpose...
but...the shoes killing me softly..
im a mad shoes collector....
the peep toes is so nice to wear now...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


what a lovely saturday morning...
i woke up at 6 to be honest..and was so lazy to get back because someone gave me text
at 4 i continue sleeping like princess...
and mom was ulang alik from living room to knock the door..
",i dont want to meet adik in tkc"...
all of them are going to visit my lil sister...
i woke up and have my bath..and yeh..the intention is to "visit my adik"..
and gosh..i forgot..i should meet up my friend in O.U
so i text her .."hey ,youuu wassup?"..
and she replied "Babe,i cant 2day.Kna jaga sis work today.ptg baru about other day?monday?do u still in KL?"... i have no plan at all...
so the only plan is visit my sister in seremban...
i prepared myself lazily...suddenly someone gave me sms..
"im dying to see u there?"..
so,,i have to cancel to TKC..and yes to O.U!!..
so i replied "OKAY"
while i was preparing myself to O.u...
i felt im swaying.."pening"..
so i was lying down infront and text my friends..
and asking them to text me when they feel to eat..
while i was waiting...
one text come up..
"kiteorg nk tgk wayang dah..dah abis nnti aku msg"
and the wayang ended at 8.30 pm..omg....
so long to wait ya...
but im so happy..
when someone appeared online ...
he did cure me...he did cure my pening..
its so miracle rite...
now so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
happy with people surrounding me..
who cares about me..
i love u guys...

officially graduated..

im done with my convo thingny..
and i got release letter and im so happy at last im a degree holder after a long journey of studies!
to be honest,tears of joy definitely in my eyes now..he he he.. convo will be on 23rd august 2008...i cant wait to meet all my friends..
who did share a lot of things with me..especially those who teach me "computer"..
thankful to have u guys with me..
hopefully one day each of us will have our own firm ..
and yeahhh..."develop our beloved country".."stop corruption".."stop being FOOL"..
so worried to see MALAYSIA now..
sometime wise people are not wise...egoism leads to collapse..
come on...wake up!!!
malay...wake up...!!
im so pathetic to see my nation waving..:(
to be honest,,,,im so sad to see the kids who wasting their time in shopping complex without doing anything..wearing like devil..haiyoo....wake up la adik2..
knowledge is everything indeed...
people will respect someone with qualification..not to say im proud..but i begging people out there to think about their future...not their parents future..
who will lead malaysia sooner if we just acoh x acoh bodoh sombong ?what say u?

gr8 day with sweetheart

adah n me...muahhhhhso,i met my sweetheart today named syuhada..she is a hottest girl in UIA..
basically we have so many things in command...we are librans..and our characters sangat laa sama..LIBRAN is HOT n FAMOUS!!hehe
we went to KLCC ..and u know what..
NINE WEST sales gegile..i was like 60 to 50 %..i ve tried 2 shoes..comfortable...but
too high..i prohibit myself to wear high heals because i have to respect my bf..kidding !
before meeting mikey..i had this slice of cake at dome,KLCC..the taste was so pie bla bla..good for diet people..sigh..thanks to adah for the treat...adah blanje her so much
khalid and wala'...soon to be married..Khalid is friendly too...they used to smoke shisha
in that restaurant...cant wait to bring my sayang to this restaurant too..hahaha
mikey and syuhada..they are so perfect to be together..
meeting mikey in one of the arabian restaurant nearby jalan ampang..i didnt know that the restaurants in that area are so arab!i been to syria and i ordered the food that i have tasted before.guess what..u can find all food in that area..even the yummy!thanks anyway for the treat..mikey is so hot..and so kind..he is my friends boyfriend..he took master in UKM..pharmacist..
wala',adah,me...x-uiam to be proud..
wala' is my senior in UIAM..she took arabic literature under Kuliyyah of Human Sciences..and both of us...were in the same roof..of Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design..also known as KAED..
arabian reunion

Friday, July 25, 2008

my sewel friends

wawa..orderkan grilled salmon...x abis sbb x larat..

wawa n lina

ok so today i meet up my adik..
he was my adik no more..
cut the crap..i met my bestie..
he was my junior back in IIUM..
so closed..since 1st year..and syria..
he is so baik...and u know like easy going person..
slalu gile buat keje2 jahat..he even visit me often in the studio..
bile lecturer tanye.."what r u doing here?"
then he responded "consultation with senior"..
kepale hot die..padahal..dtg my just to cerite-merite aktiviti yg die lakukan..
shoot wawa...

im away

hello dear bloggers,,
im away now..
been busy for a week maybe..
to find any job vacancy for me..
and preparing myself to watch chelsea next tuesay..
omg..i didnt know that avril lavingne is coming to KL.. tgh pening..if i get job sooner..whether to stay with my abang or my kawan2..
well,today i went to pavilion with my bestie...
he accompanied me all the way and pilihkan my baju..
topshop sales gila!
dem..sume ok!
now sgt tak tahan..duit x cukup..
tpakse gune duit suami..
so nnti dah keje kene ganti balik duit suami..
nnti derhaka!
i miss him so much..but die x nak layan gue today..
fine..besok gue tanak layan die..pdn muke!..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

tisyaa wait for auntiee

my cute clever and so cute..cant wait to meet her tomorrow

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

im vain yeayy

i found this pictures in my hard disk..i miss my room uia room tomorrow im gonna meet all my sweethearts.. im 22 years old people..going to be 23..n yet many people tot im lepasan spm..maybe sbb my perangai is not sooooo matang!!adushh!!i have to be more matured eh??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beijing Landmark

The new China Central Television headquarters building is seen in Beijing Thursday July 17, 2008. The building consists of two angled towers connected at the top to form a continuous loop of horizontal and vertical sections. The spectacular 230 meter (755 foot) building, one of Beijing's tallest, will house more than 10,000 staff. The building is one of a series of landmarks, notable for their futuristic design, that will greet visitors to the Olympics Games, which open Aug. 8

Karangan budak darjah 4 yang menyeramkan

Karangan budak darjah 4 yang menyeramkan~
Pagi itu pagi minggu. Cuaca cukup sejuk sehingga mencapai takat suhu beku.
Sebab itu saya tidak mandi pagi sebab air kolah jadi air batu dan air paip
tidak mahu keluar sebab beku di dalam batang paip. Pagi itu saya bersarapan
dengan keluarga di dalam unggun api kerana tidak tahan sejuk. Selepas itu
emak saya mengajak saya menemaninya ke pasar.
Tetapi saya tidak mahu. Selepas emak menikam perut saya berkali-kali dengan
garfu barulah saya bersetuju untuk mengikutnya. Kami berjalan sejauh 120 kilometer kerana pasar itu letaknya 128 kilometer dari rumah. Lagi 8 kilometer nak sampai pasar saya ternampak sebuah lori kontena meluru dengan laju dari arah belakang. Dia melanggar emak saya. Emak saya tercampak ke dalam gaung. Dia menjerit "Adoi!".
Lepas itu emak saya naik semula dan mengejar lori tersebut. Saya pun turut berlari di belakang emak saya kerana takut emak saya melanggar lori itu pula.
Pemandu lori itu nampak kami mengejarnya. Dia pun memecut lebih laju iaitu sama dengan kelajuan cahaya. Kami pula terpaksa mengejar dengan lebih laju iaitu sama dengan dua kali ganda kelajuan cahaya. Emak saya dapat menerajang tayar depan lori itu. Lori itu terbabas dan melanggar pembahagi jalan lalu bertembung dengan sebuah feri.
Feri itu terbelah dua. Penumpang feri itu yang seramai 100 orang semuanya mati. Pemandu feri itu sangat marah. Dia pun bertukar menjadi Ultraman dan memfire pemandu lori. Pemandu lori menekan butang khas di dalam lori dia. lori itu bertukar menjadi robot Transformer. Mereka bergaduh di udara. Emak saya tidak puas hati. Dia pun terus menyewa sebuah helikopter di Genting Highlands dan terus ke tempat kemalangan.
Dia melanggar pemandu feri yang telah bertukar menjadi Ultraman itu. Pemandu feri itu terkejut dan terus bertukar menjadi pemandu feri semula lalu terhempas ke jalanraya. Pemandu feri itu pecah. Pemandu lori sangat takut melihat kejadian itu. Dia meminta maaf dari emak saya. Dia menghulurkan tangan ingin bersalam. Tetapi emak saya masih marah. Dia menyendengkan helikopternya dan mengerat tangan pemandu lori itu dengan kipas helikopter. Pemandu lori itu menjerit "Adoi..!" dan jatuh ke bumi.
Emak say menghantar helikopter itu ke Genting Highlands. Bila dia balik ke tempat kejadian, dia terus memukul pemandu lori itu dengan beg tangannya sambil memarahi pemandu lori itu di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Pemandu lori itu tidak dapat menjawab sebab emak saya cakap orang putih. Lalu pemandu lori itu mati.
Tidak lama kemudian kereta polis pun sampai. Dia membuat lapuran ke ibu pejabatnya tentang kemalangan ngeri itu. Semua anggota polis di pejabat polis itu terperanjat lalu mati. Orang ramai mengerumuni tempat kejadian kerana ingin mengetahui apa yang telah terjadi.
Polis yang bertugas cubamenyuraikan orang ramai lalu dia menjerit menggunakan pembesar suara. Orang ramai terperanjat dan semuanya mati. Selepas itu emak saya mengajak saya ke pasar untuk mengelak lebih ramai lagi yang akan mati. Di pasar, emak saya menceritakan kejadian itu kepada penjual daging. Penjual daging dan peniaga-peniaga berhampiran yang mendengar cerita itu semuanya terkejut dan mati. Saya dan emak saya terus berlari balik ke rumah. Kerana terlalu penat sebaik saja sampai di rumah kami pun mati.
Itulah kemalangan yang paling ngeri yang pernah saya lihat sebelum saya mati.

Monday, July 21, 2008

my permenant pose

fashran..were asking me..y i often have this kind of pose..sebok la u u know why..

naluri seorang insan bername tyaboo the cute..


my room( malam version)

somebody were asking me to put my bilik so was so semak at this moment..
because i just balik from KL and i bring all my stuff..nway..tadaaaa...semak gile!!huhuu

jog with nonoi

i quit fitness first..
and now i have to be alert with my healthy..
cewah..since i have nothing to do beside jog.. so active playing my blade back again..
thinking of ajak nasyrah to the that i can do some grinding ,,keh keh keh

architects are SEXIEST

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the most expensive colours i have

i bought those colours when i was in Switzerland..

just imagine if u convert the price to MYR..

i had prisma colours that only cost u around MYR180..

but these colours...

i was so fussy..finding the la..mahal siott!!

because the dream is to be an architect mom prized me those...

thanks ma..

around 90 euro..mahal gile..same prize with ralph lauren t shirt..

thankss !!!

now,im seeking to have my new labtop with complete arch software...and PDA!!!

someone to have

if i can stop one heart from breaking,i shall not live in VAIN


i heart him one two three trillion..


s a l a m evryone,

today i m not feeling very well..
i felt dizzy after taking my breakfast today..
i dunno why..maybe because i didnt take my morning shower 1st before i going out...
after a while of he is in..
im so happy...he did cure me a bit..i can feel my sickness is reducing time by time..
maybe when hearing his voice cud give me so called "special spell"..haha sigh~
2nd,i got the ticket to watch CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeay!! annoucing myself..or i pronouncing myself.."gila sangat dah"
even drogba didnt show up..he could make it to come here..but still the others are so welcome to meet me..hihi...
i asked my brother to get me the expensive ticket!
but hopeless "SOLD OUT"..
hmphh...takpe laa..x de rezeki..
u know how crazy i am toward the indescribable..however,AZIZULHASNI still no 1..dont worry..hihhi..joe cole..ballack...kesemua la...luckily i bought something from london to show my support to CHELSEA!!he he he...

i captured all the pictures when i was in switzerland..everytime i saw someone cycling the bike..i remember someone who is so far far away from me...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


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