Friday, March 16, 2012

ACC Velodrome Cheras

What is ACC?
ACC stands for Asian Cycling Championship ,is one of the big event other than world cup series.Basically the event takes place in Asia Countries and organized by Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC).This is the annual championship for track cycling and road bike.The last ACC,was held in Kuala Lumpur at Cheras Velodrome. Many riders were present because they want to collect their point to qualify in London Olympic 2012.

Velodrome Cheras?
Well,enough said ..Malaysia only has 2 velodrome.One is in Cheras and one is in Ipoh.Both of the Velodromes are tut tut tut .Why i said tut tut tut ..Because everything is tut tut tut.Hello..our cyclist is now in World Ranking..How come we only have such a gitu-gitu velodrome only?I think we should be serious into this matter.I knew Bicycle is not the priority sport compared to football and badminton in Malaysia .How ever, day by day we noticed a lot of good news are actually coming from BICYCLE to be specific from "pocketroketman" ..i m plead to everyone (you know who you are) try to be more focus in progressing our sport arena in a better way. I live in Melbourne and i really love the way they develop their sport industry.Just imagine,my hubby training place took Stainless Steel and Wooden track as the major materials for the velodrome.Velodrome tracks can be surfaced with different materials, including timber, synthetics and concrete. Shorter, newer, and Olympic quality tracks tend to be timber or synthetics; longer, older, or inexpensive tracks are concrete, macadam, or even cinder.
We are living in new era,the material is important to perceive how alert we are.I really hope Malaysia can design one Modern Velodrome one fine day without considering politics factor bla bla bla. Just for a sake to help our future kids who love bicycle so much.Some of them are actually coming from poor background and i believe if we can erect such a place for them ,I ll assure lots of potential cyclist will emerge soon.Tolong tolong tolong ...sedih kalau dengan history seorang Azizulhasni ..well i ll tell you later on when i have FREE time ..Bagaimana seorang Azizulhasni yang dahulunya susah kini mampu untuk hidup dengan duit sendiri kerana BASIKAL...its a good story to share..i would love to tell you ..sharing will give motivation to kids out there.

Track Bicyle?
Well,basically bicycles for velodromes have no brakes. They employ a single fixed rear gear, or cog, that does not freewheel. This helps maximize speed, reduces weight, and avoids sudden braking while nevertheless allowing the rider to slow by pushing back against the pedals. Banking in the turns, allows riders to keep their bikes relatively perpendicular to the surface while riding at speed. When traveling through the turns at racing speed, which may exceed 85 km/h (about 52 mph), the banking attempts to match the natural lean of a bicycle moving through that curve. At the ideal speed, the net force of the (outward) and gravity (downward) is angled down through the bicycle, perpendicular to the riding surface.

Serba sedikit ilmu ..yang boleh saya kongsi walaupun saya ni tak la mahir sangat ..copy2 and tanya sifu je.Ok well,i have one story to share.Tatkala saya berada di ACC menemani suami saya datang seorang yang bekerja sebagai journalist menghampiri suami saya.Soalan pertama yang di ajukan "Bang,Betulke Velodrome Kuala Lumpur is the best Velodrome in Asia?" di situ sudah nampak ke tut tut tut orang tersebut dengan mengajukan soalan yang tidak munasabah dan tidak study dulu sebelum menanyakan soalan. Boleh layan lagi..Soalan ke dua "Bang,Abang tak masuk Le Tour de Langkawi?" OMG ..sebagai seorang journalist tentunya beliau patut membuat sedikit kajian mengenai sukan berbasikal khususnya.Your Job is journalist well you didnt know how to differentiate between track cyclist and a road cyclist?Malu saya duduk di sebelah suami saya.Suami saya memang tidak mahu menjawab soalan2 yang tidak bertauliah seperti berikut tapi atas sebab keperhatinan dengan orang Melayu yang malas membaca beliau jawab dengan nada tak boleh blah "Le tour de Langkawi tu road bike ,saya ni track cyclist" ...Sometimes soalan2 orang bagi ni boleh goggle ..Berbeda dengan orang2 yang mengajukan soalan yang memahami basikal dan menjiwai basikal..Soalan2 seperti itu memang tidak akan wujud.Satu lagi soalan yang suami saya boring nak jawab ialah soalan yang tidak tahu event track cyclist tu macam mana.Keirin tu macam mana...Sprint tu macam mana?
Kalau orang2 biasa tanya tu biaseee tp kalau yang tanya soalan tu orang yang bekerja untuk sukan ..hmm susah la dek nak nolong.Tapi takpe tak boleh nk salah kan siapa-siapa mungkin pendedahan untuk events ni takde ...So here i am let me share with all of you lah ..what is my hubby events basically.For London Olympic,he only takes 2 events (insya Allah).Sprint and Keirin.There is no rumours or such thing that he will race in Team Sprint like in previous Olympic .

Keirin- involve pacing 6–9 riders with a motorcycle until the last lap and a half when a sprint for the finish determines the winner.2km in total (eight laps on a 250m track, six laps on a 333m track (velodrome cheras), and five laps on a 400m track).This event , normally has several rounds in order to have 6 riders in the Final. Eliminated cyclists may get the opportunity to try again in the repechages .Maksud repechages rider2 yg kalah untuk 1st round boleh berlumba sesama mereka bagi mendapat tempat pertama untuk ke next round.

Men Sprint 200m- an event that consisted of cyclists making three laps around the track.As everyone noticed,once the race started, each of the riders will often be highly tactical .Sebab tu kadang2 boleh tengok my husband kayuh pelahan-lahan,tetiba stop and balance both pedal for a sake to force their opponent to make the 1st move.Basically this event took both aerodynamics and tactics.Bermain basikal juga mengunakan otak untuk berfikir tatkala berkayuh.

So i hope everyone will notify the events once u watch him live ok! Dah panjang berjela cerita pasal basikal and so on.Cerita pasal ACC masih belum masuk senarai selain pendahuluan.Ok cut the crap.Well,i was there apparently to watch my Husband LIVE in MALAYSIA by wearing my one and only #pocketroketman shirt. 

Inilah Velodrome Kuala Lumpur .Wahhhh ..what do u reckon?
Ini pasukan Japan ..untuk acara Team Pursuit ..Team Pursuit 4 orang Team Sprint 3 orang

Can u spot our Malaysian Hero? and yes besides him is Japanese Hero..i know i know i know what u guys are saying .*sigh

 Final results in Keirin ..Azizul won Silver
 Azizul cilik's fan ..Hakim from KL
 Azizul Biggest Fan (INDEED) 
 Azizul's wife with Azizul's fan (again) Mazlan Pet Pet our legendary comedian in Senario
 Here is the Keirin Event ..takes place..Nampak tak sapa di sebalik John beasley itu?Siapa lagi kalau bukan #pocketroketman?
 Avoid the left person,the winners in Keirin event
Last but not least, Azizul supporters ..Family from Terengganu and Perak ..Thanks a lot for my beloved families yang sanggup datang dari jauh untuk menyaksikan perlumbaan Azizul Awang the pocketroketman di Velodrome Cheras yang sedap dengan Ayam Kampung ini.!Mudah-mudahan jika suami berjaya secara cemerlang di Arena Sukan Olimpik Kelak,eloklah kita menyeru agar Velodrome yang Awesome lebih best kalau isteri dia sendiri yang design for her husband ..What a coincident right?Till then,I hope everyone takes note with any single thing that i mentioned.Have a great weekend.Pray pray pray keep praying for our sportsmen to do well in London Olympic 2012.Even i hate the mascot so much !( x de kaitan).Kalau anda sokong Atlit negara.Jangan lupa dapatkan TSHIRT #pocketroketman ..just email to us


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olympic London Shooting at the house

 As everyone already watched the Show at Astro Arena "Sehari bersama Azizul Awang" so here are some of the pictures that I can share with all of you .The host is,Edleen Ismail , from Ipoh,Perak coming all the way from KL just to shoot my hubby in one of the famous programme on Astro Arena.Sehari Bersama basically reveal the life of an athlete other than training 24/7.So yeah..i watched the show and i think my face looked so big and fat.Ha ha ha ha...We laughed all day long at the show because my brother has revealed something bad about my husband..So if you wanna know what is my hubby bad habit the episode back again and u will know what is his favourite habit ...OMG!

After shooting at the amazing TYAJOJO house,we went to a place call BOATHOUSE.BOATHOUSE is a restaurant owned by one of MASTERCHEF jury ..We used to spend our time together there after we finished jog or walk.The Hot Chocolate in that restaurant is a must to try!*sigh*
 The place is quite nice with the playground surrounding it and also a nice shelter for BBQ if you are planning to have a picnic by the Marybrinong River.

 So here is the picture.Probably the colour didnt suit me..I looked so terrible on the TV ..Oh snap!So next time should wear something Black or Dark colour ..

so tadaaaa....terpaksa berlakon sebegini like kiddo ..actually we are nothing like this *sigh
Oh well,after the Astro Arena crews coming over to our house,ESPN crew from Singapore drop by to the house and shoot both of us again.Indeed,i dont feel to appear on TV that much because im not ready enough plus with my heavy weight size .Making me so inferior.So ugly yet so ugly!Pffffttt.However,i have to face it because Im the wife of  an Olympic Gold Medal Prospect ..So no matter what size you are have to speak to the public.Oh yes!!

ESPN is one of the favourite Sport TV on Astro i believe.Here are some of the pictures of both of us.The show probably will preview on July or August.So the nearer Olympic to you,the more ads with Azizul Awang motion will be meeting you .With this episode,we were acting in our kitchen.To show the world that my husband really love to cook?Do you think he does? komen ..sometimes he did but not that often.Basic question,how both of us met?bla bla bla ..

  Dont forget to watch Azizul Awang and wifey ..On ESPN !!If i sounded Poyo sorry ..because we have to speak english with Aussie Slang ..hahahahah
 Apart from that, countdown to Olympic...I really hope my husband can focus 100 percent and do the best in Olympic London.We strive hard but only ALLAH  will determine it .So at the same time,blessing from Allah in every single thing that we do is a must.I love you so much ..and may the faith be with you dear.!

Almaro for Special Anniversary Dinner +_+

Almaro Restaurant, is the only Italiano Restaurant that served 100percent HALAL food. Any special occasions, Hubby will choose this restaurant as his favourite place to go.The steaks are all good and yum!
Especially the Chicken snitzel with Mushroom is totally the bomb!The restaurant located at Sydney Road only takes half and hour plus traffic n tram from our house.

We in love with Iphone.Because we can be photo geek !Anytime anywhere we will upload our pictures in instagram.Maybe this is one of the reason i seldom update my blog!
Both of us having this special Chicken Mushroom ...OMG so sdap wa cakap sama lu ..So how?tempting kan
?Ni la salah satu sebab hardly to loose weight ..akakakakka

Apart from that, we received a parcel from Malaysia.Guess what?its given from my hubby's fan .Abg Azli he made up our Stamp with our wedding picture.Thank you thank you so cute isn't?Kena frame and sangat2 sayang nak guna :)

Tya Boo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally Graduated in Master of Architecture ! Syukur

Hye there,
To my beloved followers here is my Graduation Picture.The picture was taken last year and i looked the same. An awesome feeling when you already graduated overseas .I cant believe it my dream comes true. Special thanks to my parents for the school fees,money and everything .My hubby for the love and encouragement also siblings and friends.For those ,who have an interest to further your study..go ahead and prove to everyone that you can do !Ignorance is a bliss.Just ignore people who love to make you down.Kita sendiri yang create our path..not orang lain.Atas usaha dan tawakal terhadap Allah s.w.t pasti kita akan berjaya.Saya galakkan semua orang agar terus menimba ilmu tidak kira jenis ilmu apa sekali pun yang penting yang dapat memberikan manafaat utk diri kita sendiri.Saya juga respek sangat2 dekat suami saya sendiri dimana beliau bukan sahaja berjuang untuk negara sebagai seorang atlit malahan turut berjuang sebagai pelajar universiti dalam masa yang sama.Bayangkan bagaimana masa beliau diuruskan dengan saksama.Jadi youngsters dont waste your time.Think about your future.

With lots of love,
Tya Boo

P/s: a video to share :)

Also can see this video on Youtube

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pernah bersurfing?Ia sungguh fun..Tak percaya?sila cuba

Assalammualaikum ..
Apa kabar semua ?Harapnya semua baik-baik sahaja di samping keluarga,kawan-kawan mahupun diri sendiri.Actually hari ini saya mempunyai Mood yang agak happy .Terlalu happypun tak boleh juga tapi saya teramat bersyukur kehadrat Allah SWT kerana membuatkan saya berasa sangat seronok.

Jadi di sebabkan Mood yang sungguh OK ini..saya bercadang mahu berkongsi lagi cerita-cerita menarik saya buat tatapan semua pembaca blog yang sudi menjenguk ke laman ini.
Mesti ramai tertanya-tanya kenapa mood saya begitu Happy?
Jawapannya nanti-nanti lah saya kabarkan ..:)

Well well well.masih dalam mood cerita pasal Anniversary yang lalu.
Kali ini kami telah pun membuat satu aktiviti yang sangat menarik dan mencabar wa cakap sama lu!
Kepada mereka yang tinggal di tempat2 yang penuh dengan aktiviti sukan air ini.Elok lah sekiranya mencuba!Kalau x cuba memang rugi.Sebab kiteorang budget bahaya kan..sebab tgk dekat TV ombak kuat bergulung2 memang agak cuak.Pun begitu..we made it! Thumbs up!

Kami mencuba nasib untuk bersurfing.Salah satu acara yang harus di laksanakan sebelum pregnant jugak kan.Enjoy muda mudi dahulu ..Destinasi pilihan kami ialah pantai Torquay yang terletak lebih kurang 1jam lebih dari rumah.Torquay ini merupakan salah satu tempat wajib dilawati jika berkunjung ke Australia.Di mana tempat surfing seluruh dunia berlaku.Kat sini jugak ada outlet2 besar seperti Quicksilver,Oakley,Rip Curl,etc .Seperti yang kita maklum,brand2 ini lah yang di pakai khususnya untuk surfers.Kami bernasib baik sebab baju yang kami sewa berbrand Bilabong..Jadi ala2 surfers hebat jugak la kan..
Hubby still manage the best untuk tulis2 begini di atas pasir ..aceeewahhh..Thanks yang!Yes i will love you forever ok!

Tyajojo ..tya comel jojo comel tyajojo maksud nya..Lihat pasir ..sungguh lembut...dan texture yang best!
 Tatkala masing2 semangat nak memcuba board masing2..As usual i ll be the person who will take care of the bags food and stuff.Seronok jugak duduk tepi pantai usha-usha HOT people ..Hot OZ ppl ya aw!
 My favourite shoes ..boleh pakai kat mana2 event..senang ..boleh pakai g City,g Masjid, g main pasir pun senang..i love CROCS!
 Model pertama,kelihatan sungguh penat apabila session pertama bermain surfing tamat.Seriously memang letih sebab kite kene lawan ombak and balance kan badan duduk atas board.Haa so mari mencuba.Come on,saya yang gemok ni boleh ..apatah lagi orang yang kurus2 tanpa lemak seperti anda?hi hi hi
 Lagi gambar perempuan budget HOT konon2 tanak surfing ..ecewahhhh
 Group of teenage boys duduk sebelah towel akak ..huhuhu...Diorang ni gempak gila surfing ..Surfing guna board yang material nya kayu..kalau orang surf guna kayu nye material memang bukan calang2 punya orang!
 Ni board kami..board for beginners gitu ..Soft board sajok ..tapi takpe janji Kami boleh berdiri atas board itu..Malangnya we dont have Go PRO! so x boleh nk rakam gamba2 atas air..Sayangkan!
 Kelihatan Surfer cilik,dah mula naik ke atas dasar...ppffrr
 Muka si cilik selepas habis surf
Muka si cilik dengan Abg si cilik

 Si cilik masih lagi belum puas bermain OMBAK ..

 Si cilik masih lagi main board walaupun Kakak si cilik yang awesome sudah banyak kali panggil suruh balik sebab kain di jemuran belum angkat ..macam nak hujan saje :(
Abang si cilik ..pulang dengan gaya pro surfer.....

Tapi serious la surfing memang happening sangat2 .Sebab kat sini walaupun kite kene pukul ombak tp still air cetek paras pinggang..So pegi jauh mana pun still paras pinggang ..Memang best! Tapi agak tak larat sebab baju tu ketat and rasa nk cekik and u have to minum or tertelan air masin.Gambar2 pasangan sejoli nampaknya tidak sempat di rakam..sungguh menyesal..Kami hanya bawak DSLR.Tak bawak pun kamera yang boleh masuk air ..Tapi tak mengapa nanti next visit we will assure we have Go pro already! Our old kamera yang boleh masuk air dah rosak..Hampeh !So kamera masuk air actually tidak di jangan la beli atau memiliki kamera tersebut.Sekian.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aku terima Nikahnya ..kini sudah 2 tahun berlalu 30 January 2012

Alhamdulillah.beryukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana memanjangkan jodoh kami berdua.
Insan yang aku sayang, suami aku kini telah 2 tahun kita di ikatkan dengan ikatan murni perkahwinan yang  penuh dengan warna.

Mungkin ramai yang tertanya2 kenapa sampai dah 2 tahun saya masih belum mempunyai cahaya mata?

Memang secara lumrahnya,saya sudah bersedia untuk menjadi Ibu namun begitu kami berdua tinggal di Australia.Cost of living di Australia agak tinggi dan pelbagai faktor yang kami turut consider.Suami saya pula sedang fokus 100 peratus kepada London Olimpik.Tanggungjawab kepada negara yang sungguh besar dipikul oleh suami .Pun begitu,saya sedang bertungkus lumus mencari kerja di Australia untuk menampung duit perbelanjaan kami seharian.Insya Allah,apabila segalanya selesai kami akan look forward to plan a baby.
Because sometime when we got back,lots of Malay were asking the same question?Tak Lekat lagi ke?Tak dapat2 lagi ke? i mean those questions are really sensitive.Plus,rezeki Anak adalah anugerah Allah.Bukan senang nak anak terus boleh dapat betul tak?Jadi kalau boleh harap pemikiran orang Melayu di luar sana ubah sikit.We live in Australia and my husband is a Malaysian Athlete ..bukan Australian Athlete..Kalau Aussie lain cita sebab dapat banyak benefits.We are here with Malaysian passport and consider as a foreigner. Nak mintak kerja susah! Nak jumpa doctor sekali jumpa is 50aud (150rm) excluding Ubat.Kena pergi Pharmacist..Jmpa Pharmacist kena bayar ubat lain pulak ...itu contoh Ubat..belum lagi yang lain-lain.Kalau ada anak ,bilik dekat rumah tak boleh sikit.Kene ada space for baby.Kalau anak2 foreigner tak dapat duit susu.Kalau sapa2 yg PR,duit anak boleh masuk bank ..So perbelanjaan boleh ditolak di situ..
Itu la serba sedikit yang boleh di huraikan.I mean if my husband bukan Malaysian Athlete its gonna be easier for us boleh apply PR .But then,tak boleh both of us have to strive hard for this.

Mengapa saya masih menjadi Housewife?

Nak mintak kerja kat Aussie adalah salah satu yang sangat susah.Plus im foreigner once again!Memang la saya jealous to look friends yang sama2 grad dah kerja happily dekat Malaysia with big amount of money but me still in the house doing houseworks. I knew i have a Master .Lots of ppl are condemning it too!Well,to tell you now..Im a wife to a husband.Its not that easy to work abroad without your husband permission .Ada yang cakap suruh kerja 2 ,3 tahun then balik Australia balik ..If u wanna work at OZ..they want your experience in OZ ..kalau u kerja 10 tahun kt Malaysia sekalipun belum tentu boleh dapat kerja kat sini.Susah kan?Sebab tu saya banyak bersabar mencari kerja dan berdoa pada Allah agar rezeki saya berjalan lancar di bumi Australia ini.

Harapan setelah ulang tahun Anniversary ke 2?

Alhamdulillah.Saya memanjantkan kesyukuran pada Allah kerana menemukan jodoh yang cukup sempurna untuk saya.Kami belajar terlalu banyak dalam mengharungi liku-liku kehidupan sebagai Suami Isteri.Memang janji Allah ,ikatan perkahwinan itu indah.Bila saya down,at least i have someone in the house who can make me happy and be there with me.Begitu juga pada suami,apabila dia letih,balik training at least i ll be there to cook n ready the healthy food for him.Awal2 tahun kahwin,memang i really didnt know at all how to cook.I was the lazy type to help my mom at the kitchen because i have maid.So thats the worse scenario if u have bibik at home.Then,alhamdulillah saya kini sudah pantas membuat kerja rumah dengan begitu efisyen.Walaupun rumah kami ini kecik standart rumah teres jek tapi nak siap kan kerja2 rumah satu hari memang x sempat.Sebab saya akan menumpukan banyak masa di dapur.Mungkin ini salah satu faktor jugak saya jarang update blog.Inilah ilmu-ilmu yang saya pikul setelah habis ilmu ketika belajar.Ilmu menjadi seorang isteri lebih indah nikmatnya di sisi Allah S.W.T.
Akhir kalam?

Terima Kasih buat kalian semua yang memahami dan menyokong kami.Both of us are busy to prepare for Olympic.Hubby preparing himself with the energy and me preparing to be slender and promoting the #supportpocketroket shirt.Jadi jika anda adalah penyokong setia Azizulhasni Awang dengan iringan doa dan semangat sama-sama kite mendoakan kejayaan yang hakiki buat suami saya yang saya cinta.SUPPORTLAH Azizul Awang dengan mendapat TSHIRT #pocketroketman for LONDON OLYMPIC.The shirts are available now can DM me to and give me your lovely words and inquiry about the SHIRT!

Tya Boo

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 January 2012

Alhamdulillah,bersyukur kehadrat ilahi kerana memanjangkan umur insan yang aku sayangi sentiasa sehingga akhir hayat ku,suamiku.AMIN.
Entry ini sebenarnya sudah bersawang 3 bulan lamanya.Pun begitu akibat mendapat ..actually terlalu banyak orang miss my,saya mencari the best topic to tell all of you.Ya Allah,actually,terlalu banyak.
Pada tanggal 5 January 2012..merupakan ulang tahun suamiku.Kalau nk di kira this is my 2nd time celebrate his birthday on the date.Sebab selalunya obviously he has some other things.Tapi,FYI,Athlete ni dia tak ingat sangat birthday2 ni..and tak rasa important pun nk celebrate pape.I dunno la if suma atlit memang mcm ni sbb they think about competition saje..nonetheless..!Walaupun begitu,tetap..kene la celebrate kan even he doesnt feel like celebrating *sigh

The chocolate cake obviously is everyone favourites.So the special cake is not from me.I didnt bake this cake .LOL..My friend did this.It was absolutely fantastic and beautiful .The taste also quite sedap.

Actually what I was planning before is to make surprise .But,some things happened so x jadi nak buat surprise sangat.Tapi still boleh consider as surprise sebab kita wake him up from sleep!Oh no!!
Nak di jadikan cerita,malam birthday ,my husband sleep so well,so memang kite purposely suruh dia tido awal sebab nak ragging ..hihihi 
Oh nampaknya jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 12 tgh malam.We take the cake from the fridge and try to walk slowly infront of him ..
Cake sudah hampir melting sebab empunya badan tidur nyenyak sekali.Letih barangkali dengan latihan untuk ke Olimpik.Oh yeah.Kami cuba nyanyi lagu birthday sekuat2 yang boleh.Pun begitu,tidur masih nyenyak.Lantas,saya dan adik-adik saya gelak sekuat2 nya kerana tidak menyangka surprise nyanyian birthday yang telah berkumandang selama 5 minit tidak di endah oleh Birhday Boy.Dari perasaan utk membuat surprise tiba2 bertukar menjadi jenaka..Pabila lilin yang kami pasang dah hampir habis akibat birthday boy tidak terganggu dengan kebisingan kami.I want to publish the video if i could tp i was so over laughing x jadi..So akibat suami susah gile nk bangun,I woke him up and asked him to blow the candles ..itu pun dia still mamai2 ..and still intai2 tidur ..ahaks ..Jadi ,lepas ni dah x boleh la buat surprise kejut bangun sebab tidur agak susah nak bangun kalau bukan time dia bangun LOL.
Dalam keadaan yg mamai...Saya hulurkan hadiah untuknya.Dengan mamai2 itu lah ,suami masih boleh memberi senyuman kepada kami .Susah2 jeh buat semua ini .(Saya budget suami saya akan berkata begini) Oh rupanya saya silap .....Suami terus mengajak kami pegi ke living room untuk Makan cake itu bersama-sama. :D (Nampaknya sudah tidak MAMAI) pfffft

Dengan berkain pelikat la la la la kain pelikat la la la ..Sekali lagi kami menyuruh birthday boy atau pun birthday man untuk memotongkan cake lantas menghulurkan setiap potongan kepada kami.
Ini moment paling indah bilamana suami meyuap saya makan cake tatkala tgh malam.Eating cake can make u slim? hahah..Thats why susah gila aku nk kurus...
Saya rasa saya mahu satu potongan cake untuk saya jua ..Mana aci semua org dapat kecuali isteri yang mithali ini ...kerana cake tetap menjadi cake.Idaman kalbu semua orang...

Happy Birthday Sayang.Semoga Allah memanjangkan Umur dan mengekalkan keharmonian rumahtangga kita selamanya.Aku cinta padamu Sungguh!


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