Friday, July 31, 2009

DFO Airport with Hanis and Nana

now its Winter Sales at DFO!!
i bring Nana and Hanis to the Airport DFO!
omagahh!!i got 3 shoes for myself and a vintage bag at last!
well,its been a while i never used my time to hang with my friends since i get back to Melbourne
Guess,Tommy Hilfiger,Ralph Lauren and etc
Sales to the fullest..
Purse Guess only 20dolar?

me and hanis....we decided to have our 2nd trip around Australia and New Zealand..This is Hanis final sem in Australia..gonna be pathetic..i have no shopping partner anymore..sob sob
mereka berpuas hati sebab awal2 cik Tya membawa kereta kemana-mana ntah..smpai sesat2 jalan.....nasib jmpe tmpt shopping nih!!fuhhhhhhhh lega!!
Nana agak excited ..cek rileks ja x shopping apa..
shopping amalan syaiton!
tadaa...these belong to NANA!she is syco!
i bought the same jeans like Nana did...but she got 2 jeans and a bag with the same price like a jeans of mine..sgttttt tensi!!!then,bfore balik layan nasi ayam berlado di Pak E'
itu Fatehah mustapha..die nk lawan race kt Indon and Mini Olympic!
wish her luck guys!

ok itu ja!
cek nk buat keja...
nk siapkan thesis..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Bike BOX*

introducing BIKE BOX from DEAKIN UNIVERSITY..All the cyclists all over the world...please alert.!especiallly for those ..who gonna compete in ACC,JAKARTA!Good LUCK you all.....
Architecture phobia+cyclist

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life as an artist



no words can describe how busy i am...its 7 a.m Melbourne time..i cant even shut my sepet eyes!
submission for studio!for those who interested to leap into this field..plz forget it!
its tough and hard..need hardwork..efficiency! !
i dunno how to imply..u describe.....
but i ll encourage my sister to venture into that we can create a new ADIK BERADIK WRIGHT for Malaysia...they invented Aeroplane...We gonna preserve the tropical architecture...!!! only a few left engaged into this approach...i tell u....
and my mind and body totally exhausted !!
with some of people attitude ...and workloads yang berduyonggg tibaaa

i prohibit myself from procrastinating all my works!!plz dont u ever try!!REMEMBER!


Monday, July 27, 2009

hush hush

more more more and more works ..walking is a good start...tha... on Twitpic

im a human with a feeling..
respect is what i need..

Saturday, July 25, 2009


dah keje banyak tu je nk ckp!
hate it!

morning everyone

so if ur lonely..y not u say..ur not lonely...
i admit it!
keja banyak!
enjoy this song....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ramalan Zodiak Libra di tahun 2009

Ramalan Zodiak Libra di tahun 2009

Dear Tya Illyana, berikut ini adalah ramalan zodiak Libra di tahun 2009:

Libra Semakin Dewasa di 2009

Proses pendewasaan akan banyak dialami kaum Libra di 2009. Banyaknya tekanan dan tantangan akan membuat mereka lebih baik.

Tahun 2009 bisa dibilang sebagai tahun yang positif bagi Libra. Walau tekanan dan tantangan yang didapat lebih banyak, namun pendewasaan diri akibat kerja keras akan ANda dapatkan.

Tentu saja kemudian kerja keras itu akan membuahkan hasil yang maksimal pula. Namun di akhir Januari, ada baiknya untuk berhati-hati. Akan muncul banyak saingan di saat itu.

Anda juga akan mengalami ketidaknyamanan dalam dunia kerja. Hal tersebut kemudian berpengaruh pada prestasi dan kinerja. Namun jika Anda jeli dan mau berusaha, hal tersebut bisa diatasi.

Akhir tahun akan menjadi kesempatan yang baik untuk memperluas jaringan sosial Anda. Banyak-banyaklah bersosialisasi. Kesempatan Anda di segala bidang pun akan terbuka.

Hubungan Anda dan keluarga secara umum harmonis. Namun akan ada kejadian yang tak terduga yang kemudian mempengaruhi Anda dan keluarga secara emosional. Anda harus bersiap-siap akan segala kemungkinan yang terjadi.

Hubungan percintaan tidak akan mempengaruhi Anda di tahun ini. Tahun 2009 bukan waktu yang tepat untuk fokus pada dunia percintaan. Untuk mempertahankan hubungan, ada baiknya untuk menyesuaikan jadwal kesibukan dengan pasangan. Sehingga silang pendapat dapat diatasi.

never ending

I've started my hectic life back again...and was frustrated after some changes yesterday..well I hope i managed to do all the works given successfully ..and ya...doing research while designing is not an easy task i suppose..oh ya!Morning everyone...!!!m in the library...huhhh
am i choosing the right path?so many works!!
im struggling to finish my studio's report..and the next following week,i have presentation on my findings and have to present it alone in front of the public ..omg!it makes me scared busy no time to post any new entries ..just to update that ..hectic life is just enrolled..!!

Exhausted Tya

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welcome to the club,wan we are one happy family
lots of work !gonna update the blog soon...
tomorrow i have presentation on my research of place called MACEDONIA!
and i heard the next task gonna be individual ...and i hate it..!
lots of presentation too...but i have to practice to speak in front of the public then..
if not..tidak arkitek lah kamu!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

cyclist Malaysia Musim Salju

camwhore alert!before hubby starts...i tried to snap my pic with the velo's background..but i couldn't make it
after snapping this picture..i left my phone on the seat...thank God Vicky found and gave to teha..HE was negging of my silly sorry biggie!!!=D

Before ACC,all track cyclist are struggling as hard as their could for MALAYSIA tanah airku!
no matter whether its SALJU (snow) or not...noooooooo snow but its so damn COLD!
i was so lame for not using my camera for quite sometime to capture moving the results quite bad!im sorry...for those who are really good in photography..i knew my yea...all the cute cyclists gonna compete soon in this coming AUGUST!!i hope my yayang can do the best in the competition because i knew he will :D
Raja Keirin again?snapp.....last year....he was in Japan and i was in Syria...this year...Indonesia awaits u olss...

their outfits so damn cute rite...colorful tralalala

konon faham...ngeh2..boleh la...cek faham sesikit corak pertandingan beskal dalam stadium..
i felt regret of not choosing VELODROME ARCHITECTURE..who knows i might contribute to design a fabulous velodrome for Malaysia soon..indoor velodrome i suppose..

oh ya yesterday my super brothers were cathing MAN U vs MALAYSIA...whats up?i knew Malaysia lost to Man u 2-3!but yaa...Man U fans poyo!!

kite enjoy!yang laju itu tentulah cinta hatiku

Saturday, July 18, 2009


today...i went to victoria market....and trying these superb spanish donuts!
the donuts are superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!its freezing here in Melbourne...
so i decided to eat more donuts!!toink toink!
bringing Aleng to visit MELBOURNE!hoh yeahhhhh
spanish donuts sdap gellllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaa!

im waiting for 3 donuts.....the spanish guy looks ehem ehem...ha ha ha...Aleng oh Aleng!

The Spanish guys await for the donut....iskk cpat skek..lapaa ni!
The Spanish guy asked for 3 dolars..and he gave extra donut for free..because he said im cute ..lalalalalalala

These are the DONUTS!!i took them from flickr!sbb after getting the donuts..i eventually eat without thinking anything else...!ha ha hatada....we were gadis UIA now we are gadis DEAKIN
Say Hello to Aleng..!! gonna meet NANA AZMAN!

Friday, July 17, 2009


hello so excited now..TYAAZ COLLECTIONS is opening soon!!!! the shop where u can get everything to GORGEOUS!!remember!! kecantikan hak milik setiap insan...;) is opening soon during ramdhan al-mubarak

aneka tudung dan brooch
baju2 kurung yang malatop
skirt labuh pelbagai corak
aksesori pilihan


Dear Tya anak Uncle Sam and Cikgu Mimi,

Please remind urself to work hard..i know master is hard...but remember how your senior managed to grad in architecture??think BIG tya!think BIG!Architect needs to explore and has confident to deliberate an idea........dont depress....i knew THESIS while designing such a nightmare but not only u face this situation...maybe looking at ur old pics making u GAILY!

saya mencuba memujuk diri sendiri supaya bersemangat mista loba loba.....saya sedang tensi sbb saya rasa saya kehilangan informasi thesis saya..!adoi!

kesian tgk ticha..die nak jmpe auntie die..ngeh2
i MISS tisya..tisya is sooo cute with her ARIANI tudung!
below,is her auntie ..

im a photogedik since childhood
omaigod..i miss this moment..ever since my dad went back from his tennis...everyone is waiting for him and salam him and await for 100 plus!before my dad keen into golfing he was a good badminton and tennis player..we love u dad!!the boy who is wearing PURPLE's shirt is now working as a DR in HKL ,the pretty girl who is wearing red skirt is now confusing of being architecture's student,the boy wearing stripe's shirt is the guardian angel who will always stay close with parents and taking care of the business at home..and the little baby who is showing his cute is not that cute now pursuing his studies at IIUM...and last but not least is my little sister..during this time..adik wasnt exist yet...and my sayang sister is no form 3 and gonna take PMR this year....and i hope all of us will always making our parents they labour hard and sacrifice a lot of things ..soul and body..just to make sure their kids comfortable and happy...there s no words can decribe how lucky i am to be their daughter...i have to remind myself as one of the method to give me courage to STUDY HARD!BECAUSE I KNEW MASTER IN ARCHITECTURE IS NOT THE EASY COURSE !!!NOW I COMMENCED MY 2ND SEM....I CANT SAY ANYTHING......!LOTS OF WORKKK..THERE S SO MANY THINGS LINGER IN MY MIND..!!!

evolution as master's student

MELBOURNE MUSIM decided to cancel my trip to snow..we gonna visit snow after my sem has ended....not now...lots of work!

now i realised my blog is being abandon for sometime..
i, tya ..confess that being a master student is so hard and lots of work..
and i dunno how the seniors and the phd managed to grad with flying colors..
so,i reckon ...who ever wanted to pursue their studies in architecture..plz forget it!
unless u have a strong enthusiasm like @azizulawang ...
i admit im not that strong mentally ..whenever i had difficulties ..the best thing to cure crying!
i dont know..maybe crying can release u from pressure and depression perhaps!
i already finished my 1st week of studies...WELL,thanks a lot DEAKIN UNIVERSITY for providing us a bunch of works plus a dramatic subject ..THESIS!!
the THESIS's topic that i have picked so far is about vintage or vernacular architecture...why im choosing this topic?for me,the heritage is something to regard trying for not being relic and updating with all the issues that came out across my hoping the refrences and the books are available for me..because u know being architecture student across the sea is so hard to get a vital book!the title :COMPARISON BETWEEN MALAY CARVING AND BALINESE CARVING....i dont want to pick a broad topic...or maybe i ll try to simplify it into WOOD CARVING ...!because we know...MALAYSIA is a country with a bombastic handcraft design.....and definitely its related to my trying my best to compare the MALAY CARVING AT TERENGGANU and BALINESE ARCHITECTURE,indonesia!!!wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....sounds great!but im afraid i couldnt obtained enough literature...and i need to read more english books..because i knew my english sucks!!!

at 1st,i was wondering to pick VELODROME ARCHITECTURE as my topic...then i changed !how ever the TERENGGANU STILL related to him though...the spirit is needed to boost my energy to stay still being a good and naive ARCHITECTURE'S STUDENT...thanks!

master CHESS @azizulawang........

ok now u can such a selebet...because my mind wasnt so cool at this time..thinking of work and thinking to date at the same as a conclusion,time must be planned efficeintly ..=D the winter baju making me looks so momox..dem!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gee to LONG

i miss u sayang..!( ayat bodekkk)
class started
this stupid lady lost her memory card..
and found her car's key already..
it was terselit in my supercilious bag..
had a great dinner yesterday with a perfect view of Melbourne..
and a superb spaghetti!!
my house gonna be full next week
Nana is coming..
WELCOME TO GEELONG wahai saudari cantekkkkkkkkkkkkkk sangat! !
im freezing and sleepy....
wanna buy some groceries .....
i miss home..and miss everyone who related to me..
ha ha ha..
i miss someone who just called me on the phone
GOOD LUCK...yayunkk!!
im persuading him to play SNOW this week...
i hope my sayang will accept it...
because his awek gonna be busy next next week..
its better to go earlier mate!

yayang...i nak maen snow!
even u n me pnah maen kt tmpt yg cek nak main gak!
cek nak gak!
cek nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!
cek nk p ngn yayang!

gamba laki cek..tgh berangan apontah di padang salju..
satu bende mengenai si pemuda berbaju itang dia sangat pandai pose..

gamba cek ngan adik2 cek...siapa paling cun?tentulah salji2 tu....

jadinya...sekarang..i need me and u in a picture with snow!hahah..pleashhhhh..say pleaseee...

im not your not the kind of girl that u can let down..but im only human-Karyn White

Sunday, July 12, 2009


tomorrow im going to commence my new semester...
wohooooo...i met new friends some more..
well,im thinking of my topic for my thesis..
any suggestion my dear friends out there..
im so blur!
blurr and obscureee...

Friday, July 10, 2009


Hye i am in Kangroo's earth...
the time is so fast..
pejam celik pejam celik
now here i am..gonna start my 2nd sem ..
there s nothing i wanna say .. that i miss MALAYSIA so much plak now!
"di sini menanti ..di sana menunggu...disana menanti..di sini menunggu ...gitew"
the best thing when i arrived is this ...
a bouquet of flowers from my sayang
he missed me a lot!!!he he he....thanks for the surprise flowers too..
i didnt expect it my dear happy to have him gayut with him lama2 without line can gayut like 500 minutes for freee if he is using the same line like me..

when i arrived Melbourne..the sad thing is


plz pray for me...!!!

p/s:i ve GAINED back!!eshul!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pisau jahat!

Ya Allah..tangan gemok sape tu...!

i snap using my agak harem!
akibat sgt serius memacking bajuu..
tetibe tgn kene pisau..
ambek kau!!
perghhhh.....bisa sebisa2 nyahh..
esok..i balik Australia..
gurauan selsema babi sungguh mencuak kan diriku..
i need to be a good slave...mencari keredhaan..di samping menuntut ilmu..
thanks a lot PARENTS!
without both of u im nothing..raya im gonna be alone....sob sob!

oh yea..pengunjung belog yang budiman..
mama saya x lama lagi nk bukak butik..namenye TYAAZ collections...
kalau saya x nak kerja arkitek..saya nak kerja ngan mama saya lah!!
malam ni kami ade dinner semperna anniversary abg saya..tmptnye..jeng jeng.....
esok flight awai pagi....bye2 Malaysia...

menuntut ilmu biar ke negeri cina...jadilah BELIA yg berguna ..gituew..jgn menjadi BELIA yg poyo!sekian terima kasih..


One in a million-Michael Jackson-

eversince i was a kid...i followed M.J..
still remember...the OST for free willy's movie..
till now....i can remember the lyrics..

i felt so touch looking at MJ's farewell..
i found an article saying that he gonna bury by traditional islamic
God Bless u Michael Jackson..
i stayed up until dawn and felt so pathetic looking at his dAUGHTER giving a last speech to his dad...

the death of M.J really made me feel repentance ...i ve dowloaded all M.J's songs..
the truth is...only one in a million MJ in this world..
Al-Fatihah..May Allah bless you...

The family of Michael Jackson is considering a traditional Muslim burial for the pop icon who had converted to Islam months prior to his death, says a new report.

X 17 online, a celebrity website reported quoting sources close to the family that Jackson's new found will states that he will be buried in the traditions of his new faith.

"The family is considering following the Muslim burial traditions because Michael would have wanted to be laid to rest in keeping with his new-found religious beliefs. Michael's brother Jermaine is educating the family as to the special rites," the source said.

Jackson had reportedly converted to Islam in November last year and taken the name of 'Mikhaail'.

Meanwhile, a public viewing of the performer will take place on Friday at his fantasy themed abode California ranch, Neverland. There has been no official confirmation from Jackson's family on the location where his body will be laid to rest.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Im packing my bag again!woot woot...kindly please listen to this song...i loike..what say u?




Aigner..i loike!

there s no words can describe how lucky i am to be Mama's daughter..Mommy bought me those BELTS....and i just got my new GUCCI's belt...thanks!thanks!...but i still love the Aigner one!
The Aigner is a present for my Convocation ..and the GUCCI is for my beaut!
sighhhhhhhhhh..i love u Ma!..i ll study hard..!!love u love u love u love u..

p/s: mom wants a bag for my 1st gaji..sighhhh
i think Burberry or Mulberry looking sooooooooo stunning!

im a GUCCI maniac!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


my 1st conference after 4 years being an architecture's student....ha ha ha...thanks!lets be zaha hadid...or HUD ABU BAKAR...auchhh!they spell my name wrongly...isk!!saman kang!

i felt honored to join DATUM KL...all the prestigious architects were here to discuss and share their projects to the audiences ..(from top range of architects to students)..Malaysia students all over the globe were here to listen to the conference too..i saw many IIUM students were there..bravo!!and Deakin Uni..not to forget..basically all the architects were discussed about their idea and interpretation of Basic Design and Intelligence..the famous architects all over the world were here to participate ...the new materials and new construction were introduced develop the young generations especially reinvent the place to be sustainable and more GREEN!!
even some of the speakers..really made me sleepy in the hall..*sigh*

the architect from China really made the audiences in the hall laughing out loud..he is the young architect who just started practicing and he has lots of bombastic projects...i really like his school design..the red colour...which he encompasses with only one element which is WALL...he used WALL as the roof..and can i be like them haa??need to work hard....The superb house design from young architects from US

The EMCEE is a student from BARTLETT SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE..the best architecture school !!!guess sister in law was from that school for her Master..pheeww..hebat sioott!(jgn nk kembang)i wish to further my phd part there too..since everyone is hunting for BARTLETT school!!
ok ok ok...let put into this gonna update more about archidex soon....

DEAKIN??sow-sow jahh....sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
a week more to start school...thanks!4 days more to flyyyyyyy


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