Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

London Trip

what a lovely day in london

yeay!!at last ..i stepped in london..what a lovely n nice place..
i really like the buildings so do the people ..
the first thing that i really wanted to see is..the city hall by sir norman foster..
yap..the building is extravaganza aesthetic..with the modern approach makes the building really amazing..the way he created the spaces and the shape of the buildings itself totally wonderful..

however,i just observed the building from a boat..even i cant go nearer..but im sure the building has its own attraction from far..the segregation and leveling from top till bottom..makes me wonder how the top building..can carry the load?
congrats to the engineer who has managed to calculate the structure gloriously...ha ha ha...

wutelse..big bang...london bridge..london eye..everything is wonderful in london..especially the guy...so handsome n got style...hihihihi :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

:new babies:Ratu

12 june 2007..
when i was bz reading the newspaper..suddenly i heard my maid screaming....'aiittttttttttttttt' and calling my name "naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,datang sini ratu beranak...anak die dalam pasir!!"..
huh..i was so suprise...because i just noticed she pregnant less than 2 weeks..takan dah beranak kot...!!so,i went outside....and come nearer to her crib..
omg...yeah its true...got one kitten including the plasenta ..darah...and all those discarges..pergh....tak geli rupenye...so disgustung!!..

i asked my maid to take the kitten and cleaned ,,but u know..kitten !new born kitten..still wet and got darah somemore...i was so furios..why her own mother wont lick her own anak..so i grab a tissue and tried my best to "polish" the kitten..
the kitten stop meowing..perhaps she tot the soft tissue is her mother..huh!then..i called kak dilla n abg michael to help me out...then abg michael asked me to find gunting....he wanted to cut the tali pusat....pergh...!!like medic tv...as if!

then,,after the first child..we were waiting....but hopeless...so my sister n bro in law went back to their home...after the gate was close..then i heard my maid scream again..isk!!!
so...i help ratu to deliver her baby...yay!im a doctor..i help ratu to push..and i pull her baby..2 kittens...but,,the second one..songsang...legs come first..even i was so damn disgusting......................!!but as a human being,,,as a khalifah some more...i have to help living things...so the 2nd one safe..!Alhamdulillah...

erm...for me 2 kittens are impossible..previously,i had 5 kittens in one go..so after wait for a long silence...nuthing happen..so i went out...and reached home at 7 p.m....still 2 kittens..after i performed my prayer...i took ratu to clinic...

Dr had given an injection..still nothing appear...so e dr asked me to operate ratu bcoz afraid of her others baby drowning!its funny....but its real...the opearation took one hour...only one more inside her belly....but,,something wrong wif her kaki...disable kitten...kesian!!so kesian....

dr said the kitten cacat because i took long time to send ratu to her..if not..perhaps the kitten will safe...

now,,ratu still in the clinic..ya..im so sober..and regret...becoz sending her a bit late to the dr..perhaps she can die...how ever...the first main reason she cant deliver her babies easily because her breed is not that good...u know why?adik bradik ma..wif her own brother..same like human....what a wonderful and amazing memory....ever!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

:Architect's and designer's life: copy from Adahss

The alarm clock tells you when to go
to sleep.
* You're not ashamed of drooling in
class anymore.
* You know what Superglue tastes like.
(believe me,it's not good)
* You celebrate space and observe your
* Coffee and Red Bull are tools, not
* People are nauseated just by smelling
your caffeine breath.
* You are surprised when you see an
art piece in your school.
* You think everything is possible.
* You've fallen asleep in the bathroom.
* You've listened to all your CDs in
less than 48hours.
* Your laptop or pc nv shut down.
* You're not seen in public.
* You lose your house keys for a week
and you don't even notice.
* You take notes and leave messages
with a rapidograph and expensive
colour markers.
* You combine breakfast, lunch and
dinner into one single meal.
* You see holidays only as extra
sleeping time.
* You've got more photographs of
references than of actual people.
* You can live without human contact,
food or daylight, but if you can't
it's chaos.
* When you're being shown pictures of a
trip, you ask about the human scale,
lighting, taken of wat cam, bla bla
* You can use Photoshop, Illustrator
and make a web page, but you don't know
how to use Excel.
* You refer to great designer (dead or
alive) by their first name as if you
knew them(Frank, Corbu,Mies, Norman).
* You buy 50 dollars worth of magazines
that you haven't read yet.
*girlfriend or boyfriend is not
important anymore when u bz doing ur
* A graphic designer's job's scoop =
product design+carpenter+fashion
director+image consultant+bla bla
gosh!!!m i still a graphic designer @.@
* You will noe wat time yo mouth
started to smell bad in da MORNING.
* You will forget what is the meaning
* you will be STONE when you run Out of
ideas. (this is TRUE)
* exam means nothing to you. study is
longer ur priority.
* assignments and projects are more
important than ur life. late
* going out is not just for fun
anymore, but to observe and get ideas!*
* Fake Designers tend to/normally show
their Bitchy attitude. Real Designers
are much nicer and maybe more humble
to earth.
* U dragged urself back to hostel in
flip flops, shirt of yesterday's, n
3/4 asleep face just in time others
were marching their way handsomely to
morning lectures
* U go for a shopping spree for
papers, markers, model boards, glues,
cutters, pc rams and printer inks
instead of shoes n clothes even there
is no mega sale (there never is for
this kinda stuff)
* You don't care if people see you in
your scruffiest torn shirt and pyjamas
at work. But if there's a formal
you'd be the one competing to look the
* You have to to put up with egoistical
"Its-MY-idea/design" sort of people who
see only what they want to but can draw
amazing perspectives on paper
* You notice people "take pride" in
staying up and working late nights but
pretend it's a burden
* You don't watch movies at the cinema.
You watch them in a minimised window on
your pc while you do 3d.
* My studio, my kitchen, my bedroom!!!
* You can make sense out of nonsense
and make people believe it all makes
perfect sense! hahaha
* When you doodle on paper, it is
usually a 3-d object with rendered
* You stayed up straight for a week
before the submission, get all dressed
up for the presentation, then shut ur
senses to the outside world for the
coming week.
* You have stocks of maggi n all the
instant supplies along with the 3-in-
1's in the studio and when we talk
about studio, what's yours is
everyone's.Sounds familiar huh?
* And that include all the masking
tape, technical pens, butter papers
and even mouse!
* Noone will tease you if you come to
the studio in pj's.Its an everyday
scene ;)
* You talk about buildings and it's
material,method of construction bla
bla bla on

Thursday, June 7, 2007

:Big girl dont cry;

:The best minute u spend is the one you invest in ur family:

yeah..its true...yesterday when my opah was lying on the bed..i suddenly entered the room and hugged her....[pah is getting older]...as her grandchildren ,i dont think im sastified with all my treatments toward her..

i massaged her body...n she told me..:im good in massaging: she asked me to be :BIDAN: its hillarious..but i just listen and continue massaging...i wanted to do all the best for her for my parents as long as they still alive.

time by time...year by year...everyone is getting older...sometime i cant even accept that i m adult now..im gonna have my own family..and will do the exact things like what my mom and my grandmother had done...being a daughter..being a wife..being a mother...being a grandmother then..die..!!

so,the only way you can live forever is to love somebody then you leave a gift behind..i need to love everyone and make them love me too...if the love does not know how to give and take with out restrictions,it is not love...but transaction..

i have one more year to graduate in my beloved iium...yet,after graduate i hope i can further my second part gloriously...i want to bring my parents n grandmother travelling as what they did to me...they are my legend of love...!!!!!!!!i love them so much..no one can even replace their place.....especially my dad...i loveeeeeeee u so much!!!hope my dad will always patient with all the obstacles ......

:im retarded:

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How i mish fitness first

staying in home ...
doing nuthing..
im damn afraid of gaining weight..
its hard to decrease it u know...
im so lazy to go to the gym nearby..
u know la...the machines not that smart like real gym...
i heard many of my friends..in their processing to loose weight..

:doing medi &pedi CURE

Strengthens & conditions natural nails
Will not chip or smudge
Will not wear away on finger & toe nails
xoxo =)

:rm200 worth:free make up

i went to o.u...
just to seek n observe
the best make up for fizas wed
so..the last destination was make up forever..
i wanted to try KOsE..but the booth was too visible..
the morbid face changed to be the better one..
but...i didnt take any picture before n after becoz ...bz n hectic!
have to rush !!!putrajaya beb...

200 pounds beauty

If I had to describe this movie in only a few words, I would say that 200 Pounds Beauty is just a fun movie to watch. The story is simple, a woman who is overweight and unattractive, yet has a warm heart, becomes an almost perfect beauty via extensive plastic surgery. Most of the more amusing scenes are about how people treat her differently. I laughed so much that I really couldn’t remember the details.
200 Pounds Woman is the kind of movie that will have you laughing out loud and also bopping your head along to the soundtrack. The movie is just a wonderful film that did make me wonder what would happen if I did such an extreme makeover like Han-Na…….

so...better watch!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baby Nuha

Nuha...daughter of Abg nizam...munirah's cousin...so comel so chubby!!so comel la..
reallly like her face so much...cute cute cute...

:Balik Kampung:

Saturday, June 2, 2007


yesterday pa brought us to have dinner in Pakeeza's restaurant..
ya quite a long time i never eat at that place..
to full fill her youngers daughter request...uhh!!
at first i was so lazy to go..
ya la...eating at 8 above..was not my normal routine anymore..
i told my mom i dunt wanna go..and she wont gve me a permission..neglected!

so as the favourite menus...
we have :one curry kepala ikan...the kepala ikan was so big!!really it was..
:puree...abt 10 pieces
:chicken tandorii..
:dal gravy..

erm.... i ddnt have appetite at all..i just took one puree and thats it..!

Friday, June 1, 2007

KL here i come..

tomorrow gonna be fiza's sister big day..
fiza either perhaps..
to have new member in her family..
so..i hd been invited to be one of the guest..
rite now..im so pening to choose the nice and decent dress or baju kurung..
my old one definiately cant be wear..
horrible n of coz not that vogue..
ha ha ha..
so to make it easier..i just grab all my moms old baju..
because her new baju rite now same like my old baju..
moms old baju suit wif me now..so u got what i mean rite??

:beautiful leads healthy:

Shrek 3

ya....at last i watched the animation movie...
this is my second animation muviee i ever watched..
ok la...but "happy feet"
is better than shrek 3..
maybe its funny....but happy feet really made me sob!
u guys have to watch shrek 3..
shrek and princess fiona got new babies..
so comel..and so funny...
i like the scene when his kid vomitting on his face
so daym disgusting ...!!
but okeyla....for kids...majorities were laughing ..


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