Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks super BROTHERS

thanks a lot!!
they are soooo kind..
helping me and kuhaz...
moving to our new crib!
sungguh baik...
nnti house warming
im gonna call of u with superb meals!
thanks alot!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

unpredictable weather

its freaking hot now in Geelong..
today its 44 c and of coz the humidity is so low..
and i can feel something happen to my skin..
oh gosh..Malaysia is my paradise..!!
even its hot but the humidity is higher..
i miss Malaysia so much..m

super cool!

i found this shop at geelong..and it was favourite shoes are here..!!please..give me 180aud..i want one of those!!he asked me to wait for him....!yeahh will do..lets shop together..!!yeahh i had my lunch at Rij Maha..sdap siott mee hokian itu!ohh now im so craving for laksa!..cant wait for saturday....wanna eat waffle and ice cream..!!he wants to bring me to laksa king!!heehehe...yeahhh..dont banished the fat rite...!stupid!!!now is my turn to visit him in Melbourne....missing!!My parents are coming next week..yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!excited....we can play golf then...=)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Twelve Apostles

trip to twelve apostles

This is so cool!!will update later...xoxo
i have one month more before my class started
jalan-jalan cari makan la..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i miss homeeeeeee

thanks a lot uncle n kelly
this is our dream car....*sigh*

i miss home.......tomorrow ,we are going to special place..cant wait...!luckily,im staying with Kak Anis..She loves to bring me jalan-jalan n masak for us.......:P
i think the place is similiar to cliff of moher in Ireland..
i met my bucuk....we went to Chapel street..the street where Paris Hilton Shopping..all the bombastic cars are here....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

i likeeeee Geelong!!

yeay...............i have a month more before i started my class..that kinda i got my house already and this area is so cool..i like this pokok so much!ha ha ha..well,2 days in geelong..
i think i like the town...and definitely the families in Geelong...
plus..Geelong n Melbourne is so near...and i can meet my boyfriend anytime i want..
and tomorrow is weekend..lovely day for me.....*sigh*

Friday, January 23, 2009

im in geelong...

at last,i met my lovely boyfriend..its been a long time we had our LDR...oh yea,he sent me to geelong even he had a lovely..thanks dear boo
waterfront at the back
kak anis is explaining about our school...
Well,im in Geelong already..
the place is quite nice and tremendous..
and i met all the Malaysian families in Geelong..most of them...pursuing PHD..majoriti from PERAK!yeay!
We had a great dinner yesterday..
Kak Anis served us KARI DAGING yg sgt sedap..and bring me everywhere around geelong..
and i visited my campus already...yeay!
Deakin i come.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello Melbourne

same flight but different seat..but its cool....when u r so so sedey at least there s someone in the plane knows u....thank im in melbourne...lets future endeavours ..!!my new life begins...full stop

Monday, January 19, 2009

a day

with UIA people....
me with my schoolmate...dearest CATALUNA980

bedot the sweet talker

ok we did some art thingy on our hands....and i did the drawing..yeah...its sax!so rough...sorry no seni at all..*sigh*im gonna missing my dodot...staying all nite long just to talk about our u!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Architects are hotter than regular people

i love the caption!weeeeee


confession actually......Well after i completed a wide range of subjects and sacrifices!!! its hard u know...kais tido makan tido..kais tido takan tido....!!many of my friends changed and quit from architecture’s line actually..this is because training as an architect is a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg process requiring an extensive education. ...kene tabah..and actually sgt hectic n letey...but design is mesmerizing!!once u see ur board n model mcm sgt taksub like waaaaaaahhh...aku nye design?but....haha presentation?ask ur have to ur presentation must be the good one and ade isi!

Indeed,patient is needed to be splendor ur life and work!
For me, architects should obey or satisfy human, environmental and cultural needs... The preservation of architecture history and heritage are really vital because these elements help each place to have its own iconic......In fact, the architect is a doctor of buildings..y??because we know everything regarding the building..tak percaya??TRY ME!!haha...kidding!!
.... More observation and imaginationnn okies! to create an amazing space..... ..gempak....takjub!etc!Therefore, understanding architecture is not only having a large amount of creativity and imagination, but a tremendous amount of technical knowledge as well ....all in one...more read more revision more knowledge..gitu!so..i have to understand more bout construction...jgn pandai design je tp construction hampeh!!remember that tya! going to carry my bazooka soon...sgt happy!!hip hip hooreyyyy!!

As Architects we are undeniably superior to regular people, we are also better looking, more interesting and we know stuff about things. Despite this we do not generally distance ourselves from non architects affording the general public enrichment through our company - evidence of our selfless philanthropy.

If you "CAN NOT" find me, Come to the Architecture Studio


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jemputan ke Kenduri Kesyukuran dan Doa Selamat

friends,come over to my house for a feast...before me flying ..

*my happening studiomates ever*

rindu siot..semua orang!!!!! alert..asal ramai perempuan ni??lelaki2 di luar sana sila alert...!
tp ade sorang minah tu budget lelaki..nk kene lempang ni!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

ada masa

Ada masa yang akan ku fikirkan Kiranya kau pergi dariku Bagaimanakah akan ku teruskan tanpamuTak sanggup untuk ku bayangkan Andainya takdir jauhkan kau dariku
Satu yang ku mahu hanyalah kamuChorus: Maafkan aku Telah ku lukakan hatimu cintaku
Ingin benar ku memahami dirimu Agar dapat selalu senyum di wajahmuVerse 2:
Betapa sungguh ku inginkan Belaian senantiasa kau berikanku Merasa kehangatannya cintamuSakitnya tiap kali kau titiskan Air jernih dari matamu Bebanannya ku tak mampuChorus: Maafkan aku Telah ku lukakan hatimu cintaku Ingin benar ku memahami dirimu Agar dapat selalu senyum di wajahmuBridge: Andainya Kau tahu perasaanku padamu
Takkan kau siakan air matamu Walaupun diriku jauh Takkan pernah kau tiada Di hatikuChorus: Maafkan aku Telah ku lukakan hatimu cintaku Ingin benar ku memahami dirimu Agar dapat selalu senyum di wajahmu

to be honest,
im indeed sooooooooo sad to leave my beloved crib ..
house is everything for u..because precious *family* is in there..
I sent my little sister to TKC last weekend..
She hugs me and she cries ..she hugs me so tight and i cant detain myself too..
i hugged her.kissed her.and asked her to study hard..
she is the only sissy ...definitely we shared a lot of things..
when my dad seeing my sister cried,i glancing at my dad..yeaa i can see his eyes sparkling too..and so do MAMA...auchhh!!
oh pleasee...dont cry!!
its so true..its hard to cope it babe!!
hmmm....on my way back to Damansara..My friends sent a text to me..
they really2 want to meet i suggest them to meet me at my bro's house..
they arrived right after me..and we were hugging!!
oh goshh......then,i went back to Ipoh..before proceed to my of my friends hugged me gently and told me that she gonna miss all about Tya..somehow,i cried...i didnt know they way i treat them giving a big impact for them..i love u guys..good luck with ur studies..!korang akan sentiasa berada dalam minda ku..dont worry..

still....sume ckp bende yg same sedey tya nk fly..hhehe..hello kawan2 even YM..sane pun YM la kan...aduhh!!so i warned everyone to have their own SKYPE account!so i can make a joke still.?

i refused to work because i want to spent my times with them..hey the time is running so fast!! i got a week more...i havent packing yet...y??
because im totally SOBER!!please help me..
even my bf is nearby..but i need my family more than him..i promised myself to study hard..Thanks ma n pa..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!i appreciated everything u had done to me..
please pray for my future ..

come to my kenduri dear friends...on 18th January..
i cant wait to meet all of u..some of them are coming on friday and gonna sleep in my room..yeay!!lovee u all....anything buzz n email me okey..

*me gonna miss everyone*

loads of LOVE,

future architect meets pharmacist

sorry nasy..i uploaded this one...huhu
we are so *jakun* when we bumped into this gadget!
*loveeeeeee birds*
tya n nasy

so today my BFF off from working..she spent me a movie ticket which was awesome sangat! and more delicious chicken =P Thanks u till the earth stood still...*sigh*
This is my 1st time dating with her (Carrier woman)
at last,we managed to take those nuts!
nasy, work harder especially during CNY!
and save money ...then,visit me there darling..
Congrats to Nasy sister Laila..she obtained 9A's in PMR...not bad
Her PMR same as mine =P
herm,,well Nasy dont forget to come over to my house before me soaring above the sky...
ouhhhccc...pathetic laaaaa!!aduh!!
"Ya Allah,kuatkanlah semangat hambamu ini..Amin"

Friday, January 9, 2009

packing is DEVASTATING

seriously,im so lazy to pack my stuff ,to put them in my beg..
i just put them near the i can feel a bit release
i decided to pack outside of my room..
so that i cant feel headache when i start packing them..
but mom told me..she was so sad looking at the bag..
because one of her daughter is flying soon..
she told me she was crying rite after she woke up from sleep..
indeed,i cant detain my eyes from crying too..
now,i dragged the bag..and the bag is now near me in my room..
so my mom cant see me packing..
but she will read my blog :P
open so wide...calling my name to fix it!
as a conclusion,
it is soo true..packing is Devastating..
i have no start packing with what item 1st..
lagging make me happy...!

p/s:mama..thanks for the leather jacket..i love it...soooooooooo nice....!!

Good luck Tya n Kuhaz.....
shabuya hak hak shabuya

Wednesday, January 7, 2009



just yming with my friend,atie
she just balik from LONDON..
and spent almost 3 weeks there..
boxing day..
and bla bla bla..
i really like LONDON..
maybe the environment..
especially oxford street and Reagent street

adah u r so lucky!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i have all the collections of fashion show phewww..
2006 i like it too because justin was there..
and yeahh i m in love with everything on it for 2008.
especially when my favourite song by chris brown appears "with you" and usher also performing :D
the runaway looks so awesome and tremendous ..!
im in love with the angels..they are superb ,hot,gorgeous,beautiful,amazing!
i dont have any of their "baju" yet just their perfumes,make up...
i need their collection especially the "pink" one..
so sexy and cute..
enjoyyyyyy !

bedotjojo ku sayang

zaman2 keluar sambut merdeka..di hartamas square...

kau hilang bila ku tiba...kau datang bila ku kecewa..terasa diri di persenda..di mana berakhirnya nanti permainan sandiwaramu ini sesungguhnya aku..x mengerti....jika benar cinta itu buta?buta kah mataku...i love u guys so much!!

jojo and bedot,
tya sangat sayang dkat korang berempat..
eh silap berdue...
susah nk dpt kawan yg secharacter yang faham ape isi hati tya..
dari matric kite bersama..dari tya besa smpai tya kecik sikit..
korang sentiasa bersame tya..
tya sangat terharu...
korang sangat menjage tya..
and support tya tak kire di mane2..
bedot and jojo,
thanks a lot sayang..
tya agak sedih juge nak pergi ke Australia ni..
nnti kalau tya mcm nak tgk2 orang nk kut2..
mesti dah takde geng...
korang jgn la lupe nk ym2 ngan tya and SKYPE tau!
sedihnyeee tyaa mcm dah x nk fly je..
bag pun x packing lagi...
thanks bebanyak laa kawan2..
sbb korang laaa tya berjaya...
korang tolong tya buat model malam2..
bile tya begadoh ngan manusia2 lain
tya mesti akan menangis meraung dan akan kol korang...
love u guys...i love u guys so much
plz come to ipoh before i fly darling...
tya nk bg korang cenderahati cinta dari tya untuk korang!

i love u guys

Monday, January 5, 2009



happy birthday sayang...
love u so much..
wait for my gift!
well...u improve a lot then since last year..
hoping u gonna be a world champion soon..amin
love u to the fullest..
cant wait for the amazing celebration in Melbourne soon
still remember?then..kedebooooommmm....
u in in syria..cinta anta


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