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Bermain Salju di Lake Mountain tatkala PUASA

My 2nd experience to SNOW Mountain....Bismillahirahmanirahim

Melihat Kehijauan Pokok Alpine yang sungguh tinggi ....menunjukkan kekuasaan Allah S.W.T pencipta yang agung.Perjalanan mengambil masa lebih kurang 1 jam lebih dari rumah ke puncak Mountain.Mountain is Gunungkan?..Awal2..dari rumah kami bergerak seawal 8 pagi sesudah sahur,kami bergegas untuk pergi ke satu lagi tempat yang belom saya explore.!Tapi,kali ini agak janggal,sebab yang menjadi "tourist guide" ialah saya....Suami saya balik ke Malaysia kerana ada shooting Iklan Merdeka katanya yang terpaksa pakai ............... :( :(
Walaupun tanpa suami tatkala itu,tapi still planning makes perfect...Saye mmg cuak nak tidur sbb nak bawak bos jalan2..bapak saya adalah seorang yang kalau sesat ke ape..takut wehh takut!!

Hampir ke puncak..Alhamdulillah..perubahan pokok telah pun mula menonjol..Dari pokok yang ala-ala iklan saleem rokok dah nmpak macam Sonata Musim Salju..Tentunya kami sekeluarga agak excited untuk menuju puncak!Tapi dalam perjalanan kami ke atas puncak..tampak salji hanya indah dari khabar...Menurut pekerja di situ,Salji MELT!Salji akan lebat pada hari khamis!Jadi,kedatangan saya membawa kaum kerabat dari Malaysia adalah sia-sia.!ohhhh noooooo...
Pun begitu,my dad still cool...membawa kerete di simpang siur yang agak mengcuakkan..awal2 i drove the sbb kan kerete kat belakang mcm banyak je membontoti kerete..saya cuak plak!Biasa la lady driver kan gelabah sikit....Dalam perjalanan kami ke puncak,Ayahanda dan Bonda tak putus-putus,mengucapkan syukur dan terpesona dengan keindahan bumi Allah yang mereka lihat dengan mata mereka sendiri.I said "Wowwwwwwwwwwww" ,My dad said" why should say wow..ucaplah Subhanallah".....Tempat yang kami terajui,kini telah pun tiba...untuk bayaran ke atas,dikenakan 30 hengget utk satu kereta...Utk penyewaan baju dan perkakas salju..Kami sewa di bawah bukit .Sebab harga lebih murah nk compare dengan harga kat atas!Jadi Alhamdulillah,dengan nilai matawang 137aud kami menyewa baju2 serba lengkap seramai 4 org.Still cheap nk compare dengan harga penyewaan di Mount Buller.

Tampak keseronokkan bonda...mama climb puncak bukit salji ...hehe....Walaupun kawasan bermain Salji ni kecik,tp still dapat la mak bapak chek nk try rasa pengalaman bermain salju.Bapak cakap nnti boleh bawak cucu..Mama pulak cakap,tertipu sebab kawasan main salji kecik sangat dan sama seperti Salji Kat Thailand....oh noooooooo!!Nampaknya mission saya membawa mereka menjajah salju tidak berjaya,sebab Salji tak banyak turun..hanya 1/4 kawasan sahaja di liputi Salju..Bayangkan la betapa hampa nya saya........

Namun begitu,utk menghilangkan kemurungan bonda dan ayahanda,saya telah memaksa mereka bermain Toboggan A toboggan is a simple sled which is a traditional form of transport used by the Innu and Cree of northern Canada....sejenis pemainan yang paling senang with Salju.U just sit on the thing and it will slide ...Kinda fun jugak la....Yang paling best....saya naik ngn mama saya..and benda tu x gerak-gerak.....U know why rite?????????????

Setelah puas bermain salju tatkala berpuasa...Puasa ok!!Kami mengambil keputusan untuk pulang ke rumah sebab nk kejar solat and bukak puasa.Sebelum pulang,sempat la jugak beli souvenir...fridge magnet...then pegi bazar romdon Melbourne....ingat best la bazar tu..rupanyaa hampehhhhhhhhhh!x sdap langsung hokeh!

P/s: ok now i miss them so much...Nak Balik RAYA wehhhhh!

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Do u know who Angela Colins is?

Angela Colins Fox News - Muslim After September 11 9/11

ImageAngela Colins Muslim After September 11 on Fox News - She Became Muslim After 9/11. She had many of her family members who died on September 11th. She studied Islamand came to find it to be quite different from what other people told her. . and the way the media percieved it to be. She reverted to Islam from her Catholic Faith. Now she is a Muslim teacher.
Be sure to check out the Aljazeera interview, which also has an American Jew who turned to Islam after September 11.

You may Also want to watch the following:

AlJazeera: After September 11 - Jewish And Catholic Women Become Muslim - AlJazeera

Monday, September 11, 2006
Angela Collins: Why I decided to submit?

I accept that I cannot control the events that occur in my life or in the lives of others.

Islam is the only religion that communicates total submission to our Creator, the Creator of all people and of all things. As a Muslim I know that everything I do first begins with an intention and then I must transform that intention into an effort in order to carry out what has already been decreed. This wisdom defines my path to be a better person to myself, my family, my community and to all of my brothers and sisters here on earth.

In essence Allah (the one God) opened my heart, Islam gave me the direction, and now I live to serve out the guidance lent by my Creator for happiness here on earth and if Allah wills, in the hereafter.

While religion is a resource to help guide ourselves to good behavior through our spirituality, there is no prerequisite that it should be far fetched in mental comprehension.

I am a recent convert. Catholicism is the religion followed by my forefathers. At the age of 14, I refused the trinity concept and narrowed what I saw as a complicated tale of 'three in one' down to 'two in one' and started attending a Baptist church.

Throughout my life, I have searched for understanding, but when it came to my faith I truly was confused about why God would come as a human being and would allow himself to die for the sins of only those privileged enough to believe in his (or his son's) crucifixion. I found this explanation extravagant and shared my doubts with pastors and scholars who gave every effort to communicate the Christian belief to my understanding. I asked myself: "Why would my religion need to be so complex?" When I reached adulthood, I decided to make it very simple. There was just one, our Creator and that was it. No other explanation could rationally make sense.

I see Islam as a religion that came to clarify the errors of human beings who changed the original word of God to fit their interests. Islam is simple: God is God. God created us and we worship God and God alone. God sent Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed (PBUH) to deliver his message to guide all people. In Islam, Jesus is the only prophet who never died which is why he is the only messenger who will come back before the Day of Judgment to lead the people of the books: [the Torah, the Injeel (Bible) the book of Psalms and the Quran]. The Quran is the final book that has never been altered to fit the changing interest of people throughout history.

Islam confirms that you are not awarded passage into heaven just because you say you are Muslim. And you may not go straight to heaven just because you believe that God is monotheistic. You go to heaven based on your intentions and actions following the message taught to us by the messengers themselves and confirmed by the original books of God. Heaven is not an exclusive club for those who merely follow what their fathers taught them. Instead it is your responsibility, especially as a Muslim, to constantly search for truth, understanding and to read and think. After reading every chapter in the Quran twice and taking detailed notes, I believe that this masterpiece could only have come from my Creator. Without a doubt the author of this book knows more about me than I know about myself.

It is no secret that Islam is seriously misunderstood and disliked by many here in my homeland, the United States. My conversion to this "controversial" religion has my family and friends puzzled. It is my sincere belief that Allah led me to Islam by enhancing my passion in exploring unfamiliar perspectives through foreign travel. I have a genuine interest in building bridges with all people everywhere rather than promoting my own ideology as the only system that can work for all people.

While culture shock is a mild term to express the drastically different life styles of Muslims in the Middle East, I saw great beauty in the generosity of people, the cohesiveness of families and the immediate acceptance of a girl so foreign in her ways. Even so, in the present I face a culture shock within my own predominantly Middle Eastern Muslim community. I do understand the challenges a Muslim born into their religion faces to dissect their own culture within it. After finding myself in Islam, I am able to adhere to the teachings supported by the Quran and Hadiths while also managing to bypass the cultural manifestations taught by Muslims born into their religion. Islam is multi-cultural and is a system that can be adopted in any environment at any point in time.

I can confidently say that if Allah had not breathed Islam into my soul, I would have never found Angela. Well, today, here I am: Angela, a Muslim American: the soul who persistently searched for her Creator and has found the Creator of all that is in the universe and beyond, in Islam.

Angela Collins


Friday, August 5, 2011

Hidangan lazat berbuka Asisul

Haroooo semua...harini genaplah 5 hari kite semua berpuasa di bulan ramadon.Hows ur ramadon so far?Harapnya pengisian ramadon di gunakan sehabis baik insya Allah...
Actually yesterday..I wanted to upload some of my iftar pictures..Alhamdulillah,suami sangat happy setiap kali balik bila tgk juadah berbuka telah sia dihidang..Bayangkan la semalam i masak 2 pot nasi..He can finish alone!!!Banyak tau nasi i happy sebab lauk i nampaknyr makin better since awal2 kawin dlu..okkkkkkkk
For your information,semalam we had ikan keli!!!Haa kat Melbourne ade tau ikan keli tp kene pandai tak sangka pulak hubby suka gila ikan keli same like i did..i love ikan keli..masak ape pun x kisah janji keli!!!!

Selain keli,i jugak masak daging for him.Everyday mesti ade protein..Memang hidangan utk 4 org boleh dihabiska oleh Asisul dengan menjilat jejari runcing jejari runcing??

And kene ade soup!!Tak kisah la soup ape pun janji kuah kena i buat tomyam kung!kaw kaw punye pedas mmg tercirit berit lepas makan...haaaahaaaha

And also kudapan..he loves roto roti john ni mcm masin sikit maybe terover garam nyahhh..sedihhhhh nnti i have to repair bg rase die kaw kaw sdap!

At last,tadaaaaa tepung khas di import dr Malaysia oleh mama n bapak ku(love ya both) ..tepung adabi terbaik....and pisang pun terbaikkkkk!!

Alhamdulillah,pisang goreng semangkuk habis di makan oleh suami tersayang.Sebagai isteri saya rase terharu bile makanan yg dimasak habis..So maybe mcmni jugak rase kalau dh jadi Ibu..anak2 makan habis..seronok je ibu2 kite kan..tapi yg best adalah senang nk basuh pinggan..tiada pembaziran tatkala ramadon..

So ,kami berdua kenyang...and bersyukur dgn rezeki yg diberi..sekarang ni tgh saving sbb baru pindah rumah..sewa rumah kt oz bayar weekly!so mahal....anyway,selamat menunaikan ibadah berpuasa dan jgn lupa bayar zakat.Salam ramadon dari kami di perantauan..Tahun ni malas nk masuk salam perantaun sbb akak dah no longer a student..

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salam Ramadan buat semua yg kami kasihi

Alhamdulillah we are now living happily in our new crib at Maidstone.My house still dont have enough furniture yet because we are running off money!ok where should i begin anyway?

Ok rumah ni kecik je ade la standart teres tu je ok la syukur akhirnye duduk jugak rumah sendiri bersama suami setelah setahun tinggal bersama rakan2 atlit di kediaman khas di Melbourne..

Hubby khususnya nampak sangat seronok and rajin.Everyday membersih laman..kihkihkih..jiran2 super cool and semuanya mempunyai kucing kecuali rumah kami..dah mintak kt suami but not sure he will approve or not...

So makanan stok raya mmg kaw kaw punye parents mmg suka pos makanan dkt anak3 itulah kopi radix pun ada jgn tak tau tak tau la smp bile stock ni boleh bertahan..huuuu

Apart from that,our house is nearly kemas tp x kemas mane pun sbb sejuk sangat n x boleh pakai heater nnti letrik poyo!that caligraphy we bought from Mecca.

So yeah..dlm kelam kabut mengemas..rutin seharian sebagai isteri utk menjamu suami berbuka puasa..byk ok lauk i masak..huhu

Azizul favourite food is khailan ikan masin..mmg selalu gile request..

And yeah i made it to make my 1st kuih lapis..sdap ok..lazat berkerim gituu...itu kata suami i la..not meh...huhu

Last but not least,hubby now already started his gini laaa rutin harian sebelum tido n bangun!!!so hows your ramadan going on now?i miss Malaysia tolonglah!!and i wanna work plssssss get me a work ...

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