Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year Eve 2012

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 people!

Assalammualaikum to my sister and brother out there.

Hope all of you are fine and good Insha Allah!
Im missing all of you my beautiful readers and i know u are waiting for my updates.
So, here i am to update you with my stories ...

Well,its not too late for me to wish all of you here HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012..
Whats your new year's resolutions?!Im assure all of you here have your own resolutions like i did .

#Wanna get a job
#Wanna be a better Muslimah
#Wanna be SLIM
#Wanna be a mummy
#Wanna be hardworking
#Wanna work out OFTEN

oh snap!I think i have lots of them to be listed regardless. oh ya but i have to seriously cutting down my food intake now and have to focus to be like KIM KARDASHIAN!She is hot isnt she?

Anyway,my new year this year was awesome!i went out with my husband for the 1st time to celebrate new year and we brought our sister n brother to watch the fireworks.Oh sam!The fireworks were awesome....
*Walking to the gathering place .The place called Fed Square similar to Dataran Merdeka if in Malaysia*

*Trying to find the best spot *
*Oh no lots of people *
*So here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'Cause baby you're a firework,Come on, show 'em what you're worth,Make 'em go, oh,As you shoot across the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!*

* we were happy and jakun to see the fireworks babeh!Why?because it started to explode from all over the building surrounding us .Just imagine u r in the centre and the fireworks go surrounding you!Best kan??Tapi takde LOVE shape macam kat Malaysia!Oh i miss my old days!

2 January 2012
* the nice cupcake*Thank you to his gf for the cake!

* so yea...a day after new year was his birthday.I hope my brother will be a successful man in the future.Always pray on time and be a great muslim insya Allah.*

Oh ya..i love January because lots of thing happen during this month.not to forget my hubby special day and our anniversary .Hope everything goes well and January is the starting month where we should make a new effort to triumph!Go go go you can do it!

P/s: Mari menghayati bacaan surah maryam dari Imam Muda dr Houstan USA.Subhanallah.Mari berubah menjadi insan yang leih baik dan berdedikasi.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hubby with his AMT

How is everyone today?Harapnya semua sihat2 dan berusaha keras untuk kerjaya masing2.Actually,i have heaps of entry nk post tapi sebabkan masa yang terlalu padat n kerja yg terlalu banyak jadi x sempat nk update!

Well,recently open my old phone and i found our pictures during Sultan Terengganu's birthday.He awarded my husband with AMT.

We just arrived in Melbourne about a week time and have to fly back to Malaysia for the award.Im so grateful to Kerajaan Terengganu especially for the appreciation. Hubby is an idol to the young generations.His passion towards his carrier is really massive!Likewise, he is a student at the same time and still can get a good result .

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