Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tisya jumpa UNCLE JOJO

Last few days,i made a trip to yeop and kak shus house..wanna thanks a lot to kak shu for her delicious yummy meal that ni lah kali pertama yeop n kakshu n tisya jumpe ehem ehem ku..since dorang stay kat irelan d ni laaa masenye untuk i kenalkan azizul kepade abangku n kakak iparku..juge anak buahku yg sangat suka padal uncel jojo..asik senyum jahh!!Tisya yang sangat happy berjumpe dgn uncle jojonye...begitu juge uncle jojonye.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

convo class of 2008

Hello everyone....
ya...23rd August 2008,Finally i got my IIUM..
well,there s nothing i could extremely happy...
Congrats to everyone who did excel and graduates!!
tya,nik and peah...nik is peahs bf..omg..anak tokey batik bf is not sad rite....sob sob sob....peah..we made it..!!yeayy dah ad degreee!!
grinning tya with flowers

so sad..x dpt jumpe sume..hujan lebat sastisfied!
yeay..i finally a grad student..baling mortar board .....
i received byk gilee bunga..each of them gave me one..thank u love..muahhx
Family ku syg..fendy,adik,yeop,kak shu,tisya,me,mama,papa,4g..

tears of happiness...ALhamudulillah..i made,i must prepare mentally and physically to further my 2nd part gloriously..they said its tough!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Graduation Dinner

yesterday,was a graduation dinner for all architecture students of IIUM..indeed...i have no choice ..terpaksa pakai baju kurung..and i did some touch up form MAC..damn poyo!but i like it la..jojo also like my make up..he he he..she loves my eyes so much...sigh!
ok so today gonna be my happy day..
im graduating!!
Alhamdulillah,im a degree holder...yahooooo
Thanks a lot to my parents,family ,lecturers, and friends..
Love u all...without u im nothing..
im so happy today...
will update more pictures later..Deakin becoming students...ha ha what jojo said..
Both of them were with me ..i mean a group with me ..ihsan ni sangat gempak!jojo pun same...durh~ihsan ckp die nk bawak i keje ngan die tipuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
hot chicks...not to say so so la...rais,me,su..peah and jojo..thanks !all of u..look so fabulous indeed....Rais so sorry...Kak tya was trying to wait for u tp u glamer sgt ramai sgt nk tgkp gmba ngan u..anyway..thanks eh....nnti bebile kite jumpe k...Good luck in ur crit wut so the best !i like ur shoes so much babe...i yang pilih kan?????????hahaha...

Location: Palace of Golden Horses
Wish : Thanks juniors for the magnificent dinner..i like the performance so much...
if i still in uia..konfirm i ngorat adik2 junior itu..he he he

Thursday, August 21, 2008

credit to my lil sis*Athiah Nadhirah*

this video is created by my sister ..
i lyke it so much..
thanks adik!
cant wait to meet him..
3 days more...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


IIUM 24th Convocation....yes im in it!

ok..i already collect my ROBE..and i bought a box of stuff too...SHOES?
ok i got this ALDO shoes...i didnt know that pa wanna spend me a shoes..if i know,
definitely im gonna grab LV or TODS..haish!!!
my convo shoes....,
my Convo will be in 4 days time..
on this coming Friday.. will be a Graduation Dinner to all architecture students..
the theme quite fabulous..and i m so dizzy and blur to find the suitable dress for the dinner!
okay..the theme gonna be razzle dazzle black,,im not gonna wear the traditional baju kurung or pario for sure...!! for sure..have to wear something that make the diamond visible ..
im so happy to collect the robe..
yeay!!!the robe is so nice..nice..nice..and lovely!
so...for architecture ..there is a purple stripe on the robe..the new style of robe...including the mortar board
.....................................................................................................................................cut the crap

Azizul is now racing for 5th and 8th place..
hopefly he rides be sure,
im extremely proud ...he is the legend!
the only Malaysian who good enough to be in his in 4 years time..
he is willing to do something miracle like what hoy had done..
Hoy is 32 years old....!Despite,Azizul he just 20..
Well,im so assure Azizul gonna do something...and he will be in that level sooner..
i will always pray n support him...
i cant wait to meet him.....!!!
counting days to meet him...
after my convo,,is my azizul...yeay!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


azizulhasni and rizal tisin

im so happy today..
i woke up early when my bf calling me ..
and he told me he already in TRACK!
gosh..he said he has qualifying race for men sprint..
so i straight away..go to TV area and switch on my astro..and wait till 11.30 ..
yeay..thats my bf!!he did perform so well...and he is in rank automatically qualified to next his 2nd race...he competed with previous Gold medalist Ryan Bayley..and ya..he lost only for a few second...then to Men's Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages..He won it baby!!
next round...he competed again with strong UK rider..Jason Kenny..and well,he lost!
then,he went again into Men's Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages...yeah baby!
my sayang did it so well..."Flying malaysian"..."Flying pocket rocket"..
my bf is the smallest rider in i hope evryone who reads this..
plz...pray for his victory tomorrow...hopefully he can do something magnificent..and yet ...deserved to be an Olympic medalist!!lets pray n support him!!!
go AZIZUL!!...

Tya Azizul
Cyclistwife ;)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


collecting ROBE!! going to collect my robe soon...
hep hep horrayyyy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

lets hope Lee Chong Wei for GOLD!

i m so happy....watching Lee Chong Wei won to Korean badminton player..Malaysia boleh!!Lee Chong Wei is a MALAYSIA PRINCE to bring GOLD!!
Msia Team Sprint (Won over Greece, lost to France). .
catch AZIZUL n JOSIAH tomorrow for their next event
Good Luck..


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for my sayang..

tatkala hantar azizul g training kat spain

hello bloggers,,
tomorow gonna be my sayang event..
and he will race straight away starting from tomorrow
15,16 and 17 August
Channel 818 at 4.30 pm!!
...plz pray for him.....
i hope he can do the best in all his events...
we ll pray for u!go Azizul go!!!
15 August 2008-Men's Team Sprint
16 August 2008-Men's Keirin
17 August 2008-Men's Sprint

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday shout out :JOJOKUSYG:

i have 2 jojo in my heart..
one is my sayang jojo..
and one more is her..jojo rohmad!
hehhehe is her birthday!!friends...plz wish her a happy birthday!happy birthday yang ke 23!!!!23!!OMG....sangat takut...sudah tua u babe...:D xoxo..
tya n jojo
tya n jojo berbaju kurung sblah itu zihan..sebok
tya n jojo
those pictures remind me of "bc class" which is bulding contract class..the class took 3 hours and we definitely sit at the back and did some doodle on paper...then,we went to have our breakfast while everyone still in the class...ingat lagi x jo?solah,aku,kau mesti sentiase buat begitu..nasib laaa dpt ok results..cuak je repeat!

im hoping to have it

the best restaurant ever in BELGIUM

Di Brussels.,Belgium..
Kami berjalan-jalan di sekitar bandar itu
dan menjumpai satu lorong di mana terdapat semua restoran halal yang menyajikan makanan yang enak belaka..
saya memang tidak boleh DIET while TRAVELLING!!
outside of the restaurant..banyak gile seafood utk di pilih...for diet people better dont come...
the romantic..lagu2 jiwang sbb makan ngn family saat2 kejiwangan tu hilang..

before we get our dishes,they served us yummy "fish soup"
my u....sangat romantik dgn candle bagai..thanks papa!
i love my dad so much.......!!
seafood paella..damn..sangat sedap n sangat banyakk!
i forget the name..but the taste really good!

how i miss this moment so much.. sangat dad belanja for my abang yang tatkala pada waktu itu akan mendapat ijazah kedoktorannya..well..eurotrip because of him..thanks a lot year ..aussietrip pulak ye..:D..saya sangat cuak untuk menyambung master!!melihat kak shu yang sangat kusyuk membuat thesis sister was a student from University College London while my brother from University College Dublin..i been thinking to futher to UK too..following my friend,reen or leen said UK better ..but haishh..!!malas nk tuka2 U di saat-saat ku sudah mendapat kerja!he he going to start my work after my convocation..have to be im in my mood to make some revision..cuak dowh nk design!i almost forgot all the architecture knowledge for instance..:(..

tisya is coming !!

tisya is coming to so see her smile......yeayyyyyy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

car for sale

car for sale..
to be honest
still in the good
condition..price :negotiable:
anyone interested plz buzz me okay

dewi bowling

here we bombastic shoping complex in ipoh..
so one in the place..
u can do anything u know!
we went to watch MEET DAVE
plz dont watch!
that movie SAX!
as usual,,this is my best buddy in ipoh
i just only have one friend who still free and available to come.. we made up our mind to compete bowling
since she lost!
compete with me tru "FACEBOOK BOWLING"
still..i won...even the markah not that excellent..
cheer up nasyrah...!!
i promise to give her LONDON sourveniour..
but i lupa!

poor me..i dont have style to be sure..the way i drop the ball is sooooooo wrong!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

me with babes 080808

after the interview i straight away meet my babes in IIUM..and we having our lunch in OLD TOWN,Taman i look like an architect?hahah..poyooo!!

go Malaysia!!

im so excited to watch
badminton match today
hep hep horayyyy
malaysiaku gemilang..
hoping for a gold..!!
cant wait to see my sayang..
16 and 17 august..
its a must!
a must to watch!!..

he just called me..
now im missing him so much..missing him badly!

Monday, August 11, 2008

everlasting love



Gurun di Palmyra (S Y R I A)



i cant make it to KOREA

im so sad..
i cant make it to korea
saidah was inviting me to join her trip to KOREA
my mom refused to give me green light ..
reason "u r going to futher study next...duk umah ..nanti x leh spend mase ngan mama" sedey...
just watched olympic...
that korean swimmer is soo hot... "PARK"...hehe...

i was sitting infront of the TV like so often ..
now im so into KOREAN ..
go KOREA go!


The Lake House
Meeting someone who gives a connotation to join the group when i was in bukit bintang with someone really give a good impact for both of us !hhahha,,so without hesitating any longer, we have decided to join ...
after having ol those impetus, stem with ol the challenges, I decided to watch the fundamental romantic impulse movie names The Lake House,,even the story quite slow,,but the plots and the messages in that movie absolutely amazing..When it takes architect :keanu reeves: and doctor :sandra the main actor/actress..Arch n Dr??wow..
Maybe some of the ppl, cant understand when keanu reeves mentioned about meier..frank lord wright..bla bla casa batyo,antoni gaudi,,concept..and of coz the LAKE HOUSE! ..i did..i faham n gell !!I dunt know how to impress it but what i know is that i really LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie..maybe this mov can replce "a walk to remember" in my 1st ranking film..
Yet, when the story makes the audience pathetic...i think this is the best goal!Its hard to mke ppl cry besides :hindi's:but u know in this real world,,not ol ppl love to watch hindi's muv ..a big applause to the director..:) i want to give 5 stars to the LAKE HOUSE..common guys..dont waste ur time go and get the CD!!
"open your heart and hear what it's saying ! maybe you'll find something very far singing lullabies to you and asking you why you don't hear it louder !! "

p/s: i lost the CD :(

this is the trailer...droool.....:( to be honest everytime i tgk mesti nangis ..

watch this movie ..sooooo sedey one!

i just got the info from nasyrah telling me that we can watch korean episode in one website..
so so addicted to that website..i spent my time watching all the movies...and yeaa..
this one.."a moment to remember" sedey...i like the plot..the hero is an architect be honest i like the movie when the actor or actress in an plz watch this movie..!!
haiyooo...tetiba teringat tatkala melihat cerita korea bersama kawan2 di uia..
we spent time together..and all of us..were laughing and crying together...not only korean movies...english movies also..when hot guys appear...everyone will scream like "hottttttttttttttttttttttttt siyutttttttttttt"..."arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ensem nyeee"
rindunyee.....everybody is duduk in one single bed..with their own pillow to hug!i miss the moment so much..especially those "american pie episode"..
not to forget...watcing all indonesian movie too..missing!missing!missing!
sangat merindui zaman2 ini...
i did remember when watching together with pey pey and masy and fee...we are so koreanholic!
after finished watching those movie,definitely..they will straight away change their primary photo in friendster..and put the heros photo..hah perasan la kau!
as for me..the no 1 hero will be "lee dong wook" and "bi rain"..
i went to his concert okay....
rain sangat superb!
even jojo rohmad also like him...
kalau jojo pun suka apatah lagiii akuu ini...
his perfomance was soooo awesome!!!
till now i adore his shade.."DNG"
lawa babas!!
he he he....

to tell the truth..i miss UIA PEOPLE so much!!!!!!
this going to collect my robe!
next my CONVO!!yeay!
im happppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

anyone can play sephia with guitar?

im looking for a right person ...
who can play sephia with guitar..
im so addicted to that song since schoolhood...
because budak laki kat skola...said "sephia as athia"
how cool rite?
wink wink...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


still donno to choose the best place for work..
whether in subang or KL...
pening jugek!
help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......i cant be shopaholic dad already stop giving me now..all on me..:( its too hard to start a new life..sangat miskin!

i need a phone
i need PDA
i need a new watch..
i need tag heuer..
i need a new handbag..
i need BURBERRY..
i need a new shoes
i need stuart weitzman....
i need a car
i need BMW EN93
i need a house
i need me as the architect..

as the conclusions,
i need to study that i can afford to by those things.. ur dream la TYA!!!

shoes collector

yeay!!next week going to start my work.....well to be honest so excited to be a carrier woman..i have to buy more heels!!those shoes are flat not so suitable for working woman..sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

go AZIZUL go!!

pray for my hero in his upcoming event next week....even im going to miss the chance to watch it..but u people out there....dont miss it..and give support ..
and pray for him and the team..cheers~

thanks for the posting lyn..sigh~malu siott.

this post is not by me...but thanks a lot babe..
she is architecture student of taylors college..
she is so cool...blogholic..come n visit her blog..haha..

writen by :

hey bloggers..

well, i saw azizul hasni on the news tadi..
*i bet tya is very proud of him*
gila baban she is so lucky to have him..and yeah he is so lucky to have her..
at my age, his is doing better than anyone else..
as i watch the news....teringat plak i kat tya..
i was wondering how does it feel to have a celebrity boyfriend..
i mean...i know its hard..but..when i look at him in the tv..
ape la tya rase kan?
i plak cam bangge and told my dad

"dad, do u know that azizul hasni ni my friend's bf?!"
"ouh really?...who is your friend?"
"tya..ala, the archi student from uia tu.."

*moment of silence..*

"so what do u think dad? kan? how la i wish dapat mcm tu..hebat betul!"
"habis belajar dulu..and dont ponteng history!"
(seriously, my dad really make a big deal i ponteng history...and ape kene mengena i rase ader bf yang wakil negara ngan i ponteng history?)

dunia ni pelik siot

ouh well, takpe la...nak buat camne kan?

i'm going to the curve ngan pasar malam this weekend...wohooo...kalau bley i nak culik dia....tgk la how..

ouh ouh..i've been designing for the party logo...still working on it..but i'm quite happy with it la...insya allah if i rajin i akan post..if not...
keep on reading my text la korang...hehe XD

well, dah name pun kawan..

wedding 080808

ok so looking at the date...for sure lots of people out there were choosing the date for their special day! i got 3 wed invitations..but i have to say sorry to my dear friend KAK JAJA n MANJA..i appreciate ur effort for inviting me to ur wedding..but i m not feeling very well i just can limit myself to attend the kenduri nearby only.. i dibas kakak wedding..
we had all peraks traditional rendah tok,acar,and the ayam and the rendang..ok so i just eat..dont even detain myself from DIET!
hey....ramadan is near...
makan je laa!
no convo will be next 2 weeks..
gila kan?
ok cut the crap~

this is the pengantin...both of them ..were studying together in IIUM (diba's sister)
hani old time buddy since primary school and we met up eventually in IIUM..she s taking landscape architect and now is doing her practical in GDP landscape..
anne and faiz...both of them..are happy loving couple...they are planning to KAWIN next year 090909...btol ke?
darling librans...pinkish
adah is so excited to eat...sabaa laa dah
ok so now...we are definitely looking so old rite...and im wearing my mums kebaya..there s no more baju kurung that fit me !and suit have to tempah banyak baju to moms baju is so loooooseeeeee...longgar gile...and tak rase sangat kemelayuan itu!sigh!
the adik pengantin on my right,adibah...she is now dating with italian hot..isk isk
the hottest friend u..heart!

all from left anne,tya,hani,adah,diba....everyone is going to start work with different carrier..but still same LINE..


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