Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Si comel di mana-mana bersama Auntienyahh Di MALAYSIA!!

ok..this is what Malaysians called as *TUDUNG SITI*..i read one of the local magazine and i had my 1st crush looking the model wearing this TUDUNG...its hard to get one at Melbourne..if there is...maybe its hard for me to buy....even pashmina is SO MUCH EXPENSIVE compared to here..so i love MALAYSIA!!but im wondering.....y JPA is changing the procedures?Pity to us.. =( haih Malaysia ...so scared...wake up wake up!

IM GONNA MISS MY NIECE..she is with me all the way till today..
how cant i apart..!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A b a y a

i was stumbled at HAJABA and ARIYANI ....OMG!!!those design are LOVELY and STUNNING...i loike......what say you...??but still ..its on me rite...because my blog i can say anything what i loike and i dislike....if anyone dislike my style..my words..my SYOK SENDIRI ..what so ever..i dont care..and thanks alot..u may leave dear..!!

Shu Uemura Make Up

yesterday..i was struggling to find a make up for my face..i wanted to take M.A.C but..they needed me to BOOK 1st...Thank God..I found Shu Uemura ..Its so much cheaper compared to M.A.C.
M.A.C charged around 180MYR ..Shu Uemura only charged 70MYR..but if u wanted to use the fake eye lashes ...they gonna charge around 55MYR...Kinda lovely and the make up blend with my BAJU KURUNG MODEN...THANK YOU so much DILLA BOUTIQUE@IPOH for sponsoring the stunning Baju Kurung ...Had a great day last nite...

Thanks to my Bro,Azlan Fauzy..u made my day...!I LOVE YOU....muahhh Onitsuka Tiger for u...i ll send from OZ..Promise for ur birthday...
I will update more about JOSIAH and KIM wedding later..How i wish my REAL PARTNER was with me last nite....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Al-Fatihah to Mikael

Michael Jackson dikebumi secara Islam

LOS ANGELES - Raja Pop Michael Jackson akan disemadi dalam majlis pengebumian terbesar sepanjang sejarah dunia hiburan sekali gus mengalahkan pengebumian Elvis Presley dan James Brown, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Berpuluh-puluh ribu peminat dijangka menghadiri majlis itu yang diramal sehebat pengebumian Puteri Diana.

Walaupun pengumuman mengenainya masih belum dibuat, Michael dijangka disemadi mengikut ajaran Islam berdasarkan pengumuman abangnya, Jermaine.

"Semoga Allah sentiasa bersama anda," kata Jermaine ketika mengumumkan kematian adiknya kelmarin. - Agensi

"Reace in Peace Mikael...he passed away during REJAB...what a blessed!!!"


i was so shock ...receiving the news from bibik..telling me that M.J is passed away!!...
1st of all,this weekend gonna be a bit hectic for me..i have to accompany MOMMY to KL and staying for couple of days....currently im listening to BCL and Faizal Tahir duet for "aku dan dirimu"..thats our theme song!whenever the midnite comes...i feel so DROOL..remembering HIM!
so,tommorow gonna drive early in the morning to visit sister at Seremban...
kena ambek report card for her results!OMG..scary siot!!ceh..tapi adik cek ni pemalas..balik umah ngadap tibi..tidoq...main kucing..tu jah kejanya..tataulaa apa nk jadi!!harapnya dapat la diaa 8A.dah la kecoh2...*ateh TKC ade H1n1..kemungkinan kene quarantine...* dalam hati mcm agak geli2 hati melihat telatah budak2 kecik..tp biase laa..dak2 skola...ala2 zaman2 ku dahulu..oh..rindu skool dayss siott......

and on sunday...my bf's brother JOSIAH NG + KIM NG ..will have their wedding at The Westin Hotel...and my brother Azlan Fauzy will accompany me to be my couple..since my sayang is now at Melbourne.... =(
I would like to express my warm appreciation to DILLA's boutique for sponsoring my *perfect attire* for their wedding....huhu.....well i upload the pics....just waittt!!but ...still....walking n attending with my own partner will be great!ohh pathetic...so Miss Azizul gonna be alone without Mr.Azizul the gorjes *sober*
Check out their website!



Who s next????Kim officialy our president for CYCLISTWIVES club *sniff sniff*

Friday, June 26, 2009

Does age appropriate fashion?

These days...our sisters and nieces are dressed up like the PUSSYCAT DOLLS,SITI NURHALIZA....Most of the time,it's near impossible to tell if a teenage girl is 14 or 28!!hahaha...
In fact,from my observation many of youngsters I know raid their mum's closet on the weekend not their big sister's (u sure??tapi i think my sister LOVES to follow her sister style)...Well,the reason they are not going through their twentysomething sibling's wardrobe is because she's been spending too much time stealing her grandmother's vintage dresses....in a sense of * AGE APPROPRIATE* seems to be on crack...org muda mahu nampak tua...org tua mahu nmpak muda..tp harus mengamalkan awet muda....and age doesnt matter...i dunno with my yayang..i felt young..*grrrrr*even i knew im not....*sigh*
btol x tipu..im obedient!!if he says no!!NO LAA!!if he says yes!!YES laa.....anyhing for u muah muah juta2 lemon kat Melbourne...sian dia...sekarang tgh berhempas pulas menuntut ilmu...what a GOOD ATHELETE...inilah harapan bangsa dan negara..eceh..jgn kembang ye syg!!!As for me..i really like the way Ekin Mawi and Wardina Safiyyah memperagakan fashion masing2...Dato Siti i like juga..tp depends laa tgk mood camne...now im pondering..to menyetailkan becoming tyazizul..

cut the crap...as for nowadays,,,,,,,Celebtities are no exception..!!!
MADONNA has been to swap clother with her 12 year old daughter....Suri Cruise,who is only 2 !!!has a bigger and probably more designer ridden ..that s celebrities...what about future architect and cyclist (i asked my bucuk to be the manager in my firm soon)cant wait..cant wait..kami x saba siot...tp kene study!isk isk debusshhhhh!

Everyone is keep telling me that 50 is the new for 40...40 is tne new for 30...and 30 is the new for 20..and 20 is the new for "teenager" ha ha ha ha.......Dont get me wrong....i love the fact that we are all feeling younger for longer...taking care of ourselves and not looking our age...!!Just amalkan kesihatan dalaman....drink a lot of water....for ur information...NENEK2 dan atok2 yang dkat bumi koala bear tu..masih bekerja walaupun sudah tua ganyot.Age appropriate dressing gives us a strict guideline.It's like a wearing school uniform..there s little room for fashion freestyling!!..even my trip to BRISBANE..
.die nye pramugari for QANTAS..tuaaa babe!kedut2 tangannn......but they still healthy!!why????sebab menjaga kesihatan......JANGAN CAMPUR DAGING DAN IKAN (mr.azizul selalu nasihat saya)JANGAN CAMPUR CARBO dgn DAGING..kalau nk makan CARBO make sure dgn SALAD....kalau nak makan SALAD..make sure dgn IKAN..gitu la....
tp....tu la..sejak duduk dkat bumi hey komee doreyan doh berbunge....ni...isk!!
SAYA TIDAK DIET!!nnti si dia fetch kat airport tgk kene pammmmmmmmmmmmmm!!mampus..nnti dia DERA chek suruh lari 8 kali keliling padang!isk tapatut rite.......(jgn marah yayang...rindu siot tgk muke die marahhhhhh)so..ok rahsia saya kurus!!tu laa dia...makan tu jaga...tp duk malaysia tak leh jaga..sbb takde abang penasihat makanan...isk!ayam x bisa di madu sungguh!!.......ape yang penting....ingrediants dalam sesuatu makanan itu haruslah di ambil kira....ok sudah2 !!tadi i ate MC DONALDS!bestkan!!!!!!!padan muka..pastu tghari tadi chek melantak ikan keli 2 ekoq...ngn sayur pa ntah..sdap sungguh lauk pauk di umah...itulah tanda ibu sygkan anak nya yg pulangg jauhhh mengembara menuntut ilmu..hmm..kesimpulannya...pakai la apa2 pun..janji VOGUE...ngeh ngeh...best tak ayat TYA?adik2 di luar sana..follower KAK tya....sila join Tweeter..@tyailyana..
feel free to TWEET me okies....!!muahhhhhhhhhhh from ipoh with LOVE

Minggu ini BUSY sket..sbb nak bawak lappy p baik pehtu nk g kenduri abang Azizul..Kenduri kat The Westin..saya tgh pening jugak actually nk pakai apa..tp ramai suggest suh pakai ala2 DATO SITI...."Eh tya....ko kan VOGUEEEEEE"...=S sila jgn perasan!...hahaha....i won the title gitew...
MISS VOGUE UIA ..seriouss babe!!zaman2 matrik la..zaman2 kene pam !kene pam pun vogue...ei yewwww...

SILA IMAGINA KAMI 10 tahun akan datang?anak2 kami....anak2 jojo teruatamanya....!huhu

P/s:Just imagine...i saw a 10 year old girl with 3 inch high heel wedges..walked past me..haha..
what next?????itu sebab anak dia terpengaruh tgk mak dia vogue bebeno pakai wedges jua...isk isk...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Good Wife's Guide

1. Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about is needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favorite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed.
2. Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.
3. Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Gather up schoolbooks, toys, paper, etc. and then run a dustcloth over the tables. Over the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.
4. Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children's hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair, and if necessary, change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part.
When He Arrives Home
1. Minimize all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet. Be happy to see him. Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him.
2. Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first -remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.
3. Make the evening his. Never complain if he comes home late or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without you. Instead try to understand his world of strain and pressure, and his very real need to be at home and relax.
Your goal. Try to make sure your home is a place of peace, order and tranquillity where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit.
Don't greet him with complaints and problems. Don't complain if he's late home for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through that day.
Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or have him lie down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low soothing and pleasant voice.
Don't ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him. A good wife always knows her place.

P/s: TYA please change ur attitude....!jadi awek yg bagus untuk sidia..sian sidia yang comel itu..

Ilham bicara

saya suka TWITTER!
haha..sudah gila!

To whom it may concern

"To whom it may concern,I've forgiven you and your family.I don't look back in the past cos it's history.I have a wonderful life now and I'm happy.I don't regret whatever that has happened cos it's a blessing.I don't wish to talk about the past or about people's life cos it's not important to me.I pray that God will help u and your family and only to Him you ask for help.p/s:I hope you will not disturb us anymore.tq"

Akulah Perempuan itu......

Selamat pagi...Renung-renungkan...
setelah tamat masa QUARANTINE H1N1..
antara msg2 yang saya dilayan adalah msg from my schoolmate ..Anis Diyana....i Meet ANIS DIYANA HALIM...Guess What..she still SINGLE and AVAILABLE..
Anis is pursuing her MASTER SOOOOOOOOOOOOONN!!yeahh follow my step baby!
really had a great day with Anis......Gonna miss everything about herrr ..i love u ,darling!
she was asking me to have a cup of tea with her...since we havent seen each other for a while....ceh..sebelom fly smpi dah fly...
Anis dgn gagahnya...drive form herplace to my place...dan i was so surprised looking at her..she looked TREMENDOUS!!tak percayaaa........btol....
so what do u think???lawaa rite...ok
Anis ni..single...im so pathetic to hear her sad stories...tapi biaselah tu nis..Jodoh di tangan tuhan....
Misi anak2 pak samat dan pak halim tercapai...untuk keluar bersama...Anis ni cikgu...Cikgu Fizik...tapi nk quit jadi Cikgu..nak jadi lecturer..alasan...murid2 die busuk??best tak...so kepada murid2 Cikgu Anis..Sila pancitkan tayar beliau...ngeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Anis antara kawan yang masih contact ngn saya smpi sekarang..even di Melbourne..Anis slalu dok buzz buzz YM !!SKYPE!!name it..sometime kene invisible depan minah ni nyanyahhh!!

Ok so.....Seharian di Kota Raya Ipoh.....Kami mengamati keindahan sekeliling....And yeahh..Sales ya Puan-Puan...saya sungguh tak reti mengunakan wang secara efisyien..Jadi mahu melihat gadis2 gedik jelita di dalam Fitting Room??Tidak mempunyai kerja..mencari kerja..

so inilahh hasilnya....mempoyo mengvain sendirinyahhh!!so hasil dari fitting room ini.saya mendapati size seluar membesar..damn!!gemok sudey!!!tak boleh jadi..mari DIET!!!
ok....nak di jadikan cerita...we ol park kereta dkat one famous PARK dkat ipoh...nama PARK itu dirahsiakan..jeng jeng...lawa x gamba2 VAIN KAMI??


So after menjadi *PERASAN*
we ol proceed to STARbuck untuk mengamati HOT CHOCOLATE

Uitt..besaaaa bangetttt MUGnyah!thanks ANIS for belanja me sayang!!

itulah ceritanya..kami pulang dgn hati gembira...hoh yeah!!

h1n1 inspection

Malatop buat test h1n1

Sensasi!!!!.......Seminggu di Malaysia
its nearly a week plus2 ...I m here in NEGARAKU SAYANG..MALAYSIA...!
awal2 kedatangan gue di bumi Malaysia ku gemilang....agak *mengada-mgada* kerana saya DEMAM!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa h1n1...
sesampainya saya di kota bumi bunga kertas ini..i ve seen ...JEREBU!!!
ape petandanyaaaa wahai 2 chantek manis bakal menang One in A Million tahun 2011 skalian..??sila jawab.....soalan akak tya ini....oh yeahhh
the 1st issue.....sbb indonesia ade kebakaran...oh ye ke daddy??so ...sepanjang perjalanan dari KLIA ke IPOH.....saya hanya melihat anak sedara saya ..tisya..!!dia sangat tidak mahu akan auntie die yang comel ini....
so sedey la..so Daddy asik dok tanye.....
..so boleh dikatakan semua rnr kami berhenti..tapi gue agak segan mahu turun..karnaaa gue memakai boots yang labuh smpai ke lutut yaa tante...lantas....gue menukar boots yang labuh itu ..di pakai dgn flats...turun2 jahhh RNR...adik gue..yang bernama Tya NADEERA......asik kena kacauu jah dok org yg duduk di sekeliling meja berwarna hijau..kat dpan meja tu ade sorang abang ala2 nyah jual pau kat TAPAH..sape2 nak tengok abg ni...sila pegi ke Tapah..sbb im sooo hairan nk determine whether die ni abang or akak2 u olss.....so pity to my sister...everyone was teasing her....
pertama : 'Wah.............tingginye kasut'
kedua: ' Nak pegi lumbe kudeeee ke adik'
Ketiga: tutup kes.....kesimpulannye..kenapalah kaum saya ni..suka dok tgk2 org..kalau die negara org putih..never bother nyahhh!!kau pakai la ape pun....x perlu nk ckp out loud....di situ..pemikiran dan behavior have to change...oh bangsaku sayang!!!...namun begitu..kami adik beradik tidak menghiraukan teguran org2 di sekeliling meja hijau tu sbb we knew we hoWt!*sigh* ok...sila jgn perasan..

so..sesampainya dirumahku syurgaku..bangun jah tido...jeng jeng jeng...
saya mendapati...ganguan idung.......setiap hari..MAMA sayang...akan ketok pintu...
*tok tok.....Na, R u Ok....*
i was from Melbourne ....everyone was worried to look at me!
h1n1...h1n1...OMG!!to be honest....im worried too..because dlm flight...saya duduk sorang kat belakang..smbil usha2 org di sekeliling...nk dgr IPOD..tapi ipod dah bagi kat my(other half) ..so terpaksa bukak CLEO gamba BRITNEY SPEARS edisi JUNE..ok BRITNEY dah insaf..she looks fabulous ....tapi MAK AII edisi CLEO aussie..sungguh 18sx.....nak di jadikan cerita...setelah tmpah seat ku x de org..tetibe ade plak mamat ni....duduk sblahh...isk!!kaco lainn sungguh....
so ...layan laaa tv....dah la 8 hours...flight sorang2...just imagine....asik teringatkat si dia jah..si dia sungguh romantik sebelom menghantar ku pulang..belanja makan NANDOS...too bad..i lost my BANK CARD!!!!!!kesian kan....kuang kuang...i admit im soooo careless....so disebabkan ade mamat yg sebok tu duduk sebelah gue....tgh2 melayani kejiwangan dalam flight smbil menutup mata..tetiba dia BATUK!!die batuk n bersin...dalam hati ku "OMAGAHHH..adakah SWINE FLU??"......Selsema babi di Malaysia ....dalam bahasa sopannya Selsema Khinzir agak menakutkan..dan mesycokan ...pelajar2 comel ..luar negara untuk balik Malaysia lazimnya..ini kerana....setibanya saya di MALAYSIA...keesokkan harinya...abang saya yang keje sebagai Pengeecheck TULANG dkat HOSPITAL KUALA LUMPUR yg susah nk cari parking tu CALL!!
"EH ,Na....Flight ape and bile,?dalam paper ade new kes from Melbourne..budak Medic!!"..
then..gue pun....omg..asalkan Melbourne tak kecoh pun ..kat sini mcm havoc noo..seriuss sumpah..kat Aussie tak sekecohh kat Malaysia...saya tidak faham spekulasi di sebalik Selsema Khinzir ini..so saya akur....saya jua cuak dan scyo..sebab bila baca simptom...sumanya ada...takde la ade semua.cam selseme..bangun tetibe takde suara..........sebulat suara...bakal suami saya ckp saya ni perubahan cuace...tp ....berita2 di tv,radio amat menakutkan saya...sehinggakan ...jantung berdegup lagu....so....saya buat UJIAN h1n1 itu.......jeng jeng jeng

dan perkhidmatan yang di berikan sangatlah hampeh...

mereka tipu saya bulat2...dan mereka memberikan layanan yang pelik seolah2 saya lah pembawa h1n1 di IPOH bumi kompromi ini...adeke patut......or patut ke adakah...
sesampainyaa anak comel Pak Mat ni kat spital ipoh.......
'Bang,tumpang tanya Ujian h1n1 tu kat mana?'
lantas..mamat2 yang budget macho pakai baju itam tu terus bagi gue mask...iskk siot jah!baru tanye....dorang dgn slumber..."pakaii maskk!duduk sanee.............................."
so.....saya pun mencari2 lah SANA tu di mana...rupe-rupenyee........isk isk isk..di sebelah ambulans..dan dkt ngn longkang....pastu yang paling best siap ade SIGN!!*ZON LARANGAN H1n1*..........snap!!

Dalam hati,OMG!!!apakah????sbb saya dah duduk negara org putihkan..saya perhatikan sistem2 yang ade di sana...our system is so far behind...ok let say laa.....saya ni pembawa virus h1n1..adakah patut di letakkan di tempat yang sangat OBVIOUS sambil ade SIGN *Zon larangan*...sepatutnya....bubuh la kat tmpt appropriate sikit....lagipun siasatan x ambek lagi dah buh situ...isk!!adakah patut..tak kire lagi orang dok tgk artis jelita pakai mask duduk dalam khemah tu....MALATOP pow pow pow!

setelah puas mengomel...datang la DR2 pelatih..ala2 abang ku...mengecheck.....
"Adik,dari mane ni dik"
"From Melbourne"
"So,adik ade demam2 ke......?dkat dlm flight tu ade tak sape2 kene virus h1n1?"
"No,i x demam....just bangun tido tadi ade flu n coughing ....so scared..."
"Mengikut procedure kami,syarat adik ni tak sah...die virus h1n1 ni kene DEMAM...tapi kami akan hantar health inspector ke rumah la..untuk buat susulan...diharapkan adik duduk di rumah selama seminggu dan jangan contact dgn public.Kami akan hantar health inspector tu harini..Jadi di harap terusla ke rumah ye"
"Baiklah....i ll..so maknenye kene straight away balik la ek?"

Apabila DR2 itu sudah memberikan kenyataan.....i was rushingg to home.......sbb nak tunggu HEALTH INSPECTOR check my body ........tetapi...sampai sekarang HEALTH INSPECTOR tu tak datang!!!!!

so pengajarannya di sini...sistem di Malaysia harus di ubah..kalau sudah janji akan DATANG..sila lah DATANG...or kalau x BOLEH DATANG...call la dulu ke ape kan..dah bagi maklumat....im so sedey to look at these people..Thanks God..i have no h1n1...but what about the rest??mcmane dgn org2 yang lain...yang positive penyakit tu...and yet,I heard TKC pun kene quarantine ..so i duunoo la.kesahihannye.tapi kesian la adik gue...baru nk g TKC this week..tapi ibu bapa x leh usha anak2 dorang...dah laa adik gue nk PMR....
di sebabkan nasihat DR tak bagi gue bersosial selama SEMINGGU..jadinye.....sisa-sisa cuti terbuang begitu sahaja..i got 3 weeks jah now.....sedey kan!!salahkan doctor2 tu....and sape2 jah yang treat kite gitu..iskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

helo2 abang penarik beca,pakcik posmen jiran sebelah rumah wahed senario...adalah satu kesedihan ..melihat senario yang berada di sini....i did investigate about this matter...ramai ckp propaganda USA untuk menaikan ekonomi dorang dari segi UBATAN..i also dunno..sbb gue sangat tak berapa cerdik bab2 ubat...nasib baik..bakal suamiku...eceh akan mengambil EKONOMI sbb kami bercadang nk jual anak selembu ....(seladang+lembu)...
wake up wake up!
saya sungguh sadis ya puan-puan...tambahan melihat makcik2..dan pakcik2 yang pegi SPITAL naik teksi sebab sakit...sedeyyyyyyyy gilaa..!!
Alhamdulillah......bersyukur di atas segala pemberian tuhan ke atas diriku dan keluargaku....tapi cuba anda bayangkan...tmpt virus selsema khinzir itu di khalak ramai....buatnyee positif...tak ke pakcik2 n makcik2 yang naik teksi tu..kene gak virus khinzir tu...!isk!!

PARA Arkitek sila pikir...sbb kajian charles chorea ..arkitek termasyor india menyatakan....sosialism bermula dari bangunan.....arkitek harus memikirkan segala global untuk menyerapkan evolusi di sesuatu tempat...lazimnya,banguan kerajaan harus di ubah untuk di modernkan...ini kerana..environment lies on building....!!so..itu fardhu kifayyah ...sejak melihat astro oasis ini...
sekian terima kasih..sebarang ulasan??


Haluuu...!!!its Rejab already..
REJAB,SYAABAN,RAMADAN...berpuasa lah sudah....
baiklah..i think my semester gonna ends during RAYA..Raya while EXAM..menarik!!
probably laah...T_T
oh yeaah..update2 untuk peminat2 AZIZULHASNI di luar sana..
he is currently BUSY with his classes and he is sooo EXCITED ..enrolling as UNI student..
so support him buddies!!
He took 4 subjects ..and kinda tough though because he been paused for sometimes..
so now..he needs to revise all the VOCAB back..and definitely he is so BUSY..
His timetable is now so PACK...training,class,training....
so,i have to discipline myself for not being interloper ..or create any dramas ..
i have to make sure the hero got the input and can apply the output..
Well,Im proud of him......i like his effort in doing his things!!
that s him...so particular..so detail...
and still,he is not forgoting his responsible to try his best for Malaysia..
i really adore his spirit....even i realise i dont have that kind of attitude on me..
so .....lets labour hard..follow AZIZULHASNI step!!
My bf now is studying in the same UNIVERSITY with me...He is doing his foundation studies for Bachelor in Commerce Majoring in Sport Science ....Obviously,Azizul told me..that he really likes his subjects ..and his new environment as a student and athelete ....such a MASSIVE responsibility ..
I hope..people out there..dont ever give so much pressure on him...because he copes a HUGE responsiblity ..i knew him really2 well...even i realized sometime Vermin distracts my life with him....(Envious Malay)
Anyway,Knowledge is really VITAL...and indeed,now my conversation with my BF is towards studies..rather than mumbling or humiliating about some stuff...(politik)...which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD...!!
to be honest....im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY.....when he decided to pusue to DEAKIN UNIVERSITY....so it easier for us ..to chit chat about UNI stuff....Anyhow...for the FUTURE soon!

Well,Josiah Ng and Kim Ong .....are getting married this week...so excited...!Hubby is in Melbourne so i attend the wedding with my bro to replace my hubby...pathetic!oh NOO!

Love stories at DEAKIN begin.........

My 1st trip to Melbourne...and yet,he accompanied ..same flight..he did cure my soberness after left my family in MALAYSIA...


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I loike her style

Her GUCCI...omagah!

* i really like EIKIN style.....sooooo trendy and vogue*...i think next to Ekin is Eizlan Yussuf's wife...both of them looking so tremendous ....mari pergi HAJABA or ARIYANI...*sigh*

po po po poker face

OMG .....so cute and sdap nak mati!!
ITS DORA!!yeay!

1 Rejab


Lets fasting ....and Ramadhan is so near...
and im gonna celebrate my RAYA alone ..this year..
so lets puasa REJAB..
Better to PUASA rather than think about something which can make myself dizzy and giving up..
and better to focus my real aim ..
Whats ur aim..?whats ur aim..come again!

I hate Distraction ..I hate ACCUSING!!
i believe Mies Van De Rohe on "God is in detail"

so i should be like him...to be particular in doing my thing..

I love u dad and mom....i wanna study and labour hard for the new sem ahead..!Oledi a week im here in Malaysia....time is running so fast..

Im attending DATUM KL 2009....and soon another conference in Melbourne on 10th July..

P/s: working abroad or local..or in DUBAI?? *ponder*

or i should be like BARRACK OBAMA? heh

International Career Carnival 2009

Dear sister / brother,

The International Islamic University Malaysia will host an International Career Carnival 2009 on 31st July – 2nd August 2009 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. All graduating students, graduates and Master/PhD holders who are still looking for a job are invited to submit their softcopy of Resume to be considered for job interviews by participating companies at ICC'09.

Please send your softcopy of your Resume to icc09.cv@gmail.com before 26th JUNE 2009.

Please kindly forward this email to others as well.

For any inquiries please call - 03-6196 4038 / 4023 / 4036 / 1039/ 3021

Please visit our ICC 09’ official website at www.iiu.edu.my/icc09

Thank you.

Alumni & Career Services Division


Alumni & Career Services Division

International Islamic University Malaysia

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Priya terhebat

when we were in Deakin's Library ...kinda crazy..but yaa...im so damn crazy missing him ...!he is a student now...a student and a superb Cyclist.....lots of new responsibility to cope my dear..
i have 3 weeks to meet him back LOL..
kjap nyee duk MALAYSIAA!


Dear all,
if ur an architect,architecture student..dont miss up with this prestigious event...!
i will attend insya Allah...even i knew, ..my holiday is nearly ends ...

Two of the main highlights are the DATUM: KL 09 (International Architectural Design Conference) and KLDF 09 (Kuala Lumpur Design Forum 09), where local and international renowned architects and interior designers will be presenting their work and to share their design philosophies. There will also be networking opportunities with the local architectural and for the interior design fraternity.

RM400.00 PAM Corporate members
RM340.00 PAM Graduate members
RM320.00 Academicians
RM260.00 Students (with lunch)
RM160.00 Students (without lunch)
RM450.00 Others

Friday, June 19, 2009


tadaaaa,,,cup cakes PMR supaya mendapat 8A!!!
untuk adik sayang ku yang ada di TKC
Supaya mendapat results yang excellento seperti JOJO..
JOJO dpt 8A Pmr..eh silap Abg JOJO...gitew...
so kiuttt mak aii..
u guys nk makan ke cup cakes kalau comel cengginikk??
itulah dia pengorbanan seorang kakak kepada seorang adik..
so kepada adik2 sila jgn rude kepada akak-akak sendiri..
sape baik dgn kakak die..mesti kakak die bagi hadiah sokmo!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Ikat PASHMINA?*grrr*

ninaFri 05.Jun.2009
11:53 PM (GMT+8) : hi..I am a silent reader of yours.really enjoy reading yr blog I really like the way you dress yourself..hehe, maybe if it’s not troublesome fr u,u could do an entry on how you wear those gorgeous pashmina of yours.. keep up with this gr8 blog!

Hye Nina...Well,since im in my WINTER break MOOD....well.to be honest im not that *pro* to show how to wear pashmina...but ya ..i ll try my best to satisfy u..actually wearing pashmina will actually makes someone look neat..kemas...and yaa *style*....!so..it doesnt matter if u have what type of face pun...yang penting u need to have confident in wearing it..sebab sometime..people wont wear it because she tot ..she has a big,round face..execuse me..i also have that kind of face...!hmmm..so yaa women need to be versatile ..produce more to be elegant..not to wear only 1 style for whole year..heh...

.....................cut the crap.........................

1st of all starting with residing Bismillah
u need to make sure the length of the shawl is totally at the edge..reach ur neck...

2nd u need to pusing the shawl....and make sure u one hand is pegang the shawl tightly ....and one more is pusing the shawl..

3rd...u make the pusingan smpai hujung...and yeah its on u whether to insert a pin or to masukkan the shawl under ur dagu...*sigh*

i hope........its helpfulllllll sweetheart..thanks..selamat mencuba!!! :D
stay vogue walau dimana anda berada...kejelitaan hak milik setiap insan ..novea visage..hi hi hi..anything to inquire...u can.. i ll assist..hu hu hu..since i have a month in home..and guess what i ll tell u..about my CHECK UP forINFLUENZA H1N1..yesterday at GENERAL HOSPITAL...T_T

cupcakes cupcakes...bicycle cupcakes for HIM!

Anyone interested can order the cupcakes tru my friend NANI IDAYU ...my UIA's FRIEND..sila la order..u can request any design!!kindly im choosing Bicycle cup cake from her....soooo tremendous!!!!
well,kepada yg berminat...u can contact her..or add her in FACEBOOK...
and...can mintakkk macam2...
now ...i m requesting for TWILIGHT cupcakes..which is mengada2..
for my sister..she loves EDWARD CULLEN lol!

wanna seee.........

Bicycle's cup cakes...so cute....meant for my sayang!yeay!

Nani gave these to her boyfriend..since he loves MANCHESTER UNITED!!sangat lawaa!!


to be frank,since studio NANIIIII.... a creative girl..her design sgt creative....
bagi ape pun menjadi..apatah lagi kalau seni2 halus ini..
so kepada ppl out there..
if u wanna order..plz do so..
becauseee..i ve ordered 2 sets now!!

and u knoe what...her cupcakes...sangat MURAHH and STYLO!!
selain menjadi seorang arkitek anda juga boleh menjadi penjual cupcakes yang berjaya..
janji tangan anda mesti melukis..selain melukis bangunan...
cakes juga boleh diadaptasikan sebagai kertas!
sangat salute kepada rakanku NANI IDAYU..
supaya rezekinya mencurah2..amin!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cupcakes for ADIK IPAR and Abg kepada ADIK IPAR

These cup cakes are soooooooooo cute rite....We gave these to my dear sister in law....for her birthday ....Now,im thinking of giving to my sister at TKC..but do u think she will get the cakes though???hmmmmmmmmmmm *ponder*

Well,tadaaaa....this one is for me and him....now im thinking aesthetically to create exotic pieces for my wedding ..have to start thinking now...so that ..its gonna be marvellous i tell u!..
shooooooooooppping di internet sgt mengiurkan..!!shooooooooooooot!
Sayang is officially the MIBT student..(Deakin's Foundation)..Congrats!
and he got the flowers from IPOH with love to Melbourne...


Panic panic panic!tapi semua dah SOLD OUT!!!

OmaiGod....so so so so cute..
and i like..
but can i wear those for WINTER



Pesanan Penaja :
Sila Jangan Membazir Sayang!!


Malaysia sudah

ouh ya..im here now.....
guess what....coming back to Malaysia bring a nightmare to me..
because most of the students from Melbourne to KLIA....are the one who suspected with SWINE FLUUUUU!!
My Doc Brother called me and asking when is my flightttttt...
then i said on 12th july....why????
ouh..there s new case on 13th July...flight after you...
a student suspected with H1N1...
Melboure beratus2..Malaysia hanya 12..
memangaaaa menakutkan
Indeed,Aussie has a high ranking of that case though..so
everyone who has intention to come back home..make sure u wear a mask!!
and anyone who is there..take good care of your health..especially my sayang....
in doing his training...and anything....make suree wear MASK!!
ohmagoshh...im kinda afraid now...have to drink a lot of water..
"Ya Allah save me....Jauhilah hambamu dari Malapetaka-Amin"


Key questions

Are there any cases of swine flu in Australia?

  • Swine flu has been detected in Australia. As a result, the Federal Government is in the 'contain' stage of the flu pandemic plan.

I feel like I am getting the flu. What should I do?

  • Swine flu has the same or similar symptoms to other forms of influenza, such as cough, fever, headache, joint aches and pains, fatigue, nausea, and in severe cases vomiting and/or diarrhoea.
    If you have recently travelled to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan or Panama and you have flu-like symptoms, you need to call your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department.
    If you have not travelled overseas and have been in contact with someone with swine flu and develop flu symptoms, you need to call your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department.
    There have been some cases in Australia of swine flu in people who have not been overseas or in contact with other patients. So it is wise to call your doctor if you do develop flu symptoms.
    Swine flu is thought to be sensitive to the latest antiviral drugs oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza), which are readily available in Australia and overseas.

Is it worth getting or wearing a face mask?

  • There is strong scientific evidence that wearing a face mask can reduce the spread of viruses such as influenza.

I'm planning a trip soon to Mexico and the United States. Should I cancel my trip?

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is advising Australians to reconsider their need to travel to Mexico because of the outbreak. However, if you do decide to travel to Mexico, it recommended you follow the advice of local authorities and monitor the media for updated information about the spread of the virus. DFAT provides advice through www.smartraveller.gov.au. If you have school age children, they will need to stay away from school for one week on returning to Australia.

Does this virus mean I shouldn't eat pork?

  • Pork is safe to eat. According to New Scientist magazine, this virus is named swine flu because one of its surface proteins is most similar to viruses that usually infect pigs. But this particular strain of flu virus has not been seen in pigs before. It is spreading in people - that's the problem.

What can I do to protect myself against all kinds of influenza?

  • According to the US Centre for Disease Control, there are steps which can be taken to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the flu virus. Here are some recommendations:
    Keep your distance from and avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    If you are sick, stay at home and keep your distance from other people to prevent spreading the flu virus.
    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and turn your head away from other people when you cough or sneeze.
    Wash your hands often to protect yourself from germs.
    Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth.
    To keep your immune system healthy, get enough sleep, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly, drink at least eight glasses of water a day and keep stress levels to a minimum.
    The use of antiviral drugs can also help to protect you against contracting the flu virus.

Is there a vaccine?

  • Because it is a new mutation, at the moment there is no vaccine for this strain of flu. However, work is underway to create a vaccine and experts say the work done to try to find vaccines for bird flu has given researchers a head start. The Federal Government has ordered ten million doses of the swine flu vaccine so research will now be stepped up.

Monday, June 15, 2009

he goes DEAKIN

He gonna enroll soon...
as the DEAKIN student (MIBT)
im so happyyyyyyyyyy....because we been together from the registration process till the VISA process..my sayang definitely is so excited to start his class..yep...hoping everything gonna be so smooth...even im not near to u ...auch!so pathetic..
and i want him to update every second about his enrollment ..ha ha ha

with the SWINE flu cases in Austalia!!
and yeaaaa THE HAZE....in Malaysia...OMG
sayang..take care..
i love yoOOuuuuuuuu

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear Love,

I miss u so much.....
and we are so far far away...
i "browse" my pc's folder..
and i found this...

u tulis when u hold my HTC..
so sweet...and i preserved it!

Take care.......again back then Long Distance Relationship...Love u!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


tick tock tick tock..

Bye-bye Melbourne..
Take care,Sayang

I love you juta juta lemon!
take care..n study hard my love..!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

things i wanna do when i get back

its hard to visit any salon nearby myplace...quite expensive i suppose..cant wait to groom the hair..like Lily Allen..kinda addicted with her new style..

Dont u think her new song quite interesting?

Fishermens PIER

Ting tong...im extremely happy today...because i got a BED FRAME for my room..after 6 months lying on MATTRESS!!
My syg came with his couch's wife ,Vicky....she is a nice lady...and yaa brought us to eat at one of the famous restaurants in Geelong ,Fishermens Pier....i looked quite *obscure* ..because didnt get enough sleeping last nite..was struggling studying my topics..and ya..tmorow is the EXAMS day!!Pray for me......................!!!!i didnt groom myself..and i looked PALE...eii yewww....

ta daaa.......here are the pics...

me and Vicky,My Melbourne Mama...hu hu hu

me and jojojojojojojojojojoojo...My Melbourne Savior

me and my future husband..
gonna leave him soon..ouh pathetic..i can hear his voice turning so sloppy now
..maybe he is sober too ..because couldnt get free 3 to 3 call anymore..
* in dream i walked with you*

Love yayang so much..and Sorry if i ever HURT you..
i knew i did..
so sorry..
body and soul...

love u so much..
full stop..


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