Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Remeniscing 2008

In january 2008,Batrisyia Saffiyah now can see the world...She was born in Dublin,Ireland genius and brave ..gonna celebrate her 1st Birthday this coming friday...i dunno wut to get for shop in sunway pyramid attracts me so much...gonna visit there someday to buy her prezy!Now tisya is slim...yaa keep it up the good work lady..She gonna be a sister soon..In June 2009 if i not mistaken..Cute sayang!Tisya is a daughter of a medic student of UCD (university college DUBLIN) and master student of UCL(university college LONDON).

the UIA TRIP..called "heritage studies" where we have to make a research on certain building aged 100 years bellow...for our group we have to study about "Bait Al-Barudi" am i spell it correctly?it was fun u know..bring all the architectures tool world widely..and studies the oarnamentations, people and environment.we spent nearly 3 weeks in Damascus and the trip was awesome!i met new friends ..UIA makes a collaboration with University of Damascus.(ARCHITECTURE).Indeed,we gained a lot of experience..especially when it comes to visit the WISE mousoleums like Khalid Al-Waleed,Nabi Ayoub A.S and etc.

After my journey to middle east,i soaring above the sky to EUROPE again..This time,we visited London,Dublin,Northen Ireland,Brussels,Geneva,Berlin,Amsterdam,Barcelona*sigh*Thanks for my beloved PAPA !!My dad dragged me to Europe because he wanted me to observe the value of architecture so that i can apply in to my design.Indeed,the architecture in EUROPE totally amazing compare to our country.The using of bombastic materials and structure impressed me so much..Plus,My dad asked my 2 lilttle sisters to follow in a way to follow my brothers step..Who really excel in his studies.I did shoooting a lot ...and its fun!

After struggling hard time studying,My brother..Azlan Helmy has passed all his exam and now been awarded to be a "DR" Alhamdulillah..Thank God!Well,this is my 1st time attending abroad convocation.oh yea its kinda so simple not like Malaysia..we have so many rules to obey.My abang also known as yeop got his degree at University College of Dublin and now working at Hospital Kuala Lumpur..Hard time to be a time with family...nvm...Niat itu penting..membantu masyarakat s so pitty to hear my abangs stories about his patients at HKL..devastating!
After 2 months,attending my bro convocation..and now its my turn.I got a degree "Bachelor Science in Architecture Studies"(Honours)..architecture also is a toughhhh course!i sacrifice my sleeping time for a sake to finish my drawing.Staying all night long facing my monitor just to errect my building .Alhamdulillah.I made it.Thanks to everyone..Families,Lecturers,Friends..Being architecture students need to ponder and understand a lot of things..Research and reading lead u to success..Design without meaning is zero and have to be really good in presenting..y?untuk meyakinkan clients babyi got an offer to futher my Part 2 Architect immediately after i finished my degree..and yea..cant imagine how tough my life gonna be when it comes to "master" .Pray for me ya!im going to pursue my studies soon..and it kinda scary because i rarely read n revise when i stayed at home.huhuhu....i ll try my best for 2009...

Goodbye 2008....
Ahlan Wasahlan 2009...
i have to be *Good*

Monday, December 29, 2008

a must to have

i have downloaded all the soundtrack..its kinda cool..robert pattinson also known as edward cullen can play piano very well....the paramore songs kinda soooo cool!!
by the famous composer Carter Burwell
and i have a crush background song...auwwww
bella n edward dance at PROM romantic :)
by Iron & Wine....

dvd tolong la kluar before fly..i really wanna watch it over and over again..


its nearly end of December...and hello January...!!

i got it all

yeay....a perfect RALPH collector.....RALPH sangat wangi...then it comes with Ralph lauren COOL,i got COOL and HOT ...then Ralph lauren WILD and ROCKS..

ilang satu set ralph lauren COOL..sangat tensionnnn!!!

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430

people were singing in my facebook....huhu..thanks singers..!

Satu muharam detik permulaan....
change tya change!

:Lostworld of Tambun:

here come LOST WORLD of TAMBUN,Ipoh,Perak MALAYSIA

this place quite menarik..surrounded with bukit bukau

First of all...i would like to say sorry...
sorry seems to be the hardest word..
ya i really sorry for not attending the school reunion last Saturday..
i appreciate every thing u guys had done to me...
wanna pick me up calling..but still ...hopeless..
i didnt show really2 sorry yeaa dear friends..!!
the main reason definitely "no car" tp when naim asked acap to fetch me ..rasa kesian pula!!
2nd one "im flying to Oz soon" tp when anis told me "alahh aimi yang nk fly UK 3rd Jan ni pun datang...ko tu kerek"....shoooooot..rasa sangat bersalah pada what to do rite?lambat bebenoo i decided to dtg esok malangskali...saya tidur lmbt..n of coz la bangun awal....huuuuuuuuu
*sigh*elina shakila,me,wan malini

after having a "tremendous"@ weekend sleeping..
anis texted me ..and asking me to siap to "sunway lagoon"
luckily,ipoh also got one sunway lagoon..he he he..its kinda nearby to my house..
and ok im in!!!
im so happy they are coming to meet sayangggg all my dearest buddies!
6 of us..ema,anis,wan,elina,wahida,tya ...and i bring 2 ppl with sis n her friend
bravooooo!!!!sangat seronok playing water with ur own schoolmates..
remeniscing old days dalam pelampong..apakah??
now im so missing ...all of them ..have to go back for work....

we are waiting for anis..she kinda agak "cepat" bersiap...aduhh smpi ujan di luar..membasahi baju2 kami ini...anis still in the toilet..ema n wahida beli waffle....

p/s: anis....i love you......weh x de gmba pun ngan yayunk ;,(

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Teh n Fitri Amir reception

the groom was my "Ketua Tingkatan"
and the bride was my schoolmate tooo..
percintaan mereka katanya bermula di "Matrikulasi"
asal ramai gle my batch kawin Disember sumenye yang jenis pendiam2 gitu
tak la ramai sangat...baru 4 org je kawin dalam 130 orang still x ramai ryte..

tidak mungkin....i need to enjoy my life with my friends first....huhuuhuhu


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gucci and impian ilyana

i ve seen ikin wearing this shoes in trek selebriti..
oh my goshh,,,,its soooo niceeeeeee!
and i fell in love with that shoes
but the problem is that" its GUCCI!"
im so not affordable to have it hopeless ;(
and yeahh must be so expensive too ..
takan nk mengharap duit mak bapak pulak kan?
sudah besar tak elokkk begitu unless their intention ..not our ownself desire...
from now on, we are the one who should give money to them..and repay everything with love and emotion..;)
so cant wait to finish my studies..
to have my own buy this and that..
and of coz to have my GUCCI's collections soon *sigh*..
dan paling utama...membalas jasa kedua ibu bapaku yang banyak
memberi tunjuk ajar dan panduan hidup +agama sehingga ku berjaya...
i promised to study hard !!!!because..without them, i dont think i can succeed until this level..
i love uuuuuuu both....and yea..Gucci awaits me...!

for my dearest adik2 di bawahku,
.....please remember our parents hard to excel..and dont forget to pray!!...dont simply rely on parents ..pity them..they are getting older time to time...we have to give them "happiness" not to give them "problems" which basically can hurt them...and yeah dont be arrogant ..we should be humble in every aspect of hard !!!for those who are going to face "exam"..good luck..and always remember to get the best or "scorer"...once u got ,phewwwww rasa sangat berbaloi..and u will not stop to improve adik2 ku sayang,if u excel in ur exam...ateh gonna buy u a gucci prop!

im going to geelong soon...

Friday, December 26, 2008


pheww.....cut off ur nasi lemak in take..this is the healthiest meal ever....banished the fat jinggo!


i watched twilight sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times in CINEMA..
and i promised myself to dload the movie and gonna watch it over and over again..
to be frank,i cant wait to watch 'New Moon'..
but please...could u please replace jacob character to someone else..
he is so annoying la..!and of coz i hate the werewolves!!prefer vampires..yaa go cullens !
edward cullen goshhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Nidas -CATALUNA980

today is nidas wedding..
and yeaa sangat tak sangka dalam our batch..nida yg pendiam itu kawin dahulu..
namun begitu,after i reached ipoh..i received a sad news from anis...
"bapak inaz meninggal" ..i just met Inaz at the Kenduri..and she received the news about her dad while she was on her way back to home..Just imagine...A big shock to her and me too..Yesterday ,my beloved lecturer passed my best friends father passed away..Well,life and death decision is in the hands of God..We are the slave..Worship and Obey

Al-Fatihah to Encik Kamaruddin (Ayahanda Shafinaz Kamaruddin) kembali ke rahmatullah akibat serangan jantung.May God bless him and placing him together with wise people.Amin
Inaz sayang,Takziah ..bykkan bersaba ok..itu semua kehendak tuhan..Setiap benda ada hikmahnya..i always be by urside sayang...Just keep on pray for him..

"So glory to Him in whose hands is the dominion of all things and to Him will ye be all brought back"Sura Yassin 83'


i love u one else cant replace ur size...ops

i met my babes..we spent time preciously..and yeah...sangat tak puas dgr dodot nyanyi especially lagu pengantin di mamplay itu..sangat mengelikan isi hati tya u!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Dear Dr Shukri,

If u could hear me....
Thanks for your meaningful knowledge and everything u had done to me and others.Thanks for your kindness and for inspiring me to appreciate my life as an architecture student.Thanks for giving me spirit to endeavor my goal.You re the greatest lecturer ever in IIUM.
May Allah s.w.t bless your soul and place together with other wise people....amin......

in loving memory of Dr Shukri
  • Ph.D in Architecture, The Robert Gordon University, UK
  • Post Grad in Architectural Studies, The Robert Gordon University, UK
  • BSc. (Hons) Arch, The Robert Gordon University, UK
  • Diploma in Architecture, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
He was my lecturer for 3rd year IIUM.He thought me a lot especially in doing design and theory of architecture.He passed away due to glass piercing injury at KAED.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

im reading eclipse

i knew its pretty *slow*
but i swear im gonna read the novel a.s.a.p..
because i cant wait to know the ending of edward cullen..sigh
i have 30 days to revise.....


Edward's soft voice came from behind me. I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.

This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine—like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us.

Mawi n Ekin

Mawi and Eikin sudah sah menjadi suami isteri..
im so happppppppppyyyyyyyyy...
eikin looks soo stunninggggggggggg...!

ohh weekend

ok tomorrow is SATURDAY..
so basically there is nothing special for me on SATURDAY except to watch MAWI N EIKIN live on tv for their solemnization ....They are super someone!! y?because its live everywhere..kalah Raja Muda Perak :S
ouh..i have one more classmate wedding i decided not to go..y?because im not that close with them..(that is the mean answer rite) no la..actually i have no car to go..if my dad allows me to ride a bike..sure i do!!
and been ages..i never ever step at the cinema...i heard "Histeria" is good..i have to watch Malay movies as many as i can...and my favourite actor is on cinema too..keanue reeves..again!i dunno how to go there..y?because i dont have a more specific i dont have any transports !!sacrifice is needed...
so after all,i have to change plan A to plan B...

a hope..i need to observe or "pantau" my lazy sister..she hasnt started her folio yet..during my school time ...folio is no one..i love to make my folio looks nicer and of be the "contoh" to the juniors..well..not only in University too..i managed myself to maintain it..ha ha ha..
its good u more u got less u got less..!!

2)i want to visit my liltle zoo at my rear compound...pity to my cats..they are sick with the place..i swear once i have my own house i ll take care of them..:S

3)Sketch up....actually i used to remind myself to sketch often...but...( mesti x jadi punye) i need to learn others too...banyak siot new software yg sudah di dlod tapi hampeh...saya malas sungguh mahu explore!!

4)im gonna susun all the books...which one is priority..which on is not so gonna bring some of them to basically Architect Data and Construction gonna be the priority one!ouh yaaa..all my magazines..a lot u know...haishh pening2!

5)arrange my lemari...decrease and donate to orphan..i dunnooo its a lot!!!

6)baking cupcakes (its a 2nd trial...1st trial hampehhhhhh kek keras!!)

7)jogging+gym (a month more babe) i bought a jeans with smaller size than now..(hoping and aiming are needed..if not membazir itu amalan syaitonnnnnnn....

8)tatau..kemas rumah?ye ke?try la......


ular langkawi

bile tgk gmba terase gelii puleee *sigh*

Friday, December 19, 2008


i saw they performing live on t.v
they just like my fav band greenday but Malay version!
quite cool la....!!
i heard they are ipoh mali...........btol ke?
if yes.....i want to give a huge grinnnnnnnnnnn :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


stop that crap pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!
i have 30 ++days more..

mama i love u..
mama i care... ;.(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O u r s



Thank God,I found him..
Lunch together at Planet Hollywood till "im LEGEND"
really gave me a lot of memories
Love u a lot!

Monday, December 15, 2008


tisya with pah cho (tatah's sister)
tisya with her fan (auntie anis banjar)
sian diorang kenduri bapak jauhh las2t..menjamu selere di rumah ku..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Azie Cataluna980 ..she won!!

congrts for u both....=)


wut a lovely day..i meet all my dearest Cataluna980..before heading to Azie's house...we stop 1st to take a picture..quite a long time i never have a chance to meet before fly,i have to grab the oppurtunity to meet them!oh yeaa..all of them ... looking so gorgeous!and definitely sangat tak matang!once jumpa,was like yelling and all the "kenangan terindah" reveal..they started to gossip...and basically mention about our memories when we were together...ahh loveeee...all of them are now working....except ME!hehehe...Ieka said i used to bully her during school time...ngeh2...she is so stunning!..and working in Mahkamah,if there s any cases regarding divorce and all can meet her to nagotiate ..Ieja,,the only girl who still the same..not like others(u got wut i mean rite)..she owned a car already!and now working as a Researcher for IMR..she was soooooooo excellent in Mathematics..She was my tutor too..Her add math and modern math were awesome...100 and 95 above..sangat hebat!!!!Shima..we used to call her "Ramona Rahman"..yet gorgeous working as a Account's teacher..Ansariyah..i called her "Kak Cik"..i like her atittude so "kakak" one..just finished her studies in working as part time ketua dorm...the only one with small body..and short!he he he...and she was our conductor for choral speaking too..durhh~a bad lady signal!isk isk working in a Bank nearby her house..She took Finance when she was in still studying in USIM..under Financial and Syariah ..(rasenye laa) Kemal ..was a news distibutor during our school time..she loves Siti Nurhaliza to the fullest...!!Ermalina Hanita,,,my librannnn ever friend..we shared the same birthday and often celebrate she is working in Hospital Fatimah as a therapist..the red banjar named Anis Diyana..the only Cataluna who has a boyfriend in a same school..his bf now is in Russia doing Medicine me and her are same in situation..sigh...Anis was a grade A students 10 in our working as "Pakar Fizik" physic so much...last but not least,Elina Syakila..also known as EL..budak pandai juge...sangat suke subjek sains..and She s now working as "Pakar KIMIA"..and yeahhh...thanks teacher..we end up to be someone even we were so nakal during our school time....actually ramai lagi x de...rindu betol kat semua budak2 jumpe 10 org pun dah kecoh..apatah lagi kalau jumpe one batch..dgn Rafidah Nur,Syira,Farah Syazana Iryani Syam,Wan Malini,Diana Hasan Nawawi,Murni,Hajar,Paeh,Afizza...durhh ramai durh..all the otai2 one..semua sedang bz kerja...dan bz bercinte...nympass!!

because of this picture,,i left my g~beg!!
gorgeous bride....she was my bedmate time form 5...dah kawin dah azie...
posing Khaldunians....i was a prefect lol!,,ema was a prefect too,mimi?emm..librian..tikah too..inaz..murid biasa yg suke usha budak lelaki...namenye "Megat"ngeh2
shima and irnie hazreen...both of them still single and available..

so in CATALUNA980...azie goes first......!!congrats...wink wink

Flying ticket!

to all friends and family..

im going to Melbourne on 24th January 2009..which is a month more to go..
and my class gonna start on 16th February house at this moment..
so have to go earlier to search for my own crib with kuhaz!
im so sad to leave everyone...please dont cry ok kepada kawan2...
jangan nak nangis2 time kat KLIA...u knew how sensetif i am...!
Love u all!!

Meet the fans

dodot tidak ketinggalan jua...hi hi hi
we went to adah's bro studio..dkat taipan..
abang adah merupakan seorang pelukis terkenal negara..
lukisan2 yang di pamerkan die studionye agak adik2 adah serta Cat Lina G..tidak melepaskan peluang untuk bergambar...they support jojo to the fullest!!yeaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, December 13, 2008


yes he is alive..
updating his results..
my fever is getting better..
tomorrow ..have a kenduri to attend..
my friend from catalun980..
she is my bed mate..time form 5..
ema gonna fetch me early in the morning...
than we go together with anis cooper...


yaaa..quite a silence...
he is sooo silent..
his credit is cant send text even receive a text..
i miss him so much..
only contacting tru email..
i never miss to talk to him for a day pun..
now its 2 days..
just imagine...?
he has one more race for tomorrow..
today he got one..and i didnt know his results..
hopefully...he accomplished well!!
lets pray for him and the team!

* sick...need u so much :( ..*

cpt la sunday.....!!and yeaa tuesday....our day =)

Friday, December 12, 2008

an item

i ve got my DNG spectacles at last..yeay...thanks for the u all...*hug*
looking smart and *nerd* is needed ryte?
i got one month more...!pheww..a lot more to prepare...
im craving for yong tau fu....demam2 begini apetite mcm pig pule...
i ll upade my blog as often as i can..when the dizziness disapear!


*saya demam*
actually its been a long time ..i rarely involve in "sickness"
yesterday...was a nightmare!
i hate doing medical check up..
and yeah...going to AUSTRALIA is soo hard...
everything is so strict..including applying the VISA and MEDICAL CHECK UP!
and because of that stupid MCU..i had a war!
so...people out there if u wanna do medical check up ..make sure dont go to this clinic..nearby Jalan Yap Kwan Seng..the services are suck!Nurse acted like a physician !..
and because of that...*saya demam*
Thought of doing it just for a day..they wanted me to do it for 2 days....!!
Guess what?We went there like "sehelai sepinggang" then..have to get a new baju!
Thanks Mama for being there with me..and accompanying me all the way...
and i was collapse ..straight away after my medical check up..because they took my blood!
i knew im Cullen's member..but wth with my blood?im cullen la...not bella....
*see aku sudah gila akibat sangat taksub dgn edward cullen yang sungguh pujangga itu*
so..mama was there ..she gave me ECPI drink water...and sleep with me secure me..
love u so much..i dunno y suddenly i got a bad headache...and yeaa DR mama tried to cure me with her ECPI!uruts my head...shiverring ok!!
indeed,Kak shu and 4g jua sakit...
i woke up early in the morning ..then 2nd "sickness emerged"...sakit gum swelling and i got ULCER....deep in my mouth....pathetic rite?
however,im so SICK,TIRED and LONELY...

kuhaz told me..that maybe our tickets gonna be earlier!
Mid of JANUARY! kinda sad too because hey i have like a month pulak now?to leave my family n friends n cats..ohh noo.....sangat sedey...apabila mama menjaga anaknya begitu..kalau ku sakit nnti..siapalah nk jaga like mama did rite??i love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh MAMA!!

tu je nak cakap...nk sambung tido..
im pening back..the labtop light penetrates my head...

good nite people...

Monday, December 8, 2008


more pics to come....gtg,,,kne blk kg daa


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