Saturday, October 27, 2007

must WATCH!!

Must buy BEFORE 2008

Weigh Loss

For permanent weight loss, begin a healthy change in your lifestyle, including taking these four positive steps:

1. Moderate Exercise:

Three times a week.

2. Adequate Water Intake:

Almost no one drinks enough and when you are losing weight, you need more. Take your weight, divide it in half and that equals the number of ounces of water you should drink each day.

3. Good Nutrition:

Fresh fruits and veggies, grains, low-fat meat choices. And for most, a huge reduction in "fast foods," fried foods, sugary foods, white flour products, and red meat.

4. Good Sleep:

This is a vital issue. Sleep is when the body rejuvenates and repairs. If you are not sleeping well, we can just about guarantee you won't lose the weight you are trying to lose.


so next week gonna be my exam week..
starting on the 1st and ending on the 5th.
plz pray for me...
i m so afraid to answer the reading questions..
lots to read..lots to revise...
and then holiday...
a month holiday cud say..
so the major intention : tour malaysia:


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Mee Goreng Seafood

actually it was an old picture.. a way to show my credibility and ability to cook
i have to preview it out..
it was taken during my cooking skill test.
its sound funny...but innit..
i was one of those who learn how to cook..
now im so damn good in offence!
hi hi hi....
so my mee goreng seafood..was given a huge applause by the classmate..
they said the mee was so a bit ppl like mee basah..:)

so as the receipe here it goes..

satu sudu stock ikan bilis
satu sudu cili blend
satu sudu kicap manis
udang,sotong,ayam--->ikut suka hati kot..lg byk lg sdap..
satu bungkus mee..
4 sudu sos cili
4 sudu sos tomato
satu sudu minyak (less is more)
satu cawan air masak

so :put all the ingrediants together and at last put the mee..finally put the sayur..
jeng2 dah siap dah mee...........:)

portfolio.......2007 lost in the vast abysses of space and time" (Loren Eiseley).

salam to everyone..

This coming wednesday gonna be a hectic day for me..because we gonna hve portfolio day..
which is actually the day where the examiners come and observe the quality and ability of certain students.they will also determine the grade and the potential...
some studnt even failed when they unable to present the drawing tremendously!

erm,,i havent touchd up anything for my drawing..a.k.a im so damn lazy..i dunno there s no such time for me to see the drawing back again...perhaps redha with all the effort..hahks!

Through this project,its actually tried to enable the skill of using computer software..perhaps by emulated BOYS..they are really good in computer..lucky me coz i have a lot of BOYFRIEND...he he he....

just wait n see the coming portfolio....i dunno who gonna be the guess lecturers..b cos sumtime the guess often makes chaotic...hate it!in the sense that..they think they are good :cosmogonic they will ask all the bombastic questions which basically students cant even answer..excluding me..:P

Friday, October 19, 2007


salam everyone...

23 n 24 oct...
Aussie OPEN DAY..
at IDP subang jaya..
any one who interested to futher studies in Aussie...
kindly plz visit the place..

MOON already got 3 offers from RMIT,newcastle...another one i forgot..
whre shud i chooseee huh??mama suruh pegi melbourne...:)

My birthday gifts...:)

emmm...yeay...actually i have a lot more ...ha ha lucky i am...e 1st gift actually given by mama when i was in london....e second one given by my dearest friend....thanks a lot...i prefer wedges!!..nine west pun ok gak kot...he he he..the third and forth...again given by u so much..the flowers come from singapore while the beautiful fairytale comes from far sooooo valuable....waiting for my dad...his prezent :)...wonderful....!!

missing relative..

hey..i just met this :gorgeous girl:
2 days ago..My God..missing her so much..
thought of she s comg to my house yesterday..but noooo!!
no internet huh rawang??
lambat gell malaysia nye SERVIS!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

puasa enam

salam to everyone..
i started already puasa di bulan syawal yang indah lagi mempesona..
em..yeah today is my 1st day many dugaan n rintangan..
1st of having sakit perut...since dawn until bukak pose..
maybe because eating like a pig yesterday...
i ate rendang dinding pah sdap...!!maybee la..sebab makan byk gell..
ok so puasaaa ngan tenang..
time lil sister bleh plak makan chicken rice shop dpan mateku..aiyooo sooooooooooooooooo terliurrrr...
just sabaa sabaaa..then watching bawang kecik n damn funny..
my God....sakit peruttt ni sakitt lagi smpai sekarang.....rase nak demam pun ade..adekahhhhhhhhhh keracunan makanan???


salam aidilfitri everyone..

raya tahun ni serius best!
tatau asal....rasenye sebab ramai gell datang rumah
then balik rayeee kat kampung..
my selera makan was awesome..
i ate like a pig..pig pun tak makan seteruk tu...sigh~
erm..nway...just to add...asal my beloved school mate tak datang beraye ek?
they were compulsory cme to my house every raya...for this coming rayaa..i dnt actually received any from them..MY GOD!!,,,ceh..
im going back to UIA sooner...
not that soon..its tomorrow...then exam..
what a psyco rules..
i started my puasa 6 already..
just to cut my apetite for raya..hey u know what?
im afraid of gaining weight...aiyoooo...its payah to maintain after all.
so...enuff 3 raya already enjoying eating like have to cut!!
no no no no!!!!!
omg....cant taste the "nikamat"rayaaa can i??:P
sober....sob sob sob


credit to BUME..

,,actually i wanna buy a lot more u knw..nevermind..before u come back to m'sia i ll these are the things that i want u to buy..perhaps u can tell me the "actual price" that i can bank in to u....hihihi...v.s time winter bukan sale gegile kee???,,
yang sale je la..yang tak sale tak mampu dol!..

Saturday, October 13, 2007

selamat aidilfitri..MAAF ZAHIR BATIN

salam....di kesempatan ini..
i would like to take my opportunity to say sorry body n soul.for things that i did wrong in every single day..hope ur raya will chear u up and bring happiness to u and family...ya..dont forget to come over to my house...i ll try my best to serve the best delicious..!!no duit rayaaa of still a student....:)~sigh

happy ramdhan....
maaf zahir n batin

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i like u..Angkasawan NEGARA~sigh~

erm im really proud of u..DR..
i like to read all those scientific fictions since school...
i knew every single stages that u will go through...
have u heard about upsilon?is the planet really exist?
herm..anyway,so lucky to observe the amazing scenery of exotic environment..
may ur mission to space will accomplish..-insya Allah-

The design...

these are all my perspectives..
so time to render them with max..atlantis bla bla bla..
my labtop has some problem..regarding the capacity to load the things..
so have to use...the good computer next sem...!hi hi hi..

presentation final sem 1 2007/2008 presentation was on my birthday...
i was luckly to be the fifth prezenter...
hah...ya...everything was so fine...the lecturers loved my dsgn...
should strive harder next sem...perhaps...obtaining good great...
....designing fire station.....
not a big problem for me...bcause the spaces in the building are so simple and staright forward...we just need to add some spaces which are relevant for them ..erm,,,nway.....yeay!!at last...i managd to design with computer..even they look saks...but who the new bginer ever....!!ha ha ha......
go angkasawan...go tya..
yeah i like his spirit..n handsome so so so so in love...:)

birthday 22

okey last few days..
i clbrte my birthday in small kiosk...
no budget at all..
1st all..because of the presentation ..
i didnt get enuff sleep...
after finished my presentation..
went to have "nap"
but then..i woke up at 8 00 pm after break fast..
i did birthday just on my bed..
tak bleh i called mai..anim ..n elin to accompany me to watch "seek sign"
went to danau...went to eat delicious nasi lemak antarabangsa....last but not mercun..!ok la....enjoy gaks la...thanksssssssssss !!love u all..mwah2..


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