Tuesday, April 22, 2008

malaysia ..i miss u!!

so....after a long journey..
finally..tomorrow is the day that i have been waiting for..
flying back to KLIA..yeay!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


how i wish to come here with my sweetheart..i miss him so much...:( :(


Friday, April 18, 2008

architecture still

..i upload later,,cc is about to close..damn!

roman theater...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my teamate..

this is shafieyah..cataloging..but still tolong us doing measurement

he is ikhwan..vain guy ever..doing measurement same as mine

im doing measurement for this building...

tomorrow is the last day on site

so after waiting for a long silent..
tomorrow gonna be my last day on site..
and..yeay...surely feeling sober a bit..
a bit la..ha ha ha..
so...we gonna have something tonight..
i dunno whether to climb a mountain..to see the scenery of damascus..or perhaps..
going to shams square??
i dunno.....
observing ppl smoking shisha...
bla bla bla...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

damn..i shoot a lot...

am i too vain?

UIA collabaration with UNIVERSITY of DAMASCUS

hey u guys are so great!
so helpful..thank u...iskandar,ala',alan,nadin,goran,obodah..and everybody..thank u again!!

Syria..here i come..

i had an accident before i depart to SYRIA...anyway cut the crap..i dont want to remember it again..because it was a nightmare ever..and i hate to drive alone on the road especially MRR2...lots of stupid fella...shit!!

hey hey hey......its been a long time i never do any posting in my blog..
i was so busy ..preparing some stuff to syria and also..meeting someone ..ya..it was lovely!hmphh...

ok ok so...ya im in damascus syria..to tell u the truth..my hotel..i mean the accomodation is really terrible and sux!at first i cant help myself to go to the toilet..because its so disgusting..but..u know..
i have to stay there for more than 2 weeks..so..i have to love my hotel..
my place my jannah..wut ever..

damascus is a nice place to visit...
the people...OMG!!
u know what i mean..so kind and so kind la..!
baik gile..helping us..all the time..
when we r doing our work in front of their house they will gve us some food and drink..and prove us anything that we need...luckly we have dina n nurr..they help us alot..being a good translator perhaps...

ok cut the crap...i like damascus!i like the environment..so peaceful and tranquil..
my visit to syria really makes me excited to be an architect one day...developing this country one day perhaps..who knows rite?


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