Thursday, February 26, 2009

sangat free

ok..basically..i already registered for everything ...
and free till 2nd March...because there is an o-week again!
so then i can meet the locals..*sigh*
now...trying to understand the website..
its 4 a.m in the morning...
and a night owl..
well...i need to plan some activities for me tomorrow..
im hoping 4g gonna online soon..yeah i miss him so much a lot of things i need to share with him..
today is Rania Birthday..well ..Happy Birthday..!!
baking?yeahh sounds tempting..!

it sangat sejuk to the fullest...i hate to loo or poo...huhuuh
td pegi westfield...i bumped to a shoe shop...
hmmm...i really like that lacoste shoes!and defintely onitsuka tiger....i bought 2 dress today..well,i likeeeee kuhaz dress so much!!sangat kiut....!ohhhh my sister...athiah nadhirah..
ku merindui mu....kesengalan.. baumul mu..kurinduii....rindu nak jalan2 kat pavi same2...miss u sis!bila shoping2 ngan kengkawan mesti ingat budak kecik tu...haiyoo....adik,,,i was so sebak u know today!!i beg u gonna love all the begs laa and the pumps i wish my sister is a year younger..but she is 9 years younger..snap!!well....i told u bout twilight..and edward cullen is coming....its kinda exciting darling...!!i wanted to buy u a huge poster of u think u need it?so massssssssssssssssiveee!!and u can feel edward is watching u sleeping like what he did to sister warned me for not get married so soon...i ll consider it sister..because im thinking to delay it either...late 20 is cool..i need to have my own BMW or COOPER 1st..huhu..
oh i miss my adik pulak now!!adik was the only human who often ikut me anywhere and everywhere...she even tiru my signature..not only brother too...x kreatif langsung dorang ni..well,i copied from my mom! basically,we are an art family..huhu...if adik has an overnite outhing..she gonna spend her days with me in UIA..because she loves to eat a lot!she loves Nailis,Seri Melaka and yeaah NZ curry house@chicken chop..i miss her..even my sister has a different character..hmm..
adik is so cun tatkala remaja...i like ur "guitar"..!! envy u got the skill..*sigh*
i miss u much....especially when u guys singin to me the was so pathetic!!
now,me in geelong..

they are so apart...
missing is hurting..

i hope she gonna get glorious results in PMR..and SPM
futher her studies in my field.. ;)

memisshome.. ;(




1st)...i got my card...and yeay i got a concession ticket anywhere i go easily but not for V-Line!!!

2nd)i got a Geelong Westfield Card...a discount card and a point card?yeahh 2 thumbs up..

3rd)i knew the kedai ikan here in Geelong i bought them like 20 aud...auchh!ikan kecik jah!im on diet ikan more....wut ever~
i accompanied this puan seri shopping..every shop she entered mesti belipunya...oh ya..we adore the interior of this changing room so much..classical..!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Malaysian and Japanese

tadaa..our 1st day in Deakin a table with Malaysian and Japanese..Well,Deakin Uni is so fantastic..i like the facilities and the website!yea..u can get anything in a single click..just imagine..Deakin Uni at Waurn Pounds is so nice..i mean yaa..before i enrolled,i been to the Uni for 2 times..but seem like a normal campus ..but once u get a foot to step..its so mesmerized..because..inside the campus once u enter the boundaries of a student..the building is so with leveling..and ya...there s a special space underground...i hardly remember the way to be honest...but yaa...i like the way the deliberate the idea of making this campus so excellent...futhermore,ya they respect ourselves as a Muslim ..and yaa Halal food and Muslim Prayer Room are available too..i love the environment and yea...Deakin Uni is the best place to study...:D
After our tea time break,we got to know each other by making a round circle..obviously only me and kuhaz are wearing we are so "VISIBLE" ppl easily asking "Are u Malaysian?" or maybe "Are u Indonesian?"so..we gained a lot of friends on that time to be honest..hehehee..
so then i realized..7 of us doing Master of Architecture from Malaysia..only me,kuhaz and moiz from IIUM and the rest are from LIM KOK WING UNIVERSITY..and yaa i met a youngest studio friend..She s doing master and she is 21 years old from Malaysia..ok..anda hebat!so chit chatting...everyone is approaching each other...and we are given a tag..for Faculty Science and Technology and Faculty of Medicine,Nursing,Health are given GREEN TAG!!so GREEN people meeting each other...oh yeahh..i knew my crowd already..and definitely the circle meant for ARCHITECT....Architect never bother with other ppl life..thats the fact!haha...
and again OMG!the structure of the building and the space ..soo aesthetic....its just like a pandora box...u never know what inside the box once u entered....i like the spaces!!!and its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo architectureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......
now u feel..urself in architecture having things hanging..oh yea so with level as well..and the studio is so huge....seniors and juniors in the same room..and facing to the waterfront..tranquility huh?basically it helps the the juniors to develop their mind easily..indeed segregation is forbidden..and it reminds me of my studio time during my 1st year..the lecture wanted to segregate the end...both parties got war and envy to each other..and yaa bias lecturers!!the international lecturers wanted to open the wall but the local lecturers who graduated overseas..making a stupid system which creates calamity to a student and environment...wut else??oh yeaa i only got 16 credit hours for 2 years....just imagine??i had 100+++ credit hours during my 3 years bachelor where as bachelor in deakin just took 30+++ for 3 years...huhuh as a conclusion,studying abroad is relaxing compared to local people out there..if u feel like pursuing ur studies..go ahead..score in ur local uni..and apply to study abroad once u got the transcript...grab the oppurtunity..i knew lot of my juniors are interested to come to deakin as well..and often read my here it goes...i imply from a to z...good luck...
the passion is needed rite??

Tya Boo

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Deakin...

i m going to start my UNI back....yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

a month

its been a month me in Australia
the best thing is..i have more friends and experience,,
the worse thing...i gained my weight back like a pig..
so devastating...before i fly to Melbourne i manage to slimming down my body..
now,,,mcm haram!
so tensi......
here ..i just eat eat eat..
not even avoid eating n skipping my eating..
i love ice cream..
ice cream is my favourite now..even when in Malaysia..i hatee those sugar!!!
oh ya...tomorrow gonna meet my new friends in Deakin Uni for enrollment..
huh...stupid dumpy!
just so hateee for not being obedient...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nasi Lemak Po' joe

Fatehah..the nasi maker..Apis the chicken maker..and Azizulku the overall pinggan jah..tetamu kan... :P
I didnt know that my boyfriend really cool in making Nasi Lemak...well,the sambal is so awesome...but yaa manis!!heard that org2 blah pantai timur is soooo sukaa manis to the fullest...i mix my nasi lemak with soya sauce...mereka seperti pelik!but i think if anything mix with kicap gonna be lagi sdap rite...well,all the cyclists are really good in cooking..because they have to cook their own,they served me marvellous nasi lemak..lagi sdap dari kampung baru or malinja..i tell u !

Friday, February 20, 2009

cemerlang yang hakiki...:P

indeed,,,he did so well time to time..
im so bangggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to the fullest..
with all his achievements...
i will always pray for u sayang...
especially in his WorldChamp...he is the 1st Malaysian ever deserved to have his own white jersey and i hope he gonna get the rainbow jersey too!!
from my experienced watching the race,
Malaysia name is so famous in cycling...
People out there confessed Malaysian team is one of the booost team...
so this is one of the good reputation to uphold Malaysia outstanding name..
other than,policitical nighmare stories...bikin malu sahaja..! so proud of him to be honest...
i hope more youngsters will love to follow his step..
it doesnt matter from where u are and from what language leaps from your tounge..
its all in ur heart...!!
We should support each other in a way to give tremendous spirit and courage..

Cycling in Malaysia gonna spread soon..better bawak beskal rather than rempit !at least it burns ur calories though....;)

Azizulhasni is the HERO..lets support him to the FULLEST people!!


p/s:class is next week....sayang race is soo sooon..then he ll back to Malaysia for gonna miss my sayang so much..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a gr8 day with Female World Cyclist.....Fateha Mustapa

she is preparing some breakfast to the guest decided to cook together...a spicy nasik goreng..and nescafe and she did telur dada with grilled nuggets and salad...kewl..mixture diet...

tadaaa...the score board says so...i got 173 and she got 93 kot...what a looser la kan?kuang kuang.nvm...practise more...hebat di bukan di bowling..heheheh..we had unlimited coool..smpai tersembul mate main bowling...

si bakal gempak

si gempak...gituu

so last austral race...she manage to grab all the congrats to u sis...we jalan2 and now its summer sale...all the shops ..50 to 70 percent...termasuklah simpan niat je la..sbb duit mmg x guess kat sini murah gile nk compare ngan malaysia...jeans guess is just about 60 aud after sale..just imagine??murah kan...damn.!!tp tak dok duit..bersaba sahaje...we went to one shop name fashion for couture kot..i tot juicy bukan...tetapi baju di dalam butik itu sungguh taksubbbb!!teha beli sweater yg bernilai 10 aud...sangat menarik sbb macam lacoste gitu...

luckily there s a man who willing to take our picture....after watching "he is so not into me" the movie is sooo rock!i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
the view of the background is so nice..the building is so aesthetic..i still dont hve time to regard the construction..will do some days.....hehehe

vain possing....its summer so malam2 tak sejuk seperti di Geelong..i wonder why is geelong sejuk compared to Melbourne...near the laut kah??maybe rite........

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Golfing tremendously.

rainbowww with golf dummy..
im a new beginner ....yeaaaa...kene banyak sisipkan going to my new uni next week..yeayyy!!!public golf course u can play anytime with any outfit...jeans pun bleyy..styleee!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Austral race on Valentine

the bunga that he in my hand eventually..thanks sweet of u

Azizul won too, coming in second behind Shane Perkins (AUS) and before Jason Niblett (AUS) in the ”Wheelrace”... copy from

its summer now...ant is everywhere...even in my flower pot...dem!well,this is the bouqet ..he is so sweet..*wink*
my 1st ever ticket...gosh...for u i will..
with dazzling teha..she won all the events that day..congrats!

well...yesterday was Valentine..
i had a great day watching my bf ..
seeing him performed live....well,he is so superb!
not to praise...but i like his effort and spirit..
oh yea...i got a reserved seat which took me ..sitting in front of him..
so i can peep him...and watching every single thing that he did..
i knew he look at me from far...but simply buat buat tak nampak..because im blushing!
so when the competition started,the invited riders come out....and jeng jeng AWANG emerged..
wink wink...i recorded his action in my cam..and totally felt mesmerize when he appears nearby and gives me a sweet...and speechless though..

to be honest,i hardly understand the events..but ok la..go with the flow..i sit in the middle of unknown ppl..i saw Josiah's gf from far..and a crowd of Malaysian in the middle of Velo..indeed,the competition went so well..he got 2nd losing to Shane Perkins...the crowd loves him..i can hear ppl calling up his name...and giving him a big applause as well..
i was screaming his loud i the middle of australians..and yea...ppl surround me were asking me :are u Mrs Awang?:..*oh yeaaa*..

indeed,it was really a great experience...and im looking forward to attend more events soon..

my sayang is now in Airoplane...he is flying to Malaysia..before he departs,he told me he got a white jersey..white jersey as far as i understand symbolize the world no 1 rider...he is no keirin..once he wins the world cham..he will get a uci rainbow jersey lets pray people...chris hoy is coming to the competition..pocketrocket will booosssttttt to the fullest..........

p/s:yesterday my parents back to his so lonely!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i miss mama n dadda

they r now boarding.. alone back in perantauan..
gosh!i miss them..
i wanna go back home this coming winter!
i will!!

shoot tya shoot

Burung camar di TORQUAY...ahhhh mama n dad are going back so sad!!but kinda going to watch my boyfriend racing tomorrow....hope he will win!!!*happy valentine's day* hahaha..heeeyyyy we dont celebrate !

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009


bila laaa negara ku bangsaku ini ingin maju
seperti negara-negara bukan islam yg lain..
tiada korupsi...kerana secara globalnya,
sesuatu kerja jika tidak di lakukan dengan amanah...pasti mempunyai impak yang buruk.
bangunlah bangsaku...lihatlah pembangunan dan sistem2 yang tersedia ada di muka bumi ini..
kenapa kita masih di tempat yg lama...sedangkan sudah ramai golongan2 berpendidikan dan berilmu di lahirkan...
hentikan korupsi...jika tiada korupsi...amanah,we gonna be succesful and day after..

bila sudah berada di negara orang...kadang2 rasa malu juga..kenapa negara saya...suka mengembar gemburkan sesuatu perkara yang secara logiknya tidak masuk akal..tetapi di publisitikan sehingga menjadi sesuatu perkara yang mengemparkan satu malaya..come on....ppl from outside gonna laugh at us..secara liberalnya,semua orang harus mempunyai sikap untuk memperbetulkan diri sendiri..jangan tamak...jangan haloba...untuk terus maju..muafakat dan toleransi harus di capai...jika sesama sendiri mempunyai "benteng",,,ini membuatkan saya ingin minta PR duduk sini terus...heh!!sedih la ,,bila bangsa saya ingin maju ini?saya mahu orang2 melayu seperi Onn Jaafar...

Pemimpin ? worried!!what gonna happen to Malaysia in 10 years ade eye of london..kita juga mahu eye of london..tetapi kenapa kita tidak mahu mencontohi singapura..?membuat roda feris yang ke3 tetinggi di dunia..Jika Tun Mahathir pasti ingin Malaysia terkenal dgn2 benda2 yang akan menarik perhatian pelancong..kerana apa?pelancongan juga merupakan satu tarikan untuk mempertingkatkan ekonomi negara....!
itu la yang di lakukan oleh negara Thailand.......keunikan seni...dari segala aspek membuatkan Thailand terkenal..pegi kemana2 ada jahh Thai...!!tapi..kenapa negaraku tiada..sedangkan..malaysia juga mempunyai apa yang dimiliki......tetapi.....

cukuplah...rasa nk luahkan banyak siapalah saya?saya cuma mahu the young generation to start making some evolution ...kita boleh pergi jauh jika kita sama2 "sejiwa"

ok...sudah lama saya tidak berbahas..
teringat zaman-zaman sekolah...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i miss her so much!!

tomorrow my parents are coming...only God i miss my niece n my family so updated..she told me..tisya knows how to walk...and i missed that moment..
looking at her cute face..really makes me sober..and pathetic ...!!far far away...u need a solid strength...i miss her so do everyone in my home..i wish all of u in a pink of health..
come to down under......i don't want to be solitude in all actions ;(

and my cats???how re they doing?
is cik noi feed them up?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

love what he does

He had a training day..Geelong gonna be the perfect place to i take the opportunity to ride a bike near my house...he he such a longggggggggggggg time i never ride a,have to love it back....anak di perantauan kate org...*sigh*
thanks a lot to kak anis n i started to miss all of u...i have to stay stiff in my own home without doing any * outhing * with both of u..abg lan n kak anis..thanks..
well,i like my house...its totally near to train i can visit Melbourne often...
i experineced myself walking from Geelong water front to my house...not that bad!
City centre quite near...and,,the awesome park is sooo near toooo!!hahah.....not to forget COLD ROCK!!

p/s: dad i need a bicycle...!!


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