Wednesday, May 30, 2007

:missing friend:

last few days,i went to uia to meet my x-roomate..:izyan mustapha:
omg..i miss her so much....
wanna visit her wif her credibility in designing the task..
but..wif what i heard from her...arch students monopoly the task..
ish ish ish ish..they shudnt be like that..
in a team we shud work together...
it doesnt matter u are architect or what...
just give the task that ppl wont feel mad at u guys...
wut ever !!!!
so,,,my intention to uia just to take the wed's card..
feeza's sister is getting married this week....
so as the honorouble person...i have to come...
even the damn far..!
erm....okla...i try my best to come la...

pieces of art gonna be my 2nd day working at ding ARKITEK in ipoh..
okeyla...i gain more friends there..
other usm..utm..
required their student to do practical at this time...
but somehow..not uia..
stupid uia!!
by adding more extra courses like multidip...required courses like skills..its just a waste..i dun even know how to beautify my boards..oh gosh!!
i shud break the rules....!!
come on tya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the conclusion..
i have to take my 2nd degree sumwhere..far far really far from continent called :asia:....better i shud try...europe??oh no....aussie??perhaps!
anyway...this is the design that i can do...hah!!what the KONSEP??i also blurr la...perhaps...i intend to have :tropical modernism:..??ok laaaa kot :)..sigh~

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my 2nd Tatoo design

hey....this is my second tatoo design..
my customer would like dragon to be draw on his hand ..
ok la....i insist myself to draw abstract dragon on his hand..
tapi,,,got some :kecatatan:...uish..!!
because the ink kembang....ya la...inai ma..
not really an ink!

OMG i shop a lot!!!

huh..... "ATHIAH ILYANA"


plz!!i couldnt help myself to limit my credit for using my money in a wrong way..:P
however...o.u was awesome....i lyke the top in motivi...however,,run of time+money..
in internet also we can shop...for those ppl who interested in fashion+style
u may browse this web:


as her customer,,i like all those baju in her damn marvellous..believe me u wont regret dear!!

Pirates of Caribbean 3 last im able to watch :pirates of caribbean 3:
welcome to singapore...
ok la.....The movie, extravagant, amusing and exciting, may be only a ride, but it's a ride that dazzles.i like the effects ..same like spiderman3..
but of coz ..:disgusting: when seeing davy jones...
with all his janggut ...squid..octopus..i dunno ..!!
but...ala...y shud will turner die?
i dun want he stays in that kapal eternally..
he shud be wif elizzabeth...
however,,jack sparrow..the best!!
i like him very much..
especially when observing his queer characters..
really make me happy ..!

4 stars...!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bowling day was a tiring day..
when after doing one activity..i proceed to another...
ya playing bowling!!
actually its been a while since my U tournament..i never ever play bowling..
so yesterday..before "viewing" will turner and jack sparrow..
me myself n i..had a small tournament with kid!
ya la..played wif my sis..
no extra challenging!!
i got 149 at first..
i made alots of strike...and spare...yihaaa....
but...afterall..i think to affirm the points..
i think the lane in JJ quite slippery..
no wonder im able to get such a marvellous marks..

MA n PA to HANOI...we in the house...merdeka!!

for this weekend..
my parents are not here..
they have :golf tournament somewhere around vietnam:..
huh..btw,,my parents are peraks golfer..both of them represent perak to beat with all great golfers in the world..
if u cant trust me...u may watch golf channel in astro...

ha ha ha ha...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

ADAM lg!!

ADAM learning GOLF

Crowning the GUM..

Today:After woking:
Again and again i have my treatment with Dr.Anand..
Crowning the GUM...
however,,the fake GUM cant even fix in the hole..
ha ha ha...
yeahhh...its really sakittt!!!
anyway,,i have to meet him back on saturday.. so esential to human being..not really human laaa animal also...
masticating huh!!chewing!!wut ever....

First day at work.

Today gonna be my 1st day ..working..
not really working but practical..
kind of huh!
being treated by a kind architect...such an honoured for me..
The bos really down to earth...n i cant find ppl like this in the world..
so as the first task..he asked me to design a semi-D house..
located somewhere in Cameron highland...
doing without experienced the site is quite hard..
but i try my best to show them my skill..
the 1st stage to embark myself to be in higher level...
explicitly,architecture is my life......

Form follows function....Function follows form..???????

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1 month to go.......

Tya is everywhere....


This is my favourite person:
She is siti zubaidah a,k,a bedot..
i love her so much..
without her my life is nothing
especially when my submition dateline is near..
she is the one that able to help me to cut the board...the cut the stick...ohhh i love u so much dear...!!!she is the one that courage me to slim..if not surely im looking like shanie rite now...we have a lots of memories...that impossible to forget!!rite dear?????????the thing that i like the most in her is her :character:
is rare to find ppl like her in this to accompany me to meet the silly guy in klcc even she got exam....i dunno how to appreciate her...she is so meaningful to me...with her :nooooo: i cant live!!especially when we are observing someone who is :big size: definiately we will praise that person...when we got fight..we will cry together...waaa...bedot did u remember the day we went away??eh..that was m2m song...silap..the day when i told u about that stupid guy who begging for pityness!!he he he...u were crying dear...we swear dunt want to humiliate him bout after all....he is our :bahan:.....a lots of memories dear....time goes year gonna be my last year in can i replace someone like u dear...i love u friend...about the present...just kiv la!!u know org gemok often malas to go anywhere...he he he...i love u so much..lots of memories we been together..just wait..i ll come to muar..but not sure when...saba laaa ye sayang...sayang no!!...thanks for fitness first....without that guy who sulking us to join FF...our relation will not be that close aite sayang....mwah mwah u bedot!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boring day!! i dunno what to do..
im so boring....
indeed i didnt sleep since yesterday..i tried to sleep but somehow i cant..
i slept at 8 wke up at i still alive...!!ha ha ha....
im exerising myself to face my normal routine back...being awake for such a long coming sem gonna be my final year in Iium.....i have to struggle myself to learn sketch up!!!my architecture software..really sax!

jeng jeng jeng,,im trying to sketch adam picture...but seems so weird..hahahaha

Belanje 4g makan!! a good sister...spent 4g in one of the famous restaurant somewhere around K.L before entering Seri Pan Pacific for IDP fair...!!!long way to go tya..u need to struggle and score...!!!


ya love drogba so much..Didier Drogba do it once again for Chelsea!!!
thank u so much Drogba ...
for ya powerful kick!
if extra time is nothing...
but still penalty chelsea keeper is the best among the best..
I'm so sorry to see how hard giggs ...pushing Chelsea's keeper..peter chec..
still chelsea the best..!!

i watched the final at hartamas so pity to see man u crowds..wearing Jersey...but still loser!hahahahaahahahaha

Friday, May 18, 2007

"The Oval" by Tadao Ando

Indeed,im so amaze with the exotic building like TADAO ANDO manage to create such an aesthetic hotel like this..Ya Allah plz help ur slave..i wanna be an architect one day..-Amin-
Zaha do i..

Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat – which translates from Arabic as ‘Island of Happiness’ – is a 27 sq km island 500 metres offshore from Abu Dhabi city. It is being developed under the direction of the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) as a flagship initiative in the emirate’s economic diversification. Five art galleries will form the centrepiece of the development.

Architects Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid and Tadao Ando were this morning named as the prestigious names behind the other cultural centres set to be built on the island.

Nouvel is set to build a ‘Classical Museum’. Although not officially confirmed, it is believed that this space could accommodate works from Paris’s Musée du Louvre – home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The French and UAE governments are thought to be close to a $800m-$1bn deal agreeing this. It was previously reported that a 20-year agreement could include up to 300 Louvre artworks on "permanent" display in Abu Dhabi and four temporary shows a year.

The news drew objections from campaigners in France, who claim that France is “selling its soul” in agreeing to sign over some of its cultural heritage as a “commercial interest”. A French website, which is blocked by the UAE authorities, has been petitioning against this.

The Iraqi-born, British-educated Zaha Hadid is designing Saadiyat's Performing Arts Centre, which will host music, theatre and dance events; Japan’s Tadao Ando has submitted a design – also unveiled today – for a Maritime Museum, which will focus on the maritime history of the UAE and Arabian Gulf.

It was also announced today that Saadiyat will feature a Sheikh Zayed National Museum, which will be devoted to the history of Abu Dhabi and its late ruler, HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan. An international competition to find a design for this will be launched.

As reported last year, Tessa Jowell, the UK’s Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, met with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) to talk about a possible involvement on Saadiyat. It was speculated at the time that one area of discussion was the possible involvement of a UK art institution.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum

Dubai - Abu Dhabi signed Saturday a Memorandum of Understanding with the New York-based Guggenheim Foundation to establish a world-class museum devoted to modern and contemporary art, WAM news agency reported.

To be called the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the museum, designed by internationally-acclaimed architect Frank Gehry, will position the emirate as a leading international cultural destination, the report said.

Gehry is the architect of the celebrated Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, in Spain.

At 30,000 square metres, the Abu Dhabi museum will be the only Guggenheim museum in the region and will be larger than any existing Guggenheim worldwide.Construction is expected to take five years.

The museum will form its own major collection of contemporary art and will exhibit masterpieces from the Guggenheim Foundation's global collections.

The museum will be built in the Cultural District of Saadiyat Island, a natural island 500 metres offshore from the UAE capital, which is being transformed into an international tourism destination.

'Today's signing represents the determination of the Abu Dhabi government to create a world-class cultural destination for its residents and visitors,' said Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Thomas Krens, Director of the Guggenheim Foundation, said the signing reflects the visionary spirit and forward-looking approach that are the Guggenheim's hallmarks.

'The Guggenheim implicitly regards all contemporary cultures and their traditions as potential partners in the field of aesthetic discourse - we are both respectful of difference and excited by it,' he said.

'We also believe that the Middle East is one of the world's most important emerging regions in terms of contemporary culture,' he pointed out.

The Guggenheim Foundation will establish and manage the museum's programme, which will include collection development, exhibitions and educational initiatives.

Other Guggenheim museums are in New York, Venice, Bilbao, Berlin and Las Vegas.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pernikahan Raja Muda : Zara Davidson

Rakyat Perak Gembira Berita Perkahwinan Raja Nazrin Syah

KUALA KANGSAR, 8 Mei (Bernama) -- Rakyat Perak melahirkan rasa gembira dan menyambut baik berita perkahwinan Raja Muda Raja Dr Nazrin Shah yang akan berlangsung 17 Mei ini di Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan, di sini.

Mereka turut menyatakan rasa syukur dengan berita berkenaan yang diumumkan semalam oleh Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja Istana Iskandariah Datuk Seri Raja Mansur Raja Razman.

Mohd Roslee Mat Som, 45, pekerja Istana Iskandariah yang telah berkhidmat selama 15 tahun, melahirkan rasa gembira dengan pengumuman berkenaan dan menyifatkan perkahwinan itu tepat pada masanya.

"Saya tidak terkejut dengan berita itu kerana memang rakyat sudah lama menunggu seseorang untuk mengisi jawatan Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Besar Perak," katanya ketika ditemui Bernama di sini hari ini.

Rakan sekerjanya, Abdul Risham Idris, 26, turut sepakat dengan Mohd Roslee dan berkata sudah sampai masanya Raja Nazrin Shah mempunyai teman hidup dan bersama-sama menaungi pentadbiran negeri Perak.

Rohana Syaaban, 42, yang juga berkhidmat dengan Istana Iskandariah sejak 14 tahun lepas, pula berkata : "Sebelum ini saya hanya menjaga kecantikan pemandangan di istana tetapi mulai hari ini sehingga minggu depan, saya berbangga kerana akan menjaga kecantikan istana untuk majlis perkahwinan Raja Muda Perak."

Peniaga kraftangan di pekan Kuala Kangsar, Zalihaha Mat Kasa, 60, berkata perkahwinan Raja Nazrin Shah melengkapkan perjalanan diri baginda kerana seorang raja itu perlu ada permaisuri di sisinya.

"Baguslah baginda mendirikan rumah tangga sebab lama sangat baginda seorang. Rakyat pasti bahawa pilihan Raja Muda adalah seorang wanita yang layak dan istimewa serta sesuai dengannya," katanya.

Peniaga di medan selera Sungai Perak di sini, yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Yahya, turut melahirkan rasa gembira dan tidak sabar untuk meraikan majlis perkahwinan pasangan diraja itu.

"Yalah, sampai bila Raja Muda mahu membujang, sudah sampai masanya untuk baginda berteman," katanya.

Seorang peniaga di Ipoh, yang mahu dikenali sebagai Wong, pula berkata rakyat Perak sudah pasti akan berbangga dan menumpang kegembiraan dengan perkahwinan Diraja itu.

"Kita berbangga kerana mempunyai Raja Muda yang berpengetahuan luas dan memahami hati rakyat. Sudah tentu kita turut gembira dengan perkembangan ini," katanya.

Tinjauan Bernama mendapati beberapa persiapan di istana seperti pemasangan khemah, persiapan untuk santapan di dewan dan kerja mencantikkan bangunan istana, pintu-pintu utama serta persekitarannya, telah dimulakan.

Pengurus Resort Sungai Perak, Norlida Adnan, berkata semua bilik di resort berkenaan telah ditempah sepenuhnya sempena majlis perkahwinan itu.

"Bermula minggu depan semua bilik di resort ini telah ditempah, tiada lagi yang kosong. Saya juga difahamkan semua bilik Rumah Rehat Kuala Kangsar telah juga ditempah," katanya.

Resort berkenaan akan dijadikan pusat media bagi majlis itu.

Orang ramai di Ipoh dan Kuala Kangsar akan berpeluang mengikuti secara langsung istiadat perkahwinan itu melalui skrin gergasi di Taman Budaya Kuala Kangsar dan Dataran Ipoh.


Congrats to Raja Nazrin

Ampun tuanku,
Ucapan tahniah untuk DYMM Sultan Perak sekeluarga terutama untuk DYTM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah diatas pernikahan Tuanku. Patik sekeluarga mendoakan semoga perkahwinan Tuanku dirahmati dan dilimpahi kebahagiaan dan kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat. Kebijaksanaan, keprihatinan dan keutamaan Tuanku terhadap rakyat amat disanjungi. Semoga negeri Perak akan terus aman, sejahtera dan berjaya.

Fendy :birthday: 20 years old

Today is Fenday's birthday..
He was born at 7.15 pm during bulan Ramadan in the year 1987..
He is my younger brother..:]
Hope he will be somebody with a lots of vision and ambition..
there you go ...Bro!!
I still cant find the perfect gift to u..what is ur fav things also i dunno..perhaps u should give me a hint then...

:Ateh will always love u.......

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Tips Kecantikan Dalaman :)

1. Minum banyak air...minum..minum dan minum! Bukan air coke atau air berperisa seperti kopi dan teh tapi air suam atau air mineral! Dengan minum banyak air bersih dapat membantu membuang toksin dalam badan,menjaga kesihatan kulit dan juga membantu membakar kalori dalam badan. Senang bukan?.

2. Bersenam ! Baik utk kesihatan..elok utk rohani! Berjalan di sekitar rumah pun satu bentuk senaman yg mudah! Jgn malas utk bersenam...lepas bangkit tidur, cuba lakukan sedikit senaman regangan utk melancarkan kembali peredaran darah.

3. Jangan merokok. Merokok merosakkan kulit dan juga menjejaskan kesihatan. Semua orang tahu tu..jadi kenapa nak merokok??Nak kuruskan badan?? Kurus sebab merokok hanya kerana badan kita dah berpenyakit, jadi kuruslah! Jika org memilih antara sihat dan berpenyakit..pasti org lebih nak sihat, kan??

4. Tidur yg cukup...Jgn asyik berjaga waktu malam...tak elok tu. Waktu malam kan dikhaskan utk tidur?Tak cukup tidur akan membuat anda kelihatan lebih tua dan mata lebam.

5. Pada waktu tertentu, benarkan kulit anda berehat dari memakai sebarang mekap. Kulit juga perlu bernafas! Jgn biarkan sisa2 mekap melekat di muka ketika masuk tidur. Rajin-rajinlah cuci muka. Kat rumah..tak payahlah sapu itu ini...cukuplah dgn wajah yg bersih

6. Makan yg cukup tapi bukan berlebihan. Jgn sebab nak kurus, anda rela berlapar setiap hari.Cara yg baik, makan ketika lapar dan berhenti sebelum kenyang. Makanan memberikan tenaga dan vitamin yg diperlukan badan tetapi jeling-jelinglah makanan anda. Pastikan ia menu sihat dan bukan penuh lemak atau junk food dan fast food semata-mata.

7. Luangkan masa utk memanjakan diri seperti membuat facial atau mencuci rambut di salun, sauna dan spa atau nikmati saja mandian buih di rumah! Tak semestinya di salun..anda juga boleh memanjakan diri dengan melakukan sendiri di rumah.Jika rajin..cari pelbagai jenis bunga yg wangi dan lakukan sendiri mandian bunga. Bunga dikatakan mempunyai energi tersendiri utk mencantikkan tubuh badan.

8. Elakkan stress. Stress mempercepatkan proses penuaan. Nikmatilah muzik lembut di kamar bagi meredakan ketegangan.

9. Don't worry, be happy. Anggap diri anda hebat dan cantik, pasti anda akan kelihatan hebat!! Jika kita yakin dengan diri kita, tentu penampilan kita pun cantik!

10.Ketawa penghibur duka! Jadi ketawalah apabila bergurau senda dgn famili atau kawan2.Jangan memoyokkan diri atau menarik muka masam. Anda hanya menambahkan kedutan di muka.

SPIDERMAN 3....10 stars will be!!

Ya..its spidey!!!its black spiderman...with devil power..and normal spiderman with his own ordinary power..indeed,i prefer the black one..looking a bit "macho" rather than looking so damn "nerd"!!!

Tobey maguire.as the permenant actor of this movie ..amaze me so much with all the plots and his actions..i like the way he swings from one building to another..and the last part when he killed the venom..using all those vibrating steels really made me "ngilu" as well..

as far as i can see..the movie include everything...humour,sad,happy,actions..i like this movie so much..i like spiderman so much..if m.j acting by me..spiderman will be more special and perhaps,BOX OFFICE all over the world..!!

erm,,i havent watch spiderman 2..but after all,i can conclude the film when i watched the "3"!..why should the gorgeous HARRY die!!!He is more handsome and gentle than Spiderman...

overall...10 stars...[good effect as well]

i like every single thing in this film ..u will definiately being entertained!!

NEXT stupid movie ever!!

If u like watching movie and then demanding ur money back at the GSC or TGV counter..NEXT is the movie!!The hero of the film :Nicholas Cage:
ya..some ppl said :TOO OLD TOO HANDLE!!:

at first,i was really enjoy to watch the film..its remind me of :DEJAVU:Denzel Washington...the movie really challenges me to think and ponder about the special character of Chris johnson or frank Cadillac..he can see things in 2 minutes in the future..but what makes me confuse is that [when he able to see things in the future over 2 minutes!!!]

i think the director was stuck..dunno how to make the film looks fabulos or hot!!so he created the stupid movie to cheat us..just imagine when u are watching the ironic movie the end "mimpi"!!!! damn dissaponting!!the end of the movie left much to be desired!
better to watch :SUMOLAH!!!!!!
sorry bonz...perhaps next show..will be your turn to treat me ...SUMOLAH will be great....!!

"ppl dont watch NeXt!!!!!dont u ever watch NEXt!!!its a waste!!!!!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drogba sakit...!!! charming cat sakit..
i brought all my cats meet the DR..
ha ha ha..everybody was looking at me
because of the :persian:.. gatal2 on his hidung..
Camie: nak mencari boyfriend..x hu hu..

Monday, May 14, 2007

32 years appart..

mama i love you..mama my love is mother's day...
MAMA is so meaningful to me..
today,my time from morning till late nite just accompanying her...
from pasar seni to easten mall to O.U..
Lunch in :seri melaka restaurant:
ya....mother's day ...hey day..

mama,,,lyana sayang sangat kat mama...i love u and will balas all your jasa
plz pray for my architect 2 be..insya Allah..
sorry for my wrongdoings...thanks for everything...Love u love u love u...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

VIP:very important people

I miss both of you...

im AWAY ;)

have to visit my sister in seremban..
she needs tutor,advisor,bla bla bla...
mid term examination...
wish her the best..glorious results..


have to buy something..
mama wanna survey something..
Karnival Sale dah habis..!!
still my beloved friends are there..
preparation to meet by brother n sister somemore..
congrats yeop n kak shu for the :amazing news:
ur becoming son will call me :auntie for sure:
i dunt want any gelaran like wan,mak like what u want huh..


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey:hey:you you i wanna be ur girlfriend.

:My Boyfriend:hahaha - glitter text


Originally uploaded by Tya_Boo.
My new adidas limited edition shoes..
i dunno why i spent my money just to buy :KASUT:
new style huh..
some of my friends said :nice:
some of them said: Buruk Gell:
wut ever it is,,,the salesman said: so nice maaa..only 2 shoes like this in MALAYSIA...bley caye ke???

My Precious TWO

i cant live without all those things too..
so valuable and so daymmm important to me..
ya..having hot humid climate..really need women especially to take good care of the skin and bla bla fav thingny of coz my new :barbie limited addition lipstick:..applying barbie lips to mine tempting huh?? wut a blogger i dunno what should i say..but girl should try this..Futhermore,,take good care of ya skin with good and healthy is expensive..but the results better ..
dont buy those :imitate:..ya i saw a lots in :DANAU KOTA:UPTOWN:..plz..those thingny make ur face rosak..!!!...Wut ever,,i advise ppl outhere..if u guys wanna stay beauty forever use sunblock..for u-v protection!ha ha ha....

-good avisor currently-

:My precious room:

:sleep:wake up:sleep:wake up:
:i love my room so much:
:spend lots of time here:
:a special cube:
:okey la....:
:my adik-adik:->love to sleep here as well..
:i cant live in a messy place:
:wut ever....!

My Cat:Drogba:ivory cost,chelsea

Originally uploaded by Tya_Boo.
This is my lovely cat...
:i m so in love with him:
:My Drogba:
:He always with me when i stayed to watch CHELSEA:
:so adorable,,so smart,,so cute,,:


Originally uploaded by Tya_Boo.
i adore his hair style so mch...In Thailand,the cost is really cheaper than Malaysia..hard to jaga it because easy to terbkak the ikatan and bla bla bla...gatal some as the conclusion....dont do this kind of hair style..."nice but menyusahkan"..

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

First Tatoo Design!

i realize i got an ability to draw on people hands during Kak Dilla's wedding..its just my new hobby !! draw something without thinking the basic theme or concept??it is really easy n kacang!! ha ha ha..its an art..u just make a point n from a point it becomes a shape..At the same time,,i bought a lots of henna during my visit for took the oppurtunity to draw something on my brother looked ugly at first but aesthetic at last...many ppl requested me to draw on their hands..but my art-blood is precious..sometime their request really strange,cant help myself to sastify them..sorry!!
however,i prefer to draw flower with abstract mood..because abstract is something that we can define ourself rather than draw something with exact figure...anyway.if there is bride to be who is actually looking for henna drawer..u may buzz assure my design is not that typical..its 100% tulen !!


My chelsea!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bolognese Spagetti..

Yihaa....u know what?im able to cook my own spagetti..i tot its hard..indeed it s really simple and easy..Thank to Marina and Bent..for precious receipe !!3 months long holiday..What else should i do other than learning to be a good housewife..ha ha ha..I have a lot of works to do actually for my holiday....however,,holiday makes me sleepy and always wanted to sleep over limit..erm,,the spaggeti that i made ..not that sister eat a lots u so proud to be a good cooker..hi hi hi..

the receipe;-

5 ulas bawang merah

satu senduk minyak zaitun

1 tin tomato Puree

1 tin sos spaggeti

daging cincang

5 keping keju

-any sayur-i prefer to put cendawan...

hey..its Tya!!

Poor Chelsea!

As a big fan of Chelsea...i really dissapointed with all the previous games !!..Where Chelsea really gave the biggest chance to "Red Devil" to win the EPL!!arghh..Tot of Chelsea can be the knight for UEFA..but,,hopeless too!!..however...still and forever Blues for life babe!!!

"People who work together will win,whether it be against complex football defences,or the problems of modern society."


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