Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Precious TWO

i cant live without all those things too..
so valuable and so daymmm important to me..
ya..having hot humid climate..really need women especially to take good care of the skin and bla bla fav thingny of coz my new :barbie limited addition lipstick:..applying barbie lips to mine tempting huh?? wut a blogger i dunno what should i say..but girl should try this..Futhermore,,take good care of ya skin with good and healthy is expensive..but the results better ..
dont buy those :imitate:..ya i saw a lots in :DANAU KOTA:UPTOWN:..plz..those thingny make ur face rosak..!!!...Wut ever,,i advise ppl outhere..if u guys wanna stay beauty forever use sunblock..for u-v protection!ha ha ha....

-good avisor currently-

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