Thursday, June 7, 2007

:Big girl dont cry;

:The best minute u spend is the one you invest in ur family:

yeah..its true...yesterday when my opah was lying on the bed..i suddenly entered the room and hugged her....[pah is getting older] her grandchildren ,i dont think im sastified with all my treatments toward her..

i massaged her body...n she told me..:im good in massaging: she asked me to be :BIDAN: its hillarious..but i just listen and continue massaging...i wanted to do all the best for her for my parents as long as they still alive.

time by time...year by year...everyone is getting older...sometime i cant even accept that i m adult gonna have my own family..and will do the exact things like what my mom and my grandmother had done...being a daughter..being a wife..being a mother...being a grandmother then..die..!!

so,the only way you can live forever is to love somebody then you leave a gift behind..i need to love everyone and make them love me too...if the love does not know how to give and take with out restrictions,it is not love...but transaction..

i have one more year to graduate in my beloved iium...yet,after graduate i hope i can further my second part gloriously...i want to bring my parents n grandmother travelling as what they did to me...they are my legend of love...!!!!!!!!i love them so one can even replace their place.....especially my dad...i loveeeeeeee u so much!!!hope my dad will always patient with all the obstacles ......

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