Saturday, June 23, 2007

what a lovely day in london

yeay!!at last ..i stepped in london..what a lovely n nice place..
i really like the buildings so do the people ..
the first thing that i really wanted to see is..the city hall by sir norman foster..
yap..the building is extravaganza aesthetic..with the modern approach makes the building really amazing..the way he created the spaces and the shape of the buildings itself totally wonderful..

however,i just observed the building from a boat..even i cant go nearer..but im sure the building has its own attraction from far..the segregation and leveling from top till bottom..makes me wonder how the top building..can carry the load?
congrats to the engineer who has managed to calculate the structure gloriously...ha ha ha...

wutelse..big eye..everything is wonderful in london..especially the handsome n got style...hihihihi :)

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