Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Mee Goreng Seafood

actually it was an old picture..
but..in a way to show my credibility and ability to cook
i have to preview it out..
it was taken during my cooking skill test.
its sound funny...but yeah..im innit..
i was one of those who learn how to cook..
now im so damn good in cooking..no offence!
hi hi hi....
so my mee goreng seafood..was given a huge applause by the classmate..
they said the mee was so sedap...plus a bit wet..so ppl like mee basah..:)

so as the receipe here it goes..

satu sudu stock ikan bilis
satu sudu cili blend
satu sudu kicap manis
udang,sotong,ayam--->ikut suka hati kot..lg byk lg sdap..
satu bungkus mee..
4 sudu sos cili
4 sudu sos tomato
satu sudu minyak (less is more)
satu cawan air masak

so :put all the ingrediants together and at last put the mee..finally put the sayur..
jeng2 dah siap dah mee...........:)

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