Saturday, July 26, 2008

officially graduated..

im done with my convo thingny..
and i got release letter and im so happy at last im a degree holder after a long journey of studies!
to be honest,tears of joy definitely in my eyes now..he he he.. convo will be on 23rd august 2008...i cant wait to meet all my friends..
who did share a lot of things with me..especially those who teach me "computer"..
thankful to have u guys with me..
hopefully one day each of us will have our own firm ..
and yeahhh..."develop our beloved country".."stop corruption".."stop being FOOL"..
so worried to see MALAYSIA now..
sometime wise people are not wise...egoism leads to collapse..
come on...wake up!!!
malay...wake up...!!
im so pathetic to see my nation waving..:(
to be honest,,,,im so sad to see the kids who wasting their time in shopping complex without doing anything..wearing like devil..haiyoo....wake up la adik2..
knowledge is everything indeed...
people will respect someone with qualification..not to say im proud..but i begging people out there to think about their future...not their parents future..
who will lead malaysia sooner if we just acoh x acoh bodoh sombong ?what say u?


Anonymous said...

sob sob sob....
sad that u were leaving so soon... and grade on this coming august...
sob sob sob again.. me got no fren to hoye2 n u ingt tau our great memories from matric till these days!!!
godd... miss u lot... muahh2...

Tyazizul said...

darling,,,yaa me too so sad ok..teringat kite nyanyi2 same kat luar balcony matric..shoot..kite play with ur sad babe...after masuk gombak,kite mcm apart when i move on to asiah..safiah kan bilik kecik..ape2pun..i love u so much..thanks for everything...u ingat tak time i bawak u naik bukit kat ampang tu..jeng jeng jeng..i was so stupid rite?cmne laa bleh ehem ehem...huhuhu

Anonymous said...

ehem2... with whom ekk that time?? haha... ya laa.. me too stupido,, more stupido then u do darl!! ahhaha... eyy,, nti grade sure i come.. see ur fmlyz n bf dtg x?? hehe

Tyazizul said...

bf x datang..wut to bf lain..semperna convo...hahaha

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ congrats!!! mesti syok jer kan? nanti masa konvo lagik la happy. ;) ~

hUmmY said...

congrats dear!

nnt rasmi pakai jubah baru!




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