Friday, October 17, 2008

the new RL quite cool rite?

i just back from KL..

settle a lot of things to abroad..
yeah!one step closer to geelong..
im quite excited to see the location..
so nice!!and tranquil...!!
yesterday was my day+him...=)
last 2 days was adah's birthday!happy birthday darling...
i dont have ur picture in my room pc..but happy birthday dear libran..

actually,now i m quite not into blogging..
since,someone has stopped me and asking me a lot of things ...
and so weird..and so menakutkan..
so i refused to update "major"thing..maybe"minor" acceptable..
its kinda odd when somebody that u dont know stopped u and asking to have a tea break and was staring my face like asking to take a picture together with her..i dunno who the fella really is..but the way she treated me is sooooooo "rare"!nvm...i have to be more conscious ..indeed..i did!but..arhhh...its sooooo freak!

well,i have to start making some revision..
i have to sharp my mind..its kinda stain!!
yabedabedoooo cant wait to deakin!i love my parents so much!thank you!!

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