Thursday, November 27, 2008

hasad dengki

come on people...wake up..
dont have this kind of attitude..
how our own race wanna improve if still have jealousy,envy, to see others ..
we should support in other way...not give a harsh on and so forth..
we should grow be in one more level..looking at other countries..
how they reciprocating between each others..
we want our country to be well develop..but,,if our mind still the same..being busy with others life..thats too bad..thinking about ur own future is better rather than think about others life..
looking at ur own self first...are u succed enough?are u smart enough?are u somebody without vision?
indeed,im so sad..reading at newspaper today..about "ekin and mawi"..pity her..not only about ekin i think obviously people cant see other ppl a muslim,we should pray for their relation not to spread a bad news..this and that..reveal about the old stories..shoooottt!
tolong la...orang-orang di luar more bijak la..cerdik sikit ke ape...
kenapalah...perlu ade hasad dengki sesame manusia?
Allah memberikan kesemua umatnya dengan saksama..Its own us actually to usaha more..Jangan la merosakkan hubungan orang lain..dan cuba untuk menjatuhkan kaum sendiri..
Bukak la mata..lihatla betapa teruknye melayu zaman sekarang...not to say all teruks..
but im so sad looking at my youth the neglected to perform solat..covering the aurah ..and study!!
we need to gain a lot of knowledge abroad people..they read a lot..and they gain a lot..if we didnt read..and we just simply heard about this news from will be a calamity!
our millinieum ppl,have to change...kena ade vision...helping others to improve..
see how japanese can survive?and i want malays survive like them too...dont simply depends on for it..and jangan sebok pasal idup org lain...lantak laa girlfriend die tua dari boyfriend die ke ape kan...janji dorang tak kacau idop korang...and korang tak yah sebok pasal their life..see urself first before judging others...are u knowlegable enough?kalau dah rasa cukup perfect..bleh la di considerkan...sbb wise in kalau rasa diri tu masih lagi x cukup bagus..shuuut up..improve diri sendiri..baru sebok pasal org lain....heeeeeeeee....

actually,,im so sad..looking at some people..they love to bother others..jangan la begitu kawan-kawan..lihatla negara bukan islam,kenapa meraka begitu berjaya?we have to follow their attitude ...itu saja saya nk ckp..

*Be non-judgemental and open-minded about our differences
*Live simply and organically
*Treat all people with equal respect


Anonymous said...

do you think you cover enough your aurah?

Anonymous said...

i pon tak faham kenapa orang nak condemn ekin. Sebab dia dapat mawi? ow c'mon. Kalau dia bukan kawen dengan ekin pon, nothing to do with them kan? HAHA.

Anonymous said...

hidup tya..she is a very down to earth girl in the world...even anak orang sangat down to earth...i love youuu..will always love u...

orkedhana said...

phd!manusia yang penuh perasaan hasad dengki.hmm.kan?

Tyazizul said... and cold


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