Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gucci and impian ilyana

i ve seen ikin wearing this shoes in trek selebriti..
oh my goshh,,,,its soooo niceeeeeee!
and i fell in love with that shoes
but the problem is that" its GUCCI!"
im so not affordable to have it hopeless ;(
and yeahh must be so expensive too ..
takan nk mengharap duit mak bapak pulak kan?
sudah besar tak elokkk begitu unless their intention ..not our ownself desire...
from now on, we are the one who should give money to them..and repay everything with love and emotion..;)
so cant wait to finish my studies..
to have my own buy this and that..
and of coz to have my GUCCI's collections soon *sigh*..
dan paling utama...membalas jasa kedua ibu bapaku yang banyak
memberi tunjuk ajar dan panduan hidup +agama sehingga ku berjaya...
i promised to study hard !!!!because..without them, i dont think i can succeed until this level..
i love uuuuuuu both....and yea..Gucci awaits me...!

for my dearest adik2 di bawahku,
.....please remember our parents hard to excel..and dont forget to pray!!...dont simply rely on parents ..pity them..they are getting older time to time...we have to give them "happiness" not to give them "problems" which basically can hurt them...and yeah dont be arrogant ..we should be humble in every aspect of hard !!!for those who are going to face "exam"..good luck..and always remember to get the best or "scorer"...once u got ,phewwwww rasa sangat berbaloi..and u will not stop to improve adik2 ku sayang,if u excel in ur exam...ateh gonna buy u a gucci prop!

im going to geelong soon...


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ bagusnya.... anak siapa la nih? ekhh, satu lagik, gf saper la nih? :P ~

Anonymous said...

anak sape?heee..anak Pak single ;P


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