Saturday, December 20, 2008

ohh weekend

ok tomorrow is SATURDAY..
so basically there is nothing special for me on SATURDAY except to watch MAWI N EIKIN live on tv for their solemnization ....They are super someone!! y?because its live everywhere..kalah Raja Muda Perak :S
ouh..i have one more classmate wedding i decided not to go..y?because im not that close with them..(that is the mean answer rite) no la..actually i have no car to go..if my dad allows me to ride a bike..sure i do!!
and been ages..i never ever step at the cinema...i heard "Histeria" is good..i have to watch Malay movies as many as i can...and my favourite actor is on cinema too..keanue reeves..again!i dunno how to go there..y?because i dont have a more specific i dont have any transports !!sacrifice is needed...
so after all,i have to change plan A to plan B...

a hope..i need to observe or "pantau" my lazy sister..she hasnt started her folio yet..during my school time ...folio is no one..i love to make my folio looks nicer and of be the "contoh" to the juniors..well..not only in University too..i managed myself to maintain it..ha ha ha..
its good u more u got less u got less..!!

2)i want to visit my liltle zoo at my rear compound...pity to my cats..they are sick with the place..i swear once i have my own house i ll take care of them..:S

3)Sketch up....actually i used to remind myself to sketch often...but...( mesti x jadi punye) i need to learn others too...banyak siot new software yg sudah di dlod tapi hampeh...saya malas sungguh mahu explore!!

4)im gonna susun all the books...which one is priority..which on is not so gonna bring some of them to basically Architect Data and Construction gonna be the priority one!ouh yaaa..all my magazines..a lot u know...haishh pening2!

5)arrange my lemari...decrease and donate to orphan..i dunnooo its a lot!!!

6)baking cupcakes (its a 2nd trial...1st trial hampehhhhhh kek keras!!)

7)jogging+gym (a month more babe) i bought a jeans with smaller size than now..(hoping and aiming are needed..if not membazir itu amalan syaitonnnnnnn....

8)tatau..kemas rumah?ye ke?try la......



MYSELF said...

tya..the 1st reason yang kita tak g kenduri umah teh sbb tak close..n the most reason i have think is..kite mane ader di jemput!!camne nak g??lau kenduri nida..aku dapat kad nye..jom2..

Tyazizul said...

yea..same here.....hehehe...aku pun x dpt buat ape nk p..tapi awat inaz p...!!


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