Thursday, January 29, 2009

super cool!

i found this shop at geelong..and it was favourite shoes are here..!!please..give me 180aud..i want one of those!!he asked me to wait for him....!yeahh will do..lets shop together..!!yeahh i had my lunch at Rij Maha..sdap siott mee hokian itu!ohh now im so craving for laksa!..cant wait for saturday....wanna eat waffle and ice cream..!!he wants to bring me to laksa king!!heehehe...yeahhh..dont banished the fat rite...!stupid!!!now is my turn to visit him in Melbourne....missing!!My parents are coming next week..yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!excited....we can play golf then...=)


Fashran Fauzi said...

ok.. send those shoes to uk k...... argh stressnye tgk kasut tu....

Tyazizul said...

hahha..yeayy!!banyak gle siott..x saba nk pilih yg mane satu!huhuh..takan uk x de kot babe?

Anonymous said...

Your parents are coming?
That's great!
You should bring your mum to DFOs,
there's one in Moorabin and another one in the northern area, Essendon.
That's the haven for all the Corelles, Crystals ware & Noritake!

For golfing, Albert Park would be a perfect spot.
Kalau A. Azahar ada lagi, surely could accompany yr father along.
Boleh pergi northern area, siap ada kangaroos lg around the golf course!

Salam buat Dr. Ali & K. Aida if u meet them.

Missing Melbourne so much!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ tya, kasut yg pink-white tuh sangat menguja kan ku. kehkehkeh.... boleh la kirim kat tya nanti ekh??? ;) ~

safwansofruddin said...

shopping sakan akak ku sorg nieyh..
bestnye ahah(:p

Tyaaz said...

Beli kat adik satu. Kakaknya kena byk bersabo. Istighfar byk2. Klo ikit hati mmg tak cukup beb!

Anonymous said...

brand apa ni ek?? lupa la... :p


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