Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Critically Regional

currently im reading this BOOK..its kind of sorrow and pity to see the real world out there.

as now the topic will emanate the wealth architecture in India..and again..i choose HOUSING FOR POOR ,what is the Role of Architect to overcome the slum of poverty?...quite a lot of prestigious architects focusing on this issue...for instance,Shigeru Ban,Charles Correa,Balakrishna Doshi,Hassan Fathy..What i like the most is the approach of the architects in dealing with this issue.....

Shigeru Ban.. believes that architect drive up cost and create unusual buildings to call attention to themselves...so that,he made a relief.and.was shocking after squint the photos of refugees in Rwanda.He created something meaningful for the poor as he considered so much towards humanity..most famous for his innovative work with paper, particularly recycle paper tubes used to quickly and efficiently house disaster victims.

"His designs must have a place for everybody and must offer everyone a role in the process of building the total environment. "Balkrishna Doshi

"What is the real extent of earth architecture? Is it limited to rural developments or can it incorporate new urban requirements?" Hassan Fathy

Well,in most of cities in India and Southeast Asia, the poor people live in appalling condition.It is not just the poverty itself but the particularly degrading and de-humanizing patterns of urban living that have come into being. Obviously there is a brutal mismatch between the ways our cities have been built with no consideration for urban poor.....so architect!! dont just
design spaces for people to live in, not only for magazine to take pictures of and for developers to market them.Design something for humanity and community...Poor needs comfort too!

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